15 March 2016


Hola  Do your phones has their own "dress"? I means casing. For me, I like to put on casing for my phone because I'm afraid it will crack easily whenever I drop my phone. Another factor, it makes my phone looks more outstanding. Speak about outstanding, special thanks to OtterBox for sent me a lovely and beautiful phone case for my baby Rosey. Continue reading to find out more.

OtterBox technology cases are hugely popular in Asia-Pacific for its innovative and versatile styles and underlying rugged protection. OtterBox products are available for purchase at local(Hong Kong) retail outlets in over 13 countries in the Asia Pacific region, and a wide range of products are available online directly from OtterBox website.

At the first sight, I really thought it's the box of luxury piece of jewelry. It looks expensive and elegant. I'm thinking if someone received this, they will think exactly what I thought too. LOL

Premium Cases with Swarovski® Crystals | OtterBox
[ Limited Edition Symmetry Series Crystal Edition ]
OtterBox has several series of phone case and one of them is Symmetry Series Crystal Edition. Each individual piece is the result of highly skilled craftsmanship married with creativity, imagination and innovation. Crystal Limited Edition is individual, charming, practical and idiosyncratic.

OtterBox Premium Cases embellished with Crystals from Swarovski® Trusted Protection. The collection, adorned with crystals from Swarovski® perfectly fits the demure clutch of fashionistas. Crystal Edition remains true to its founding principles: of style and protection. The dedication to quality can be seen in every crystal case with the combination of beauty and practicality, and the unwavering passion for the unique.

You can see how bright of the crystal from the photo above as I'm using flashlight when I took this photo. Shine bright like a diamond!

Genuine Swarovski® Crystal Fine Rock | OtterBox
[ Genuine Swarovski® Crystal Fine Rock ]
Due to characteristics of crystal fine rocks, please avoid contact with cosmetic products, high mechanical and chemical stress.

Attached with my phone | OtterBox
Crystal Edition for iPhone 6/6s is custom-designed to provide superior dual-layer protection against bumps, drops and shock. The case is carefully embellished with crystals from Swarovski® to reflect a taste of glamour and prestige in the city. A perfect matching case to complement your outfits, from formal wear to high heels for a girls night out. An exquisite gift for your special one. 

Stunning accessory with carefully chosen exquisite crystals from Swarovski®. Hand-picked crystals from the finest assure you of a connoisseur look. Crystal Colors are carefully selected to fashionista palatte for a definitive passionate look - Crystal Edition is functional fashion at its finest.

Verdict : It's my favourite phone case now! There are so many advantages of this casing, First up, it is so fashionable. Whenever I'm playing my phone on the street or shopping mall, everyone is looking at it. Next thing would be it is shine bright like a diamond! I always in love with the those bling bling thingy and it just my type! Some more, it's not the normal crystal, it embellished with Swarovski®. Since my phone case is Midnight Crystal, it match with any outfits with ease. It can turns to my accessories. 

[ Features ]
- Ultra-slim profile
- Protection you can count on
- Quick install
- Free Alpha Glass Screen Protector

[ Types Available ]
Midnight Crystal, Gold Sand Crystal and Mystic Crystal.

[ Price ]

[ OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection ]
It means drops, bumps and fumbles are just the beginning. It means your device is protected from the barrage of wear and tear you subject it to everyday.

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