4 September 2013

[ADV] Gallover.com from US❤ *Sponsored Post*

Konnichiwa❤  Have you guys spot the picture above? So Japanese style right? Yup, today I'm gonna blog how to have the eyes of Japanese girl❤  I means c'mon, who doesn't like Japanese girl. I went to Japan for vacation on 2011 and 2012 as well. Trust me, they are super kawaii(cute), nice, gorgeous, kind, friendly and so on. Their fashion sense is super duper great!! Any outfits wearing on their body is great, but when you dress up with the same things, you are failed to looks like them. Maybe because of the hairstyle, make-up and matching outfits etc.

Oh wait, kinda out of topic. Today I'm gonna introduce you guys a sweet dreamy contact lens shop. I'm glad that I'm invited by the owner as their ambassador of their shop. Moreover, when the first time I visited their site, I feel I already fall down into a dream world because the site is so pinkly and dreamy. Just match with my style❤  O(^-^)O  The owner is so friendly and although I drag this sponsored post about a month but she never rush me. Although the shop is based on US but their delivery period won't be too long.

Gallover.com is a online contact lens shop which is based on US. Although the company is based on US, but the delivery is nationwide. Firstly, they are just selling contact lens at the beginning. But currently they also selling variety of clothes.

#1  Ta-da!! This is how their main page appearance. I love the floral background, pinkly header and words. So dreamy and match with my style. HAHAHAHAH~

#2  You can see they are always having promotion. =)

#3  I really in love with they way their design the images and banners❤  So kawaii and attractive you know

#4  Some contact lens samples - #Winni-DoDo

#5  As I mentioned earlier, they currently selling variety of clothes too. ;)

#6  Thanks for the friendly owner purposely sent me the parcel all the way from US.

#7  This is the very first time I received my sponsored item from oversea.  ^-^

#8  Even their name card also comes with pinkly theme. =D

#9  Love the #Anna Sui contact lens case a lot !!

#10  The lens that I choose is #Modern Donut Brown

#11  And this is the outcome when I'm wearing it.  ^^

#12  Purposely chosen this design because naturally enlarge your eyes.

There are still many different types of contact lens, you may have a look on their site - www.gallover.com 
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  1. Simple and nice lens! The lens case is really pretty~ ^^

    1. Thanks sweetie. Yup, check them out at www.gallover.com ^^

  2. love your contacts! :D they look natural and sweet

    1. Thanks lovely, grab them for your own too. =)

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