Bonjour tout le monde♡  shouldn't blog at this time because I'm having a quiz on tomorrow.   ╮(╯3╰)╭  But my blogging become so DUSTY cause I din update mua bloggie about 5 days.  In order to keep y'all my beloved visitors, so I had decided to blog today.  ↖(^ω^)↗

Do you wearing contact lens?  When you're wearing it, do you feel your vision is quite blur sometime?  Or, your eyes feeling uncomfortable and dry sometime?  It's all because of the DIRTINESS of your contact lens!  Any solution for this?  Well well, some consumers chosen those daily lens.  But some consumers just choose to ignore this kind of problems and try to continue wearing those dirty lens.  For my opinion, eyes part is so critical for us, and we shouldn't ignore these problems.

Wanna wear those monthly contact lens and make it become CLEAN & CLEAR?  Here's the SOLUTION - Lens2♡  What is Lens2?  I will explain more details along with the pictures.   ↖(^ω^)↗

Lens2's Moment :

#1.  Ta-da!  This is it - the Lens.  =)

#2.  It clean contact lens automatically in 3 minutes.

#3.  The descriptions.  Lens is suitable for all types of contact lens.  So nice right?  =)



#6.  Inside

#7.  Fyi, the 'circle' thing is to put your contact lens inside, and the right hand side is the tools to put the contact lens on your eyes without directly touching the lens with your hand.  

#8.  Take it out

#9. Put your lens on it.

#10.  Fill it with your eyes solution and cover it.

#11.  And click the button to let the machine to vibrate(clean) your contact lens. It will automatically stop once it reached 3 minutes, or you can just stop it by manually. Just click the button again in case you wanna stop it.  =)

#12.  This is the way you use the instrument. It will sucking your lens, and when you wanna apply it on your eyes ball, just squeeze the instrument.  =)

#13.  You can see the lens is just clean and fresh.  ^^

Feel so nice and wanna grab one for yourself?  You can grab this at any optical store.  ^^  I bought this at MOG and its price is RM99.  You can change the battery by your own when the battery ran out. The button will give you signal.  When the red light is really bright, it means your battery is FULL.  Conversely, if the red light is weak, that means your battery is LOW.  Anyway, I think it's useful for me cause we can't clean the dirtiness manually and Lens2 really save my time.  So hope it can help you too.  =)  Tata


Hola a todos❤  I'm so nyappy now cause I just finished my last mid-term paper!  Yippee~  V(≧▽≦♥)V  So today post is about outing with my sweetie - Joanne on last week.  =)

Last week aka the day before I went back to my hometown for Hari Raya's celebration, is the first time I went out with Joanne. Normally she will come to my house for chill and chit-chating. Or sometime she even cook some delicious foods for me. She's so nice and her cooking is GOOD~  ^_^b

Okay, cut the crap. So that day she purposely come my house her hometown to fetch me and we went to Kepong for our lunch. At first, we thought wanna take Japanese foods as our lunch, but unfortunately the restaurant didn't open.  ='(  Too bad~  So we take our lunch beside the restaurant which is called - Moe de Cafe   If you are huge fans of Naruto or One Piece, you shouldn't miss this. =B

Picture Moment :

#1.  Ootd aka my birthday dress❤  ^^  (Love the combination of Bright Pink & Blue)

#2.  Simple make-up



#5.  Miss my long hair cause I just cut it short.  T.T

#6.  Ta-da!  Here is it

#7.  Me and the Naruto  ^^V

#8.  Inside


#10.  The counter with One Piece❤  ^^

#11.  The other spaces


#13.  You can take those board games out for playing games with friends.  =)

#14.  Spot my Chopper❤  ^^

#15.  We are watching the cartoon - 麥兜   The cartoon that we normally watched when we are still in the secondary school life.  =)


#17.  Peach Tea & Jasmine Tea

#18.  Joanne and her meals. =)

#19.  My meals - Peach tea, Fish Fillet Cheese Baked Rice


#21.  The rice is so full until I can't finish it.  >,<

#22.  Don't forget to selca before we're eating.


So far it's a good place for us to chill. If you're huge fans of anime, I guess you will like this place, cause there are many anime characters are surrounding you.  ^^  We chit-chat for 2 hours+, then we decided to go somewhere before we go back to our home.  Since few weeks ago, I saw quite many people spam the places - Publika on Instragram and Facebook as well, so I suggest we pay a visit there.  =)  (Btw, follow me @shinilola at Instagram too  ^^V )

Both of us are not originally from KL, so we are not really familiar with those highways.  In case you guyz forgotten, I'm a 'road idiot', that's why both of us just use the GPS to track how to go Publika.  Joanne is so pro, because although she is not from KL, but she know how to go here & there.  After 1 hour+, finally we reach there.  ^^

#24.  We saw it!  ^^

#25.  Publika, here we come~

#26.  Mission accomplished!

#27.  The design of the Women's washroom, so cute right?  =)

#28.  LOL~  Strictly for VVIP only! VVIP = Disable people 

Once we reach there, we already start grab something at there.  LOL, actually we didn't plan to shopping also. Will plan to have a drink or meals there next time.  =)

That's all for today.  Tata❤  ^^


皆さん、こんにちは❤   Hi guyz~  Wanna have a pair of Natural Big Eyeslike Korean Girls does ?  This post might help make it works!  I guess sometime we(girls) might feel lazy to apply any make-up, cause after we apply the make-up, we need to remove the make-up as well.  Or even sometime, you are rushing to somewhere, so you might lack of time to prepare your make-up.  

Now, you no need to apply any make-up in order to make your eyes looks bigger.  Cause we're having Korean Eyeliner Tape now!  It's kinda looks like the double eyelid tape that normally girls like to stick on their eyelid.  But the difference would be this kinds is not transparent type and it's thicker.  =)

Show Time Moment :

#1.  Sorry that the following pictures might make you SHOCK! Cause I'm applying ZERO make-up except for the contact lens and the red hot lipstick.   O(≧▽≦♥)O

#2.  Ta-da!  Here is it!  1 piece consist of 12 pairs of the eyeliner tape❤  ^^

#3.  Check it out!  I can apply the eyeliner tape too!  At first, I thought it's just for the single eyelid sweeties but after I tried it, I feel so nyappy and fun cause I'm can stick it even I'm a double eyelid person.  ^^

#4.  For single eyelid person, it would be more advantages for you guyz cause it can make your eyes turn double eyelid and no need to purposely apply the make-up.  =)

#5.  See see!  Even when I closed my eyes, the tape is not obvious.  ^^

Feel it's fun and wanna grab it for your own?  Guess what guyz!?  I'm currently selling it by my own! It's READY STOCK for sure and if you're interested and wanna place your order just pm me ( @ShiNi LoLa II ) on facebook.  ^^

Remember this can be apply on no matter single eyelid or even double eyelid person (like me) ^^  Okie dokie, gonna off to have precious moment with my family now. Tata   

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