29 February 2016


Hola  It's been awhile I didn't update my fashion log. I normally updated my ootd fashion log on my Instagram | @shinilola account. I rarely update it on my blog because I want to compile few of them and then update it at one time on my blog and YouTube Channel.

If you're my loyal reader, then you should know I used to have a lot of dress rather than two pieces. However, I have no idea why my two pieces clothing are way more than dresses a lot! Thank god now my dresses collection are getting more. Also, I add 2 beautiful dresses from MC'B into my collection as well.

MC’B (pronounced as Mac B) started life in 2013 as Madame Couture Boutique, a small fashion brand in the melting cultural pot of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was an exciting time for fashion in this part of the world. World renowned brands were setting foot and capturing the Malaysian market like an unstoppable Tsunami. However, it was also a time where fashion was bombarded with many marketing gimmicks and production lines that felt stale, dull and factory like. Consumers were fed on a daily basis with underdeveloped designs till it started to feel like a fashion meltdown waiting to happen. The industry needed something fresh, I needed something fresh. 

MC'B Aurora Dress | MC'B
First up would be MC'B Aurora Dress. It is a blue trendy and classy dress with soft suede