21 January 2014

[ADV] Printic Photo Print Apps ❥

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Hi guys❤  How you guys doing? I'm pretty sure nowadays capture photo is almost like everyone's daily routine right? Usually when we're outing, some people think the place is beautiful they will snap a photo, or even when the foods are arrived, they will snap a '#foodporn' photo first even they're hungry like hell. =)  But most of the people they just save the photo in their mobile phone, PC or in the camera, have you guys ever think it might accidentally been deleted? Or when you lost your phone, all the picture are gone? Most of the purpose for taking photo is because we wanna take it as our memories. So why don't you print some of the most memorable photo on hands? 

Let me proud to present a photo print apps called @Printic❤  It's apps to print and share from your smartphone just in a snap! You might think what so special about this apps? I can just buy an insta camera to snap the polaroid picture. But can you edit the photo in your insta camera? We can. We can just edit a picture for thousand times before we print it. Moreover, you write your words manually on your polaroid photo? Nia~ We just need to type by our smartphone before pass it to Printic. 

Well well, in case you're confused about what I'm saying, why don't we let my pictures helps to elaborate more. =)

It's actually user-friendly, so by looking the following photos you will get the idea. =)

#1  The most essential step is of course download the apps first, you can download it HERE. It's free.  =)

#2  After you click it, key in your email or use your facebook to connect.

#3  Then you will lead to this page, you can select anything on your sidebar.

#4  For the selection, you can select those pictures you wanna print in your camera roll or from your social media such as facebook or instagram etc.

#5  You can even edit the photo such as crop, duplicate etc.

#6  Oh ya! You can add some sentences too. ^^

#7  For example....

#8  Since this is a sponsored post, so I don't need to pay anything(that's why 0 EUR).

#9  You can even add a message to the receiver. ^^

#10  You can send the photos to multiple person but since I'm not sending to anyone so I just put my address there.

#11  Printic also letting their user to spread the word in order to save more money for the order.

#12  As you can see, the more you share, the more discount you can get.

#13  There also have variety of the payment methods.

#14  After you completed the order, you can just track back your order progress.

Let's check out what I'm received from them shall we?  *wink*

#1 Ta-da!!




#5  There are total 9 photos here ^^

#6  Oopsie~ As you can see the '?' is actually the symbol in the smartphone. So please don't put the symbol like I do guys, or else you will received the photo like this. LOL~


  • Enable to edit / modified the photos before print it.
  • Able to edit(crop, duplicate, add words etc) in the progress. (No need to manually add the words)
  • Can deliver to multiple person at the same time.( Even different countries)
  • Able to add a message to the receivers.
  • They also provide some special packaging of the photos.

❥  Website :  http://printicapp.com
❥  Facebook Page :  https://www.facebook.com/Printic


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