1 September 2013

Typica豆原 x Aoyama x Glasses Online ❤

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Hola sweeties❤  Are you a person who like tea / coffee / Japanese foods / contact lens ??  Why I'm asking this kind of question because today post is a combination of all of them O(^_^)O  This post will be divide into 3 parts, please read until the end because I got something benefit for my lovely readers❤  ;)

I was actually tried this 2 cafe & cuisine on last 2 months, which is the same day that I attended the YAA SUI party (Read here).  The reason I drag the post til today is because I almost forgotten about this.  O(>_<)O  So cut all the crap. That day before the party, I was outing with my lovely sister - @Joanne❤  She said she search online and found out this 2 places and wanna pay a visit with me. So I agree and we head to the destination.

The first one would be #Typica 豆原. They are actually selling handmade coffee, fresh coffee whole bean, coffee equipment, coffee course etc. Actually when we reach there, the shop is not really clearly to be seen because the shop is actually facing the back side of the street. So you need drive around them to find the shop like us. XD

#1  Ta-da!!  Finally we reach.  ^_~V




#5  My lovely Joanne & her big pink Ipad.  =D

#6  Actually I was ordering Earl Grey Tea but unfortunately they told me it's out of stock and they recommend me this - #Orange Tea. So I give it a try and the taste is not bad surprisingly. =)

#7  Me and my Orange Tea.


#9  Joanne's coffee.

#10  Homemade Blueberry Cheesecake. Recommended because the cake directly melt once you put it in your mouth. =)

#11  Homemade Mango Pudding.  I feel this is so so only because the taste is quite plain. If you're the person who like to eat healthy and not so sweet dessert, this might suit you. =)

#12  Prepare to go for next destination !!

Overall I think the environment is okay but the place would be so small, so if you planning to go with lots of friends, this might not your best choice. The total cost that we spend on the meals is RM71.  The bill doesn't state the government and service tax. I guess the cost that we paid already included that. =)

DETAILS about Typica :

Oh yeah, out next destination would be - #Aoyama The Green Room❤ They are "non-traditional" Japanese restaurant...Lots of Fusion food cross-over between European, Japanese n Asian.




#16  Erm, in case you wonder that's nobody there because that day we took very early dinner on 5pm, so I guess no one is take dinner at this time like we do. ^_^'''

#17  If you are having a mini party, you can choose to sit inside. =D

#18  Joanne's meals.

#19  My yummy Fried Toufu. ^^

#20  and favourite Garlic Fried Rice.  ~.~

Overall I think I will visit there again because the price is reasonable and foods are delicious. After 1 week I visited they, local food show 'HoChak' went there for an interview. Guess quite a number of people like their foods too.

DETAILS about Aoyama :

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#21  Glasses Online provides FREE SHIPPING + FREE 30 DAYS RETURN.

#22  They are currently selling variety of glasses but since I'm a contact lens user, so I focus more on the lens.

#23  Since they sponsored me the contact lens, the design is I chosen would be #Diva Choco.

#24  The reason that I chosen it because I'm simply like the name, and I never tried this kind of design. Normally I will choose the colour lens with obvious circle but this one is very natural.

#25  You can see it's super natural. (Ignore my pale face because I just apply little bit eyeliner then done XD)

#26  Wearing it to my Spanish presentation.

Oh wait~ Think it's comes to the end??  Remember I mentioned earlier I will bring some benefits for you guys?? YES!!  Just quote the gift code "GOshinilola20" to get RM20 discount.


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  1. The contact lenses look really nice and natural on you lehh, babe! I also got receive one sponsored lens from GlassesOnline but haven't post yet because super busy these few days =.=

    Celyx Lim

    1. Thanks babe!! Purposely chosen this one because it looks natural. =D Really!? Faster blog it I want read babe <3 Me too, final exam will be start on next 2 weeks. =(

  2. The food look utterly delicious. gonna pay a visit when I drop by to KL :)


    1. You means the dessert or the Japanese foods dear? Have fun when you come here ya ;)

  3. you look really good with that cosmetic lens. :)


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