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Oh yeah❤  Hari Raya is just around the corner!!  Are you ready to rock this raya? Or you still finding some gorgeous accessories or make-up thingy to match your outfits? If you are, then you shouldn't miss this post (Remember to read from the beginning until the end or else you will miss those extra discount)

Few days ago, owner of The.Wild.Things actually emailed me to request a review for Raya Jewelry Buffet. It's a pleasure to help them review because as I there are plenty of blogger s request but I'm one of the lucky blogger been selected  

Okay. Enough with the appreciated thingy. Have you ever heard about The.Wild.Things? They offers trendy fashion jewelry and accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, and hair accessories. Their product consists of accessories that are carefully handpicked from suppliers around Asia, and also designer handcrafted ones that adds specialty to their collection. And for this raya jewelry buffet, they even collaborate with Too Cool For School !!

Too Cool For School brings you the coolest and unique cosmetic products all the way from South Korea. From make-up to skin and body care, they have it all. In case you don't know, they even have the existing store which located at Bangsar. The name behind Too Cool For School is identified as A school of Fish which mean they are the coolest among other group.

#Raya Jewelry Buffet 

So what exactly Raya Jewelry Buffet is all about? If you wanna be pretty during Hari Raya then you should be cool with Dino Raya Promotion from 24th July to 1st September 2013. Grab it now while stock last!! And it's only available in Bangsar outlet(next to Bangsar Village 2  Jalan Telawi).
#1  You can see a lots of discount if you purchasing those beautiful products above. If you purchase RM100 of above you can even get RM10 shopping voucher from The.Wild.Things. ^^

#2  Meanwhile, if you purchase 3 jewelry at The.Wild.Things, you can receive a free RM10 gift voucher from Too Cool For School too.

#3  Here are some sneak preview of the accessories cosmetic products from them.

In case you wonder what kinds of products they are selling, here are some sneak preview of their products :

There are many variety of beauty care and cosmetic products from TCFS, but my favourite would be Dinoplatz Collection

#4  I know right!! The colour is so ATTRACTIVE❤  As we know the Korea style is the current trend, so I think it would be the big hits !! Fyi, this is #Dinoplatz Lost Identity lip tint

#5  This is actually #Dinoplatz Loose & Silly Loose Powder❤  which the powder contents very fine glitter that will make your make up looks more bright.  =)

#6   This would be the #Pumpkin sleeping pack which will make your skin look fresh, bright and moisture on the next day.  ^^

On the other hand, here some products from The.Wild.Things :

#7  #Keep Calm And Travel Bracelet 

#8  #Aztec Triangle Drop Earrings

#9  In case you don't know, The.Wild.Things can help you to adjust the length regarding to your size. How cool is that❤  (because normally the shop just sent you the standard size)

Still think not enough? Wonder can you receive more discount? YES YOU CAN!! Just simply quote "SHINIBLOG" to enjoy extra 10% discount in The.Wild.Things (quote it during check out).

#10  Valid until 31st of August.

If you wanna know more about them, here are the DETAILS :

Too Cool For School

❤  Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/tcfsmalaysia
❤  Tel : 03-2201 4870
❤  Email : TCFSMalaysia@gmail.com
❤  Address : 11, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru.
❤  Opening Hours : Monday - Thursday (10am - 9.30Ppm), and on Friday, Saturday - Sunday (10.30Aam - 10pm)


❤  Instagram : @twildthings
❤  Email : info.thewildthings@gmail.com

Think this is the end? Nope, please continue read it. You might get some surprise later.  =)

#11  Received something from them

#12  Love not from the owner of The.Wild.Things❤  How sweet is that~

#13  Ta-da!!  I purposely choose this charm because I'm a huge fans of Hello Kitty, and if you noticed the length of the bracelet are actually fit with my hands.  ^-^

#14  Vouchers from both of them


Now here's the thing, wish to get extra discount to purchase their lovely items? Sure, beside of the promotion and quote my name to get discount, I'm actually giving away this 2 vouchers to all my readers❤  Wonder how to get it? Just follow the steps as below :

1. Like The.Wild.Things's Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/thewildthingss
2.  Like Too Cool For School's Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/tcfsmalaysia
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5. After you done, remember to send me your facebook name and instagram username to shini_harumi_kun@hotmail.com  (This is important, reader who doesn't send consider not qualified)

