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Konnichiwa♥  Are you a fans of #Cinnamoroll?  Or fans who interested to cooking, japanese, yummy foods? Then you shouldn't miss this post !  YIPPEE~ Today post is about COOKING aka DIY CURRY

Since I'm not currently live with my family because I'm studying at KL. So normally I cook by own or drive out for meals. I guess some of the readers knew I'm a huge fans of Japanese foods. I'm craving for it like almost everyday.  O( ∩ _ ∩♥ )O  What should I say, who doesn't love japanese foods am I right?  =)  Therefore, today post is introduce you the #Cinnamoroll Curry シナモロール カレ♥  

Cinnamoroll Curry シナモロール カレ :

#1. Ta-da!  Kawaii desu neh?  Normally what you can see is the normal packaging, but I bought this because of the cute cinnamoroll's design♥  Any fans of it here?  =)


#3.  Take it out from the box.

#4.  The inter design also very kawaii.  ^^

#5.  They provide you cutie sticker too

#6.  There are two method of cooking you can choose, I chosen the boiling way.

#7.  Put the whole packet in the pot and boil until reach the boiling point.

#8.  DONE !

#9.  Each packet only for 1 person.


You can found this at @Shojikiya.  The packet that I chosen is only vege. If you want meat or other ingredients, you can choose other packet or you can add by your own too.  ^^  Hope you guyz enjoy this post. Next time if you craving for curry you can just DIY your own japanese curry 

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Hola peeps❤  I almost forgot to blog about this photoshoot !!  After the Photoshoot | Lola the Tourist Girl ♡ , I have been shoot for 6-7 themes, but I totally forgot to blog about them, so now here you go O( ~ ▽ ~♥ )O

So this photoshoot is about 2 different themes : #Wild Wild West (Cowgirl) and #Shini at the Train Station This two themes have been shoot on few months ago. Early in the morning my photographer fetch me to the train station and we start doing photoshoot. Well well, quite a numbers of people keep staring at us since the location is so public.  ^_^'''

Okie dokie, cut the crap. Hope you guyz enjoy the pictures

#Wild Wild West (Cowgirl) :
















For more photos, please check out at :

Wild Wild West♡ (Cowgirl Shini)

#Shini at the Train Station : 











For more photos, please check out at :

Shini at the TrainStation♡

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Hi there guyz♥  Time's tick tock so quickly!  Now is already week 13, which means that my final exam is on 2 weeks!!  Oops~  I still haven't finish my assignments, how do I manage to study all 6 subjects for final !?  I should GAMBATEH more♥  O( ∩ _ ∩♥ )O

Recently keep receiving many invitation of event and many photoshooting session, and what makes I'm shock is the company who invite me for the photoshooting session is an International company!! WOW~ Feel wanna participate what unfortunately I'm busy like hell and I need to handle my exam stuff. ='(  Well well, I knew the opportunity won't wait for me, but....let see how later.  =)

So since some readers have been email me about which type of mask will minimize our pores, so here you go sweeties♥  =)  Let me introduce you the Wonder Pore - Modeling Clear mask♥  I found out many kinds of mask is with whitening or moisturising function, but if you wanna find the mask to minimize our obvious pores, this would be the choice. This is actually a peel off mask, you can found it at @Etude House.  =) 

Wonder Pore - Modeling Clear :

#1.  Are you ready ??

#2.  Ta-da !!


#4.  The functions  =)

#5.  If you close up, it's looks like detergent. XD

#6.  Pour some of it on the cover or container.

#7.  Pour some water and mix with it.

#8.  And apply them evenly on your face.

#9.  This is what it looks like after about 10 minutes.

#10.  This is the outcome after peel off.

So far I think the outcome was nice, just that I kinda dislike its smell because it smell like seaweed !!  I means it's kinda weird when you doing facial mask and your face smell like seaweed right?  =D 

I guess you guyz knew I'm a huge fans of @Etude House right? (If you're my long term readers)  Most of my mask are purchase from there.

#11.  For example, this is my mask for 2 weeks usage. I need to purchase a lots of mask cause I apply different mask every single day.  =)

#12.  And everytime I received some free gift or sample from them. How nice.  =)

#13.  Anyway, hope you guyz enjoy my post. Love ya

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