15 June 2013

MIVVA #June Edition : Colourific❤

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Hola sweeties❤  I know I should blog about it earlier cause now is already middle of June, but because the parcel have been delivered to my house at @Ipoh, so til now only I blog about it.  ^_^'''  Well, I have been subscribed the #June edition - Colourific from @MIVVA on last month. The reason I subscribe the June box is because the word 'Colourific' is attractive for me since I'm a pastel  and colourful lover❤  O(^@^)O

#MIVVA June Edition - Colourific :

#1.  Ta-da!!  This is box for June edition, is it so cute? ^^

#2.  Oh yeah~ Painiting has never been so FUN 

#3.  The box also included a face chart for you, for what purpose? You can actually using your cosmetics apply on the face chart.  =)


#5.  They also leave a note for me, AWWW....how sweet is that

#6.  This are those products that inside the box.  =)



Product descriptions :

❤  Skin 79 Mini Rose Lip Gloss

❤  RM16.90 for 1.1G

❤  Shower the world with sweet and shiny smiles with the elegant mini rose lip gloss, colored in rose pink, a cute and portable companion of dry and chapped comes with a key chain and mirror, making it easier for application and attachable to mobile phones and bags.


#10.  This would be my favourite among all !!

Product descriptions :

❤  Enuca Eye Essential Quad

❤  RM88

❤  Eye Essential quad promises unlimited artistry in one versatile compact. A combination of natural extracts nourishes the delicate eye area even as it locks in and enhances colour. Available in 3 colour variants : Amethyst, Sunset and Smoky. 


Product descriptions :

  Liese Bubble Hair Colour

❤  RM38 per box

❤  Coloring with bubbles never be that easy! It contains plenty of foam to cover your hair completely and there is no need to worry about the drips. Each stand of hair is covered fully and evenly. It also contains honey and hydrolyzed silk as moisturizing and protecting ingredient which make your hair smooth and shiny!
Newly Launch Color
Raspberry Brown - Brown with charming pink tone like raspberry.

If you wanna subscribe from @MIVVA too, please visit their official website - www.mivva.com
Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/MIVVAcom
Love ya


  1. haha that's the beauty box that everyone is subscribing!

    1. haha~ yup~ did you subscribe one for your gf too? ^^


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