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Yuhoo❤  After the previous #beautycare post, why don't we continue with the beauty topic right? YIPPEE This time not just talk about face, but also introduce the skin care and cosmetic products for our eyes, lashes and lips as well. ^-^V  *Remember read it to the end because I have some good news for my beloved readers*

This time is the sponsored items are quite UNIQUEbecause all of them are deliver all the way from @Taiwan and these brands which are I never tried before. Special thanks to @Silk Apple for sponsored me all these lovely items and giving me this opportunity to give them a try. So cut the crap, let's get started shall we pinkies??  =)

Silk Apple is the online retailer of Echisse, Ferrmina and Reacheer skin care products. They are based in @Taiwan but they do deliver to Asia. They provide variety range of products such as masks, cosmetic, facial/eye cream etc. Although they aren't based in Malaysia but guess what~ Their delivery services are surprising me. As first, I thought they might require more than 1 week to deliver to my place. But at the end they just need 3-5 workings day to reach my door steps. Moreover, the best things of their website is they do accept payment from all Malaysian banks. As some of you know, some international online shop just received PayPal or VISA, not every Malaysian own a PayPal account or a credit card. So I guess it's convenient for us to order online from them. =D

Alright, let's check out what I've received from them

#1  Ta-da!!  Here are they❤  Arigato Silk Apple!!






Check out how I tried them one-by-one

❀ Echisse Total Essential Moisturizer
Contains many kinds of plant extract essence and deep sea algae including rich amino acid, vitamins, carotene and mineral substance theses natural ingredients can help the skin to remould locking the moisture in, promoting the skins natural defense capability. With long term use it repairs and maintiains the skin, promoting  bright skin color, tightening while improving lines. To bring a fresh glow and youthful brilliance. 

❀ Instructions : 
After washing and cleansing, takes small amount in your palm or put on cotton pad, gently wipe on the face avoiding the eyes and lips.

❀ Comment : 
It's been a while I didn't apply moisturizer since 6 months ago, and guess what guys~ It had become my daily routine!! It make my skin become so moisture and rich. after I apply toner and apply this, I feel my face become so rich and doesn't need to apply other beauty care products anymore (except for UV / sunblock).


    ❀ Reacheer Lavender hydration emulsion
    This fresh and smooth emulsion contains Lavender, Bio-Mimetic Water, Saccharideisomerate, lotus and other extracts to hydrate and relieve damaged skin from city pollution. It also boosts hydration circulation and purifies the impurities. Your silky and smooth appearance will be back.

    ❀ Instructions : 
    Pour a few drops onto your palm and apply evenly on your face (after apply the toner).

    ❀ Comment : 
    Same effect with the previous moisturizer, but this one smell better and it provide *doink doink* effect if you can get what I means. ;)


    ❀ Echisse Dark Circles Control Eye Cream
    Includes an improved special micro-cycle factor that strengthens the skin to restoring the skins elastic effect. Say bye bye to black eye sockets letting you restore the bright shiny look.

    ❀ Instructions :
    Takes a small portion about the size of a grain of rice on the finger, and apply  from inside to outside gently pressing all around the eye until completely absorbed. Apply every day early and late after cleaning.

    ❀ Comment :
    Normally the eye care that I usually used are gel type, but I found out gel type is quite dry for your eyes. This eye cream will be more suitable for our eyes.


    ❀ Ferrmina Lip&Cheek Stain
    This relaxed creation charms, enchants and flatters your natural strength presenting a bright effect. It provides waterproofing brings the sex appeal, a natural and attractive look . Natural formula rose flower petal extract gives the colour a more longevity.This also promotes the skin regeneration, repair and maintenance reducing lines on the face effectively. It improves the skin nature comprehensively giving you an experience that will leave you pleasantly surprised!

    ❀ Instructions : 
    Apply it on your lips evenly. Try to apply few layer if you want have a pair of pink lips.

    ❀ Comment :
    The reason I chosen this colour because I always wish to have a pair of pink lips. ^^


    ❀ Instructions :
    As you can see in the picture, just pour 2-3 drops on your cheek an blend them evenly.

    ❀ Comment :
    Compare to the powder type, it's more obvious and natural.


    ❀ Reacheer Slim Mascara Lash Black Color
    This Reacheer mascara lengthening eyelashes unparalleled show, create clear and adding bright eye look. They are having brown colour as well.

    ❀ Instructions :
    Apply mascara on your lashes carefully on curl it using the lash curler.

    ❀ Comment :
    I like this type of brush instead the small and the tiny one, because I have no idea why I will fee itchy when I'm using the tiny brush. This mascara also help me lengthen my lashes and create glamorous eyes.

