3 December 2013

✿ Shini Pinky Box GIVEAWAY ✿

Bello    Since Christmas is coming so I'm thinking I should give some mini gifts for my beloved readers as earlier X'mas present. YES! it's #GIVEAWAY time!! First of all, it's been awhile that I didn't held a giveaway so finally I held one now. In case you miss any of it, you can always check out below of my header, and click on 'Giveaway '.  I always list down all link of giveaway post there.  =)

I named this as ✿Shini Pinky Box GIVEAWAY✿ because this giveaway is comes with a pinky box❤  So kawaii right? I purposely put the gifts into 1 box so it's easier for reader to collect.  =)  Please don't mind it is just a mini gifts, I will held another giveaway very soon guys.  *WINK*  So have you wonder what items I will giveaway? Check out as below :

#1  Ta-da!!  This is it~ Continue reading to know more details.  =D

#2  The first item will be @Liese Bubble Hair Colour - Raspberry Brown❤  It's a new hair colour and it will make your hair looks sweet and feminine. If you're thinking which hair colour should you choose for X'mas / New Year or even upcoming CNY. This is it.  ;)

#3  The next item will be @Casio Exilim TR350/TR15 mini pink pendrive❤  It's very cute right? If you're a fans of TR Series Camera you will love it because it's so cute an easy to carry anywhere.

#4  The another items would be @Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack❤ @Contact Lens Case

#5  Last but not least, total 8 discount vouchers of @Milkadeal❤ @White.my

#6  Who will be the lucky one to win this pinky box?  ^^

I guess you guys are familiar with Rafflecopter right?
Complete all the tasks as below and you might become the WINNER

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms &Conditions :
  • This giveaway is for MALAYSIAN ONLY.
  • Each account must be make 'PUBLIC', private account is invalid.
  • Must complete all the tasks on Rafflecopter or else you will disqualified.
  • Giveaway will be end on 22 December 2013 and winner will be announced at 23 Demember 2013.
  • Gifts will be pass to another person if the winner unable to reply email within 2 days.

Please keep track with my blog as I will held another giveaway soon  


  1. Hi, thanks for your giveaway :D
    I love your blog design and those edited photo. May I know using what software can have those love shape,giveaways design and font ? Thanks.

    1. You're welcome. Those shape and giveaway design is designed by myself. I'm using Photoshop CS5, the font you can Google and download it. =)

    2. wow, I got that software,but I'm not expert at editing and designing. Anyways, thanks alot for sharing <3

    3. I see, it take time though. You're welcome =)

  2. Hi dear im join your Giveaway . I hope i can be the winner

    1. Okay. Just make sure you complete all the tasks on Rafflecopter ya sweetie. =)

  3. You have a beauutiiiful blog!!!! So lively, vivid and pretty!! And I love EVERYTHING in this box!!!! Thanks for the giveaway. I'd have to say, my personal favourite is the Casio Exilim TR350/TR15 mini pink pendrive. It looks so beautiful, feminine and unique♥ good luck..hope your giveaway is a success♥

    1. Awwww~ Thanks for the compliment sweetie♥ Glad you like the gift box. I'm pretty sure the Casio Exilim TR15 mini pink pendrive would be all the participant's most favourite. =D Good luck for giveaway sweetie♥

  4. hi, love your blog post!! also love your giftaway too!! all the prizes are awesome!

    1. Hi sweetie, glad you like it, another giveaway will be out soon !! ^^


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