30 March 2016 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia


Hola  We all knew KL is a busy city. Thus, it's always good to have a weekend getaway to some place that will makes us feel relax. Last 2 weeks, I'm glad to have a lovely staycation at The Haven Resort and Residences. Since I'm an Ipohian, I heard about The Haven Resort before but this is the first time I been here. Feeling great for the stay because it is multiple award-winning development.

The Haven is an unique resort-style hotel, situated on the edge of a virgin forest, with an ever-flowing lake and a 280-million-year-old limestone outcrop; yet only 15 minutes to the city centre of Ipoh, Malaysia. It consists of total 3 towers : Tower Acacia, Tower Banyan and Tower Cycas.

Seahorse-shaped Swimming Pool | Thr Haven Resort Ipoh
The luxurious hotel consists of 150 suites with lavish facilities; a clubhouse, helipad, 600m jogging track and specially designed sea-horse shaped 5-level swimming pool. The Haven has specially designed and trademarked our own 60-metre seahorse-shaped swimming pool design. The 5-level infinity swimming pool consisting of a sauna, leisure, lap, children and wading pool, is all built alongside the vast lake in order to enhance its natural beauty.

In Chinese culture, we love the place with "mountain" and "water". They said it would be a place to stay. Boyfie love the view a lot as he like the scenery like this, 

The Haven Resort Hotel is operated by Best Western International (BWI) family chain of hotels, the world’s largest, under its ‘Premier’ or five-star status.

Living room | The Haven Resort Ipoh

When we enter the living room, we realize the living room is huge! The space included kitchen, kitchen table, sofa and TV set etc. It's cozy as we feel the room temperature is not that high because of the design. I will elaborate further later.

Kitchen | The Haven Resort Ipoh
Since it is an one suite resort, so of course they have kitchen for us as well. If you feel don't want to cook, you may order room service. It is available until 11.30pm.

Our room | The Haven Resort Ipoh
The interior comes with neutral colours of beige, brown and grey. Love the "blackout" curtains as when we closed it, the sunlight won't pass through. Included 40 inches flat-screen TV, Astro channels, daily housekeeping, laundry services, safe deposit box and Wifi availaibility. 

What I like the most if this, the mirror which you can see through from the bed room to the washroom. I still remember last time I stay at Bangkok and the hotel have this feature as well. I can watch TV while I'm showering.

Washroom | The Haven Resort Ipoh
Toiletry are included for the guest so no worries. Love the bathtub as you can watch the TV while you are bath-tubing. LOL  

They also having a small room as reading room for you to do your work. Let's say, blogging? 

This would be another bedroom in the house. This one would be consider a medium room while the one that I showed earlier are master room.

You can chill and chit-chat at the corridor as well. They having a small table and two chair at the corridor so basically you can chill and drink wine while looking at the beautiful scenery.

Awww....Can you imagine every time you step out at your corridor and you can see this beautiful view? Well, I guess that would be a great feeling for that cause!

Do you know the gate are specially own designed grille gate (Perforated Aluminium) spotted design and tunneling effect to provide air flow, While folded and spotted design to obscure view from outside. Thus, air-conditioning is hardly needed with provision of split building and voids. So now you know why you can't feel the heat when you're in the house. 

After the briefing about The Haven Resort & Residence, we decided to take a walk and look around this beautiful place. I can tell you, it took us around 20 mins to have a look. This place is huge!

No other development has a 14-storey 280 million year old limestone rainforest outcrop right in the heart of a placid flowing lake. The lake is a 'running lake' in that water flows from the hillside and possibly underground springs and 'overflow' to the retention pond at the rate of 2000 gallons per hour..

Just imagine you're jogging now and you can feel the fresh air surround you, the great feeling ever! I don't mind to jog in every single morning.

Dinosaur | The Haven Resort Ipoh
Oh, did I mention I just adopt a new pet? He is a dinosaur and his name is Dino. LOL~ Just kidding. I don't know about his name and we just met. 

We walk to the back garden and find out hundreds of natural, beautiful and unique plants. All the flowers are so beautiful. We saw a monkey when we passing by as well. So don't be afraid when you see one.

View from the back garden | The Haven Resort Ipoh
Amphitheater | The Haven Resort Ipoh

We found it's a romantic place for proposal because there are seat surrounded here. Well, if you're an Ipohian and planning to have a proposal for your girlfriend, maybe you should consider this.

Every single tower has the signboard, just in case you get lost. Forgot to mentioned, the one that we stay are Tower B(Banyan).

Gym room | The Haven Resort Ipoh

We having our dinner at this cuisine. It is a poolside bar and restaurant that offers the best of local Asian and Western cuisines under one roof, so that you will never have to go out for a good meal. They also having live band here so you can have a wine and listen to their music.

Opening Hours : Daily | 7:00am – 10:30pm
Location : Ground Floor, Clubhouse
Dinner of that night | The Haven Resort Ipoh
We having lovely and delicious dinner on that night. The dinner included the famous Ipoh Chicken Rice, Laksa, Roasted Chicken and dessert.

Night view | The Haven Resort Ipoh
After finished the dinner, we decided to chill and walk around. Check out the night view, it's so wonderful. We saw a teenager reading at balcony while enjoying the music from the bar. What a relaxing life.

On the next day, we having our breakfast at The Premiere. It is served with buffet style. If you have guests and prefer a quieter place for meals, The Premiere restaurant offers a more formal setting for lunch and dinner as well.

Opening Hours : Daily | 7:00am – 10:30pm
Location : First Floor, Conference Centre
We have a lovely staycation and had a lot of fun at The Haven Resort and Residence. Thanks for the invitation and we will definitely come back again. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading the post as well. Loves


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