28 March 2016


Bonjour  Online shopping is one of my hobbies. The main reason that I like to shop online is because the price is reasonable and affordable. Gearbest.com is my latest favourite site to shop! 

Gearbest.com provides widest selection of cool and fun gear at the best prices online. This includes the latest smart phones, tablets, action cams, tv boxes, drones, Arduino tech, smart watches, as well as home tech, outdoor and survival gear and geek-friendly clothing, etc.

15 Colours Cream Camouflage Concealer Palette Cosmetic Makeup Cottect | Gearbest.com
The first thing I get was 15 Colours Cream Camouflage Concealer Palette Cosmetic Makeup Cottect Black 02#. If you guys know me well, then you should know I only have 1 palette so this would be my second. What so special about this would be this is special for concealer which means you can use it to cover your scars, acnes, dark eye circles etc.

It's an extensive range of 15 multiple vibrant concealer color with different skin tones. It provide total camouflage for almost any skin problem such as blemishes, scars, birthmarks and black circles. Thus, it's perfect for professional salon, wedding, party and home use. If you guys noticed, the pink sponge came along with the palette. With gourd sponge, it give you a flawless foundation application every single time.
Price : $3.62 (Free Shipping, Ships within 3-5 business days)

I use it to cover my serious dark eye circles and some blemishes. It's work! My skin is flawless now. You can see according to the photo above, I only applied the concealer, eyeliners and it looks perfectly done! I'm not a person who suitable for heavy makeup so this concealer palette would be my best choice to apply less makeup on my face.

12 Shapes 3D Metal Nail Art Decoration Adhesive Rivet Studs | Gearbest.com
Next would be the 12 Shapes 3D Nail Art Decoration Adhesive Rivet Studs. I'm not an expert in doing nail art so this would be good for beginner like me. The amazing value wheel with shiny 3D metal studs decorations for beautiful, long lasting nail art creations. It also perfect for use at home and in salon, ideal as a gift for any nail art fan. It comes with a round box like photo above. The package include about 200 gains 3D metal nail art decoration. As you can see according to the photo, it has total 12 random shapes.

Price : $1.59 (Free Shipping, Ships within 3-5 business days)

I know right~ I'm really bad at this! LOL~ I was rushing for dental appointment so I only spend about 5 minutes for this. I love the diamond shape though. Love the fact that they having gold and silver colour so I able to mix and match. Hopefully next time it will looks better. I will improve my skills. LOL

Manicure Nail Paste & Nail Foil Sticker | Gearbest.com
They also provides free gifts for me! They gaves me colorful Stylish Art Sticker Tips Decoration Manicure Nail Paste - #09 which is the cat stickers. I will be trying it next time! Can't wait to see my cute nails. 

Price : $1.01 (Free Shipping, Ships within 3-5 business days)

Another gifts would be 10 pieces Fashion Nail foil Sticker Star Style Art Polish Transfer Decal DIY Beauty Craft Nail Decoration Supply - COLORMIX. I guess most of you know the stained glass nail art is the current trend right? Thus, I'm looking forward for this one. Feel excited to give it a try.

Price : $3.74 (Free Shipping, Ships within 3-5 business days)

Overall I think Gearbest.com provides the best price for some of the products. It's great for those people who wish to shop with affordable price. There are still many variety of products for me to explore. I might will share with you all next time. Till here, loves

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