30 April 2011


*KNOCK KNOCK* hey guyz~ as i promised, i will blog as often as i can~ =] so i decide to blogging today~ *even through later need to do revision*  >.<

this post is about a photo-shooting with my sweetie CHANWONwe take it at nearby her house~ a playground actually is a venue for kids~ but both of us take  pic at there~ peeps gonna think we're INSANE!  XD

okie dokie~ here are some pic imma share with you guyz~  =]

[funny one XD]

wanna check out more ? stay tuned with my FAN PAGE , i will upload those pics there~ =]

after we finish our shooting, we went back to her home~ oh ya! i dyed my hair again~ for sure, i used LISESE again ~

this time i'm using the MILK TEA BROWN colour~ 


my 'BEFORE' pic looks like i'm wearing a wig~ >.< it's real please~ hmm....i think the effect not huge different~ >< oh ya! if you guyz wanna know how to dye your hair with LIESE, check out my tutorial LIESE-ME-UP❤  =]

imma end here~ gonna do revision now~ exam is on next 2 week~ >.<

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