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Konnichiwa♥  Are you a fans of #Cinnamoroll?  Or fans who interested to cooking, japanese, yummy foods? Then you shouldn't miss this post !  YIPPEE~ Today post is about COOKING aka DIY CURRY
Since I'm not currently live with my family because I'm studying at KL. So normally I cook …
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Hola peeps❤  I almost forgot to blog about this photoshoot !!  After thePhotoshoot | Lola the Tourist Girl ♡ , I have been shoot for 6-7 themes, but I totally forgot to blog about them, so now here you goO( ~ ▽ ~♥ )O
So this photoshoot is about 2 different themes : #Wild Wild West (Cowgirl)
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Hi there guyz♥  Time's tick tock so quickly!  Now is already week 13, which means that my final exam is on 2 weeks!!  Oops~  I still haven't finish my assignments, how do I manage to study all 6 subjects for final !?  I should GAMBATEH more♥  O( ∩ _ ∩♥ )O
Recently keep receiving many in…

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