8 April 2016


Hola  I'm just back from business trip. Feel tired but nothing can stop me for blogging about this topic -  #food. Yuppie! Today introduce you guys my favourite seafood (except crab) which is Lobster at Pince & Pints, Bangsar KL. Few weeks ago, me and boyfie decided to pay a visit there and tried their delicious lobster. Let's continue reading to find out more.

Pince & Pint @ Bangsar, KL
I heard about Pince & Pint at Singapore before but I never know they are available in Malaysia as well until I saw the editorial at one random website. I was so excited and ask my boyfie to come along so we can share the lobster as I can't finish it by all my own.

Pince & Pints Lobster Restaurant and Bar aims to provide diners with the epicurean experience of having a whole live lobster cooked according to their preference. A carefully curated beverage programme supplements the experience.

The restaurant is located at Bangsar which is same row with Guardian. Please try to make a reservation before you get there as they don't have much table for the customers. We are lucky enough to get a table even we didn't do any booking.

Sparkling Mineral Water | Pince & Pint, Bangsar KL
We ordered a Sparkling Mineral Water (1L) and it cost us RM28. They added a piece of lemon slice in the glass so when you consume you can taste a little bit of sourness.

French Fries | Pince & Pints, Bangsar KL
The waiter recommend us their french fries as he said it was delicious so we give it a try. Indeed, the french fries are worth to try! We don't know how much for the fries as it's not state on the food menu

Lobster Noodles | Pince & Pints, Bangsar KL

We decided to order a Lobster Noodle for sharing because I saw some photos on their Instagram and knowing their portion is huge. Basically it was served with wok fried lobster, egg noodle, ginger and scallion. Overall we think the lobster is delicious but egg noodle seem a little bit salty for us. Maybe because of the sauce? Please noted that all lobster dishes are priced at RM158++ including this dish that we had ordered.

They don't have many food selection on their menu. We hope they will come out more idea of the Lobster dishes so we can try on something new. I would love try something different and unique taste of the Lobster side dishes. Till here. Loves


32, Gound Floor,
Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.

+60 3 2201 3233 / +6017 880 0871



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