29 May 2012

Baseball Jacket❤ ( Which one you prefer? )


Hola peepo❤  I know the picture above is quite silly, but I purposely create this to emphasize which baseball jacket should I choose.  Fyi, this 3 baseball jackets are from my online shop - Vintage De Beauty   I know right, I should purchase this long time ago. Because I think most of my customers already wearing this for a period, but I'm still thinking of which design should I choose. ^_^'''

So here are the 3 design that I chosen, actually still got many other design, but I prefer this 3.  =)

The first one would be the Blue Jacket with Alphabet W


My desire : 50%
Reason to choose : Because this blue colour is UNIQUE

The second one is the Red jacket with Alphabet W


My desire : 40%
Reason to choose : I'm fans of red colour, it's actually attractive for me.

The last one would be the Leopard Blue jacket


My desire : 10%
Reason to choose : The pastel colour is a trend, and it looks so SWEET.

So overall, which design do you think is the most suitable for me? If you have a hint, please email to me at : shini_harumi_kun@hotmail.com  I will take it as a consideration.  =)  But if you're interested on the baseball jacket, please pm me on my business page - Vintage De Beauty 

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