Valid date : 31st of July till  of 3th of August (I will announced the winner at 4th of August, so please STAY TUNED at my blog)

Good luck to y'all, Love ya

It's YUMMY time  Have you take your meals yet?  Because this blog post is all about foods again❤  First of all, who doesn't like delicious foods right? I guess some readers knew I started to blog about foods almost every month and yeah that's why I gained a lots of weight. =.='''  Anyway, I need to declare first I think the taste of foods whether it's good or bad is depends by own preferences. Sometime I said this is delicious doesn't means everyone like it either. Just like sometime when your friends are saying the food is not nice but you still that's really yummy. =)  So it's actually up to you whether you want to visit the cuisine that I suggested and taste the foods. Because last time I received a comment from a reader saying the foods are not really nice. LOL~ The blog post is just an introduction, you can choose to not visit the restaurant.

Okie dokie. Cut the crap. Today blog post is actually almost like the 'Japanese Foods of the month'.  Which I will combine variety of foods together. ^^  Let's get started !!

#Dome Café

DOME is actually my favourite high tea among all the coffee shop. Because their coffee is not too sweet and those snacks are really tasty. Not just me, even my family members they all like to high tea here when we are meeting together at Pavilion. (We all are Pavilion kaki)  =D

#1  English Breakfast Tea is a must for me to order here.

#2  Baby sister order Baby Cino and it looks like normal cup size right?

#3  This is the truth! XD  Sister keep on complaining why her drink so small compare to mine, I told her you are order 'baby' cino, of course is the baby size!!  LOL

#4  Wild Mushroom Soup is a must for me and my sister to order too.

#5  Another must - Garlic Bread

For sure they got a lots of branches, but since I always visit the Pavilion branch, so I just provide the address there.


❤ Lot No. : P2.08.00, Level 2
 Tel. : 03-2143 8588
 Website : www.domecafe.com.my


We started visit Dragon-i like 4-5 years ago. Normally we visit Midvalley branch because previously we always staying at Cititel Hotel (dragon-i is actually located in the).




#9  This Xiao Long Bao is a must to order here because they are expert to doing this, really yummy~  ^.~


❤  Location : Dragon-i, Cititel Hotel, Main Lobby, Ground Floor, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur. 
❤  Tel : 03-22820155  
❤  Opening Hours : Mon-Fri 11am - 10pm | Sat-Sun 10.30pm - 10pm 

#Sweet Chat Cafe

Sweet Chat Cafe is more like dessert cafe. If you like dessert, then you should know about this cafe. The first time I try is at Midvalley branch. Everytime I passed by, the durian pan cake smell is attracting me! So my first time to taste the durian pan cake is gave to sweet chat cafe. =D

#10  The famous Durian Pan Cake !!

#11  I guess I just can't get rid of the Mushroom Soup & Garlic Bread.  >,<

#12  Earl Grey Tea.

#13  Custard


❤  Address : Lot FK-010, 1st Floor, Midvalley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
❤  Tel : 603-2287-2798
❤  Opening hours : 10am - 10pm
  Website : www.sweetchatcafe.com

That's all for today. Hope you enjoy my blog post and don't forget to follow my blog too. Love ya

Hi guys❤  This post gonna be the post with only 1 picture (normally I put many photos as I can).  I'm sorry if it makes you bored, I just wanna express my current feeling now.  =)  Last night was a sad night for me, because someone just criticize me as blogger. Well well, hard times already passed since today I woke up but don't know why I feel wanna blog about it after thinking for so long.  Maybe I will feel better after I blogged about it.

Negative Comments that I received :
"why you wanna spend some times to take photo,edit it and post on your blog? It's only waste your time!!"  "why you received any sponsor then help them promote and blog about it? The sponsor items are so little" "why you need to attend those event? It's waste your time and waste petrol?" This is the negative comments that I received from a person. I feel so glad because I got all of my friends to support me to continue blogging and he is the only person that dislike I blog. 

