17 March 2016


You don’t need superpowers to become a #superhero! You just need to dress like one and join the coming Geek Con Malaysia 2016 which is happening on March 19 and 20 at KDU University College Utropolis Glenmarie Campus! With geek culture currently on a rise, Geek Con will be a huge celebration of western and Asian pop culture such as comics, toys, video games, cosplay, and movies. Thus, if you're a cosplayer, comics lover and so on, then you shouldn't missed this event!

Multiple award-winning hip hop artist Point Blanc will be the event emcee and the venue will also be graced by the presence of top cosplayers such as Misa Chiang from Taiwan and Malaysia's very own Jna and Chineko. Anyone is fans of them here?
In addition, in order to return the support from fans and guests, they will be running an online contest for all the visitors who come dressed in cosplay costume. 

[ Contest Details ]
They will take individual photos of the visitors and post it on our Facebook page on the following Monday after the event. All you have to do is tag yourselves in your photo and get your friends to 'Like' it. The two individual photos with the most 'Likes' wins!
[ Winner Prizes ]
- A Funko Pop which sponsored by Bricksmore.
- RM50 voucher from Tony Roma's. Legendary for Ribs.
- Two (2) Golden Screen Cinemas GOLD CLASS tickets which are valid until 8th September 2016.

Besides, there will be mysterious gifts & freebies giveaway during the event! Oh ya! Forgot to mention that MetrosEvents website will be accepting submissions of event & movie reviews from the 19th March onward. For each accepted submission would gain points! It will be redeemable for goodies such as power banks and more. Besides, each review will be recognizably be displayed on their website, Well, I guess it's a good feeling when you saw your own review features on their website right? Sounds great? So remember to submit your movie reviews now!

Let’s bringing geek culture to life and win some prizes! For more info, kindly visit MetrosEvents websitehttp://bit.ly/1pLhDVA 


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