29 April 2011


YUHOO~ hey guyz~ miss ya all a lot~ so decide to blogging now even i haven't take my brunch yet~ *see how i care you guyz so much! XD* i was like whole day din eat anything~ >.< if you guyz notice, i had change my blogging's style~ no more SPACE and make it 'STICK-TOGETHER'~ ^^

okie dokie~ today post is another 'DELAY POST' again~ >< i know right~ i will try to blog as often as i can alright? =] actually on last firday~ i have been overnight at my sweetie a.k.a CHANWON's house ~

1st day (Fri) din done anything, just enjoy ice-cream at her house ~  XD

for sure, i brought my lappy with me~ so i can online at her house~  =]
the next day (Sat), we thought wanna go photo-shooting~ but piggy us sleep late~ so PLAN IS FAILED~  =( then, in afternoon, we decide to go shopping! HELL YEAH! my FAV activities~  =P
her dad drop us at times square and we keep camwhore in the car ~




[that day's look]

chanwon purposely teach me to draw the 'CAT' eyes~ and she said i'm so effective~ after she taught me then i know how to draw immediately~  =]

our 1st stop is pavilion, grad something at cotton on & topshop~ and grab some accessories. For sure, CHAT-TIME is a must❤ ^^

[my lemonade & original ^^]
[help topshop promoting XD]

After that, we went to F88 and went back to times square & sg.wang ~ Then, we went to Kuchailama~ cause i keep complain to chanwon i wanna go F block~ XD
and finally i did! grab something there too~ ^^ we also went to those boutique one-by-one~ bought many stuff again~ =]

[HARVEST for that day ^^]
yup, i carried 8 plastic bag by my own~ and some of them i already combined to 1 bag~ now you can imagine actually how much that i bought~ XD but this is time is not the TOP one~ cause i only used about 400+ bucks~ i can used up 1000+ in 1 mins~ XD that what a SHOPAHOLIC called~  =]

[favourite of that day ^^]

oh ya! that day before end our shopping moment, we went to SWEET HUT to take some dessert~

at last but not least, i have been trying those outfits that i bought on that day ~

hmm....how is it guyz? if i wear like this to hang out~ would you feel WEIRD? cause someone said looks like go CLUBBING~ >.<

okay, i think imma end here~ cause i'm so tired and wanna take bath now~ anyway, STAY TUNED with mua blog! SUNSHINE'S GIRL IS COMING SOON❤  ^^

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