Why Blogging is my Passion ?
In case some readers don't know, I started to blog since I was 17. At first, I treat my blog as my electronic diary although I don't have the habit. I used it to record every single happy and sad memories. Beginning I just blog about my own lifestyle, any happening on me. But until one day, I decided went to Singapore alone to find my friends during my sem break, but I have no idea how should I get there, which transportation should I take, which company is the best, what should I do once I reach there etc. While all the things comes in my mind, I started to google and I spot one blog, the blogger stated everything that I need to know, and of course thanks to him, I reach Singapore smoothly and safety. Therefore, I started to share everything I know to my blog readers, such as beauty care tips, fashion and so on. I even start doing tutorial too. At theat moment, my life become busier because of my blogging but I truly enjoy it. I signed up for a advertising company so that I can earn money through blogging too. Doing something that is your interest and at the same time you can earn money via that is good right? So I put more effort on it. Even through at first my mother was quite annoying about my blogging life, but after I received my first cheque by the company, she motivated me and told me to keep it up since it is my passion and I can earn some pocket money by my own.

Frankly, some friends are wondering and asked me is it worth to spend time on the blog? It is hard to get popular and you may have not much readers. For me, even I'm just an ordinary blogger and I might don't have much readers as those famous blogger, but still I will blog. Blogging have turns to my hobby and passion. Once I taste and tried something nice, I would like to blog and share to my blog readers. Although I don't have much benefits but still I like to blog about it. Even sometime blog readers will email me or inbox me on facebook to said thank you for the sharing or asked me some questions, seriously, I'm really happy about that. At least you guys will appreciate my efforts❤  Maybe some non-blogger person might think being a blogger is an easy job, just post some picture and write some words then you are done. I never think of that from the first day I blog. Being as a blogger was never an easy task. I know I'm not pretty, I'm not famous, my blog might not attractive, I don't have those special and creative writing skills. But it's just the way I am. That's why I'm really appreciate every single blog readers, you guys are my motivation to blog actually

I'm an emotional person in reality. During big day like birthday, xmas, new year eve, some foreign readers from US, UK, JAPAN, TAIWAN etc, they even will wish me through email. How sweet is that❤  Although it is just a message, but for me it is huge. Although we never met each other but you are so kind to greet me even we are long distance apart.

Frankly, I don't know when I will stop blogging, but I will try to blog while my passion is still there. Eventually all I wanna say is you guys are simply awesome❤  Every single view, comment and email by you guys are essential for me, thanks for support my blog anyway. Alright, I think I should stop here and so sorry if I bored you with the long post. Love ya 

Hello sweeties❤  Are you guys hungry? If you are then my blog post will feed your hunger, because it's all about food reviews again❤  O(♥ ▽ ♥)O  I actually visited this eatery for couple of times, but I need to taste their foods few times before introduce to my lovely readers.  =D

So we went to visited the eatery again on Father's Day(delay post). Of course, that day is my treat because gonna treat daddy and family member to eat delicious foods. =)  Oh ya!  Totally forgot to mention, the eatery is - @Jose & Deli Eatery

#Lookoftheday :

#1  First try eyeshadow by #Enuca from @Mivva.  The eyeshadow I apply is actually blue colour, don't know why it looks quite violette in the photo. XD

#Jose & Deli Eatery :

Jose & Deli who fascinates in many style of food, considers chill out as an important part of lifestyle. Idea of opening Jose & Deli enable everyone to share those Josephine Cafe & Bistro loves Jose & Deli has been launched not only provides a relaxing atmosphere for quality gourmet and drinks, but also offers plentiful dinnerware, home accessories, home decor and even fashion accessories.

#2  The eatery is actually located in the @French hotel.

#3  Let's started !!

#4  The environment.


#6  Purposely capture this lamp because everytime I came, I always almost bang the lamp. =.='''


#8  This is my favourite!!  Spot something?  Yeap~ The pillow is very comfort to hug

#9  Therefore, I hug is everytime I came. LOL~

#10  In case you don't know the owner of Jose & Deli Eatery is also the owner of @Josephine Cafe & Bistro.  =)

#11  Beverages has arrived.


#13  #Salmon Salad

#14  #Red wine chicken

#15  #Spaghetti Carbonara

#16  The best things about the sausage is they having variety of flavours there, such as mushroom, black pepper, cheese and original.

#17  Cheesy juicy fried chicken. ^^

Those foods of the day cost me about RM270++  But I think this is worth for it because the foods is delicious and the environment is good.  =)  If you're interested too, please check it out the information below.


❤  Location : 60-62, Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar, 30300 Ipoh, Perak.

❤  Tel : 05-241 3712

❤  Operation hour : Mon - Sun (8:00am - 10:00pm)

❤  Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/joseanddeli

Instagram | @shinilola

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