13 July 2013

My Double-2 Birthday Celebration ❤

Happy birthday to myself❤  LOL~ Actually my actual birthday is on tomorrow which is 14 of July. But because I will be have little escape with boyfie tomorrow, so I celebrated my birthday 1 week earlier with my family first. =)

I guess you guys noticed my blog title right? It's written as 'double 2'.  Yeap~ I'm 22 years old after my birthday. O( T . T )O  Alright, I'm know I'm still very young. (try to convince myself)  But my heart never old for sure.  ^.~  So last week when I came back to Ipoh, directly went out with boyfie.

#1  Selca 

#2  Are you in love with my top? I'm selling it right now so you can pm me if you're interested. ;)

#My Double-2 Birthday Celebration :

Birthday is always my big day❤  I used to celebrate it BIG!!  Having party is a must for me. But maybe every year also having party celebration, so this year I feel just wanna a simple celebration. Family is always important for me❤  So for sure I will celebrate my birthday with them first. ^.^

#4  sotd.  Do you like my #Violet Fantasy Dress

#5  Lookoftheday.



#8  My hair looks super smooth on that day!  LOL~ Cause me and mammy done hair treatment on the same day. =D

#9  Took our dinner at @Healy Mac's Irish Bar & Restaurant





#14  Beverages - #Apple and #Cranberry juice.

#15  Salad

#16  #Mushroom soup

#17  #Garlic bread





❤  Address : No. GA-C-02 & GA-C-02A, Ground & 1st Floor, No. 2 & 2A, Persiaran Green Town 4, Green Town Avenue, 30450 Ipoh, Perak

❤  Tel : 03-2145 1778

❤  Website : http://www.healymacs.my/

#21  Back to home to prepare cut the cake.  ;)

#22  My mammy and me. My mum so young isn't it?  ^^

#23  Ta-da!!  This is my cake❤  Since every year we also order Secret Recipe cake, feel kinda bored about it. So we order #Haagen Dazs ice-cream cake for this year.  ^.^

#24.  LOL~  Stupid bear face. Fyi, this small cake is cost RM138.  We wanna order bigger size cake but since last minute, the manager said this is the only size they can offer which is no need to wait.

#25  My head is so huge until the size of the cake is almost same size as my head.  =P


#27  Let's kill the cake. *ngek ngek*


#29  Make a wish~ make a wish~ (Hope my dream come true)

#30  Cut it with love


#32  Ssiter keep on forcing me to eat the whole bear face. The chocolate is too sweet. >,<

#33  The ice-cream melt so fast, need to eat it with fast speed.  XD

Wanna know what I wished?  Oops~ Can't tell you right here cause normally people said wishes cannot be told or else it won't come true.  =)  Okie dokie, gonna off to pack up something cause tomorrow will be have little escape with boyfie Love ya


  1. Happy belated birthday! Stay pretty and happy.

    1. Thanks sweetie <3 My actual birthday is actually on tomorrow. ^^

  2. happy birthday! birthday countdown lol :) take care always <3

    1. Thank you so much sweetie ^^ I'm counting down too. Have a nice day <3

  3. Happy birthday pretty Shini ! ^__^ ❤

  4. Happy belated birthday !! :DD



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