16 July 2013

Jose & Deli Eatery ❤

Hello sweeties❤  Are you guys hungry? If you are then my blog post will feed your hunger, because it's all about food reviews again❤  O(♥ ▽ ♥)O  I actually visited this eatery for couple of times, but I need to taste their foods few times before introduce to my lovely readers.  =D

So we went to visited the eatery again on Father's Day(delay post). Of course, that day is my treat because gonna treat daddy and family member to eat delicious foods. =)  Oh ya!  Totally forgot to mention, the eatery is - @Jose & Deli Eatery

#Lookoftheday :

#1  First try eyeshadow by #Enuca from @Mivva.  The eyeshadow I apply is actually blue colour, don't know why it looks quite violette in the photo. XD

#Jose & Deli Eatery :

Jose & Deli who fascinates in many style of food, considers chill out as an important part of lifestyle. Idea of opening Jose & Deli enable everyone to share those Josephine Cafe & Bistro loves Jose & Deli has been launched not only provides a relaxing atmosphere for quality gourmet and drinks, but also offers plentiful dinnerware, home accessories, home decor and even fashion accessories.

#2  The eatery is actually located in the @French hotel.

#3  Let's started !!

#4  The environment.


#6  Purposely capture this lamp because everytime I came, I always almost bang the lamp. =.='''


#8  This is my favourite!!  Spot something?  Yeap~ The pillow is very comfort to hug

#9  Therefore, I hug is everytime I came. LOL~

#10  In case you don't know the owner of Jose & Deli Eatery is also the owner of @Josephine Cafe & Bistro.  =)

#11  Beverages has arrived.


#13  #Salmon Salad

#14  #Red wine chicken

#15  #Spaghetti Carbonara

#16  The best things about the sausage is they having variety of flavours there, such as mushroom, black pepper, cheese and original.

#17  Cheesy juicy fried chicken. ^^

Those foods of the day cost me about RM270++  But I think this is worth for it because the foods is delicious and the environment is good.  =)  If you're interested too, please check it out the information below.


❤  Location : 60-62, Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar, 30300 Ipoh, Perak.

❤  Tel : 05-241 3712

❤  Operation hour : Mon - Sun (8:00am - 10:00pm)

❤  Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/joseanddeli


  1. I ate there once (Valentine's Day) but the food so so only. :(

    1. Maybe Valentine's Day they are rushing so the quality of foods will affected? Everyone have their own preference of taste. =)


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