9 July 2012

Swimming is Love ❤


Hola peepo❤  Tremendous SORRY for all my beloved readers  Recently being really busy with my online business, academic stuff and etc.  Some of my little sweet blog fans complain about I din update my regularly. I promise I will blog more frequently ok guyz?  =)

Well well, this post is just a shorty post about my interest or hobby should I say?  ^^  I guess everyone have their own favourite sport right? Like most of the guyz favourite sport are basketball or football(soccer). But for me, my favourite sport is swimming❤  ^^

Actually I'm a sport idiot at previous, expect for running. I'm an athlete when I was in primary school. But after I step into secondary school life, I suddenly transform to sport idiot. LOL~   Until last 2 semester, I took swimming as my co-curriculum subject in the university.  My interest on swimming increasing day-to-day.  In fact, I lost weight a lot when I swim.  Therefore, since the last 2 semester, I always go for swimming for every week.  


Swimming become one of my interest and hobby.  If I didn't go for swim for every week, my body will feel uncomfortable.  Maybe is my mentally problem.  XD  Sport make you slim, spend your time wisely and the IMPORTANT thing is it make you healthier.  =)  So from now on, if you're bored, try to choose some sport that you're interested and go for it.  ^^

Okie dokie, that's all for today. Tata loved one❤  ^^

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