10 March 2016


Hola  Today post is not about my ootd, beauty stuff or travel log, it's about my thoughts and feeling. This question have been asked by many people lately so I guess if you guys really wish to know the answer, let me reveal it here.

"Why You Don't Play Snapchat?"
Yes, this is the question that I have been asked lately. You might wondering why I think it's annoying. For the first time I being asked by a random person, a friend of friend actually. She said did you play Snapchat? I said no because I din't. She is like many question mark on her head and ask me why. I said nothing special, just I don't have time for it and I'm not interested. She continue saying aren't you a blogger? Why you din't play this? I thought most of the bloggers do.

" So, Blogger Should Play Snapchat? "
First, it's always my decision as a blogger whether I want to play or not. Frankly, when not necessary, I don't really want to spend time on social media or blog. Not saying I don't concern about it, I do but doesn't mean I need to give up the precious time with my loves one including boyfie, family and friends.

I do understand some of the bloggers like to play snapchat because they wish they can share more about their lifestyle with their fans / followers. I means I tried, I installed it on my phone but after few days, I uninstall it. No offence, but I found it's not interesting to me. Everyone got their own preference. I always prefer YouTube than snapchat. I know, both of them are different. But for me, they are the similar.

" Two Jobs. No Time For This "
Yeah, I got two jobs, just in case you don't know yet. Full time as Digital Marketing and part time as blogger. After working for 8 hours at office for full time job, I need to blogging at night time. Most of the time I take photo of those sponsored products on night time or weekend. If you realize, last time I'm active on Instagram, posting photo daily. But now, I only upload photo once per 2 -3 days. Sometime when I got free time, I will record some video and upload it to my YouTube Channel.  If you're my subscriber, you know I only upload one video after a period of time. Facebook is quite easy to manage so I'm still quite active for it. Other than that, I really appreciate the extra time for my own life, life without camera and phone beside me. Yes, when I'm single, I used to active in all social media platforms, attend many events as I could and spend time to blog about them one-by-one. But now, not anymore. I'm not single anymore so I need to spend more time to enjoy the life with my boyfie. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't means I will quit from blogging and social media.

" I Want To Enjoy it While I'm Enjoying In Reality "
Sometime, I really want to enjoy it while I'm enjoying at that moment but not holding a phone and running here and there just to record it. Yes, it might be fun to record down as memory. But I already got some of them on YouTube. Some privacy matter, I don't like to record everything and even upload it on snapchat. Well, if you can get what I means.

" No Rushing Anymore "
I love the current lifestyle. I can choose and accept any campaign that I want, no need to rush due date because I don't have many pending project on hands. You guys might be thinking, if I accept so little projects, how do I earn from blog? I'm pretty sure some of the bloggers knew some of the project is not paid but still, PR still asking for this and that. Well, I will reject this kind of projects. I only accept project with payment or the project that I'm interested.  Not a problem for me, I still can earn at other social media channels.Other than that, I can just share my travel experience, beauty products that I think is good to use, delicious foods that I hunts with you guys. Blogging is my interest / hobby since I was 16 so it's not about time matter.

Thus, don't ever ask me again why I don't play snapchat. If I have time for it, I would rather exchange it with the precious time for my family and friends. Sometime I feel guilty because our parents need to keep track the updates of our social media channel to know what we are doing now. I MISS MY FAMILY.  Loves

P/S : Please understand this post is about me but not about people who playing snapchat. Play snapchat is not a crime so please don't misunderstand. Thank you.


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