12 July 2012

Neway SS2❤ *Sing K Session*


Hola peepo❤  How you guyz doing?  I know right, it's time to blog. Because this Saturday would be my big day❤  So I guess I don't have time to blog for this few days.  XD

Well well, speak about Sing k, how long did you guyz din went for sing k with friends?  Well, I just went to Neway SS2 with my university's friends on last 2 weeks.  =)   It's quite new actually. But before we talk about this, there's some selca moment here. Please don't mind that I'm a self-loving person. You  might wanna skip this if you want.  =)

Selca Moment :

#1. OOTD - Outfits of that day

#3. I love my polka dot ribbon ^^

#5. Simple but unbalance curl for that day =D

#8. Thanks for my friend give me this as a gift ^^


After I finish my selca moment at my room. My friends fetch us to SS2 for our brunch. =)  Yeah~  Wan Tan Mee as our brunch is nice. Cause I'm the huge fans here of wan tan mee. Anyone reader is same as me?  XD  After that, we went to Neway.  The outlet is quite new as I already mentioned on above. But I strongly suggest that you guyz should choose this outlet compare to others. Why?  Simple, because of their design, spaces, services, facilities and etc.

Photo of the day :

#13. The door

#14. We got 2 room here. Left and Right

#15. The right one is the main room for the Sing K session.

#16. This is the Left room. You can take your microphone and sing at here as well. In case you wanna be alone when you're singing sad songs.  =)


#18.  The best thing about this room is you can actually play the Nintendo Wii while you're waiting for your songs to come. Awesome right?  That day I had strike a lot in the bowling game. =D

#19.  Love the shock of that day. Feel so vintage. ^^

#22. That room is full of mirror. You can simply look at yourself at anytime. =D

#23.  My puffy legs.

Oh ya!  Totally forgotten. The washroom was attached in the room too. So you no need to purposely walk out of the room to look for the washroom.  So convenient right?  =)


1st & 2nd Floor, No.2, Jalan SS 2/67, 47300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

+603-7875 3188
+603-7875 5188

That's all for today. Hope you guyz will pay for a visit there.  ^^  Tata

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