1 June 2012

Biore Cleansing Strips : Pore Pack (Beauty Post Tutorial)


hola gente❤  Result are finally released!  Quite satisfied but I know I can do better.  =)  Never mind, it's over now. Need to gambateh for my final semester for Degree Year 2.  ^^

 Okay, cut the crap.  It's quite long time din update beauty post tutorial. Some readers email me to blog more about beauty care product. So here you go. ^^  Have you experience your nose's pore is quite big sometime?  Or when you touch your nose, you feel the skin is quite harsh due to the black head?  Now by using this, your problem is solve! =)

Biore Cleansing Strips : Pore Pack  

#Each box consist of 10 pieces

(How to use?)
Instructions :

#Stick it on your nose. Like this.
#Waiting for 15 minutes.
#When you tear it, you will see the outcome like this.
#Can you see the black head that I circle it?

DETAIL about the Biore Cleansing Strips : Pore Pack  :

1.  This product is available in Watson. I think it's available at Guardian too. =)

2.  The price is RM12.90.

3.  This product consist of black and white version. You can choose either one. (But normally I choose the black version)

4.  Remember the duration is just 15 minutes. Don't over because it may make your pore turn bigger.

5.  Remember use it for ONLY ONCE in a week. After you use for few times, your black head will be reduced. And that time you can use it for Once in 2 weeks.  =)

Hope you guyz enjoy my post. Love ya❤   =)

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