7 December 2013 Taipei City, Taiwan

TAIWAN Trip Day 5 & 6 | 台湾之旅 ❤

Hola❤  Decided to blog about my @Taiwan Trip❤  today because some readers wanna read all of them. Although I still left plenty of pending posts to blog, but of course reader's request is also essential for me so here you go guys. Forgive me to combine Day 5 & 6 together because on Day 5 we not really been to many places because of my menstrual pain. I knew I'm so weak right. Sobz sobz~

Some readers told me they missed the previous post of Taiwan Trip. It's ok sweeties You guys can always check out the bottom part of each post of the trip in case you was missed out any post. I will put all the days separately with the links. =)


#1  Hello Kitty Denim Shirt from @Taiwan // Pants from @MANGO // Stockings from @MajorMade // Floral Sneaker from @huiicloset

As I mentioned earlier I'm suffer with the menstrual pain so I just casual wear. Let me give you a tips sweetie, if you don't know what to wear or you're not feeling well so lazy to dress up, a piece of denim shirt always works! *My point of view*


#3  Seriously, I really hate menstrual pain!! Although I knew I can't get rid of it but please don't always come during I'm travel, it's so inconvenience you know!?

P/S : One thing good in Taiwan is, when I purchased some tampons at Watson / 7Evelen or some kind like pharmacy, they always buy 1 free 1. So all I need is just buy 2 packet and they gave me another 2 packet for free. Nice huh?  *WINK*

#4  Need to eat some chocolate to reduce my pain. =(

#5  At night after dinner, we watched total 2 movies at @U2 电影馆 I think I mentioned before on previous post - Day 4.  =)  You guys can visit it because you can't like this in Malaysia.


  • Address : 台北市万华区西宁南路70号9楼
  • Tel : 萬年館2381-0760 成都館2381-8300 中華館2314-7999


#6  Another denim as casual wear❤  See~ I told you denim is very easy to match right? ^^

#7  Yummy yummy noodles. YES!  We took your breakfast at @麦而美 again~ (Check out my previous post)

#8  Boyfie's bacon & egg Sandwich.

#9  Our drinks - Boyfie's soya bean and My chocolate milk.

#10  My favourite fish burger.

#11  Finally reach our 3rd hotel. This time we stayed at @Happiness Inn | 幸福旅店

We choose @Happiness Inn because it's located in the bustling Taipei City, Happiness Inn offers stylish rooms with a flat-screen TV. It features a 24-hour front desk, free Wi-Fi, and is a 5-minute walk from Ximending MRT Train Station.

#12  Can you spot the computer? We actually use it to surf the Internet and do research which places should we visit next.  =)

#13  It's quite weird that the hangers hang on the wall like that, LOL~ And I have no idea why that guy on TV point the gun to me. =.=

#14  Okay. Compare to the previous hotel, this bathtub is too small for me.  =(



#17  I love their ceiling.

#18  Side wallpaper.

So far I think it's ok because the location is convenience for us and with reasonable price. It is RM220 per night (weekday). Although the room is small compare to previous room but still ok for me.


  • Address : 台灣台北市成都路66號(內江街55巷26號)
  • Tel : 00 886 2 2371 6808
  • Facebook Page : 

#19  After we check-in, we went to @Shinjuku Plaza | 西门新宿 for dinner and shopping.

#20  When we take a walk then we saw this!! I love the Iron Man series

#21  Omg~ See his face! Seem so real. ^^

#22  I love this place - @万年商业大楼!! Because this place sell a lot of attractive and unique phone sticker, casing and other 3C accessories.

#23  Since the first day we reached @Ximending, we saw quite many people bought this, so we decided to have a try.

#24  We chosen the 'add egg' version and kinda disappointed because not really taste good. =/

#25  Saw the ice-cream is so attractive, so I nagging my bf to bought this for me. =D

#26  See see~ So attractive right? ^^

#27  Ice-cream lover like me must remember to visit this shop for yummy ice-cream!!

#28  Yummy yumm~ Please ignore my pale face. >_<

#29  Took our dinner at @地下美食街.  This is my set meals. First time tried the set meal comes with French fries. Because normally rice doesn't match with the French fries.

#30  Boyfie's set meals.

#31  My favourite Ai Yu Bing❤  I guess you guys knew what is it right? It's really nice compare to Malaysia version. ^^

#32  Feel headache because of the menstrual pain again!! Argghhhhhhh~ 

#33  Even headache and stomach ache still need to selca. XD

#34  Oh ya! Totally forgot to mentioned I help my little kitty changed her cloth, she is in #Pink Hello Kitty Leopardnow!! Yay~ I bought them at @万年商业大楼. Even the #Neon Peach & Pink Bumper casewas bought at the same place too.

#35  So pretty hor❤  ??

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  1. your hotel room looks great, and the food in taiwan really is so tempting!

    1. Really? But kinda small actually. XD Oops~ I'm sorry if my photos make you hungry dear. =D


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