    As I already mentioned earlier, I have some benefits for you guys so here you go~

    Meanwhile, between 31 Jan - 23 Feb, if you purchase new red set from Echisse and bb cream, just quote "SHINILOLA" to enjoy FREE DELIVERY and received Reacheer eyeshadow FOR FREE

    Official Website : www.silkapple.com

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    Hello sweetie❤  Since Chinese New Year is just around the corner, so it's time for beautified yourself  Today I would like to introduce you guys a set of beauty care products which can make your skin fairer and more moisture at the same time. ^-^

    So this is it~ I guess most of the sweeties knew about @BeautyMate this brand right? It's famous brand in @Taiwan. When I was travelled in Taiwan, I saw lots of shop is selling this brand. Guess what guys!? This is my very first time to try the products of this brands. I always want to give it a try, but I saw lot of fake products of this brand as well selling at the night market so I'm worry. But now, I can order it with no doubt at @Natta Cosme❤  Oh yeah~ They have variety of products, but the one that I received is #BeautyMate Purifying & Hydrating Set.

    #1  Ta-da!!  Special thanks to Natta Cosme for the opportunity to give me a try on this products.


    #3  Let give it a try on the toner first shall we?  =)

    #4  Instructions :  Pour about 3-4 drops on the cotton pad.

    #5  Instructions :  And rub it with your face and neck as well.

    #6  And we're done!!  ;)

    #7  Now for the mask part.

    #8  When you take it out, tear this layer because you won't need it. =)

    #9  And apply it on your face carefully.

    #10  Tips :  Since still have lots of remaining essence in the packet, we shouldn't waste it. Apply the remaining essence on your body.

    #11  Freshly new face.

    #BeautyMate Purifying &Hydrating Nano Toner
    It's formulated with the natural mineral of Hydrolyzed Pearl which can bright up our skin tone and balance the pH value, it also makes our skin soften and smooth. Glycoproteins helps to increase the moisture balance in cuticle up to 15 hours or above.

    Own opinions : Overall I think the toner is nice to use. The major difference with other toner would be when I applied the toner on my face, I feel so fresh and a little bit of cold. It's a good thing because I like products which can provide me cold effect, it can me feel 'excited' to apply especially in the hot weather in Malaysia.

    #BeautyMate Purifying & Hydrating Nano Mask
     Newly imported nano technology, combined with a close-fitting mask cutting, can effectively release essence nutrients into skin cells to bring you a unique skin care experience. 

    Own opinions : The feeling of using this mask is the same as the toner. Surprisingly I felt a little bit cold too when I'm applying, because normally only gel or jelly mask can provide cold effect. It make my skins more moisture and fairer as well. I think it would be perfect if you use both at the same time.  


    Hola peepo❤  After a few post about mobile apps, #OOTD, vacation, giveaway and blah blah blah....finally it's about #food post again!! Yummy yummy~ I'm actually craving for their foods and beverages while I'm blogging about it. So are you guys ready?  *wink*

    Flurry Rose Top from @Sassy Belle Wardrobe // Short Pants from @MNG // Bag from @Burberry BLUE LABEL // Platform from @huiicloset.

    Before we begin, sorry for putting some selfie photo. ^.~


    #2  On the way to take our brunch. ^^

    #3  Make-up of that day.

    #4  Feeling nyappy because that day is a good hair day

    #5  Girl's mood always turn good once it's a good hair day.  ;)

    #6  Finally we reached there. Fall in love with their wall right?  =D



    #9  The waiter told us to seat outside because they don't want us standing just to waiting them to call our name on the list.

    #10  As it's long queuing, so once you reached there, make sure you put your name on the list or else other person might take our place. =)



    #13  Finally we can seat down inside!!




    #17  Did you know that they actually won the "Best Place for Coffee in 2013"??  ^_^

    #18  Some comment from the media.



    #21  Boyfie's meal. The special part of their meals is the hash-brown is home-made. =)

    #22  My hot chocolate.

    #23  I'm so happy and excited to see the love shape coffee art on my hot chocolate. It's not just looks nice but it taste good as well ^^

    #24  My salmon & mushroom.

    #25  Boyfie order this Oreo Cheesecake, he love it but for me just so-so only. =X


    #27  Boyfie's Ice Cappuccino.

    #28  Capturing this photo at beside their shop. ^^


    Overall I think it's worth to visit here. For the foods, I think is okay but compare to other breakfast or western cuisine, it's not really the best. =)  But I do fall in love with their hot chocolate, it's really nice. Their coffee I'm not sure because I didn't really taste it. But I like their decoration and the wall art. If you wanna have a lil chit chat with your buddy, you might consider Garage 51. ^^

    ❤  Address : 51, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway, P
    ❤  Tel : 03 5612 5618
    ❤  Opening Hours : Tue-Sun, 11am-11pm

    We went to @Pavilion after that, their Chinese New Year decoration is really pretty. So here are some photos of it.

    #31  Mad love this photo captured by boyfie because I looks like 170cm here. LOL

    Then, we went to @Dome Cafe for our high tea session. As some of you guys knew, I'm a huge fans of Dome, whenever I think about a place for high tea, I always go for Dome. ^^V  I also blogged about it before here > http://www.shinilola.com/2013/07/foodies-of-month.html


    #33  Ice tea.

    #34  Sausage, scramble egg and toast.

    #35  Wild mushroom soup 

    That's all for today. I will blog about some beauty care on the next few post. So please remember STAY TUNED at my blog ya.  ;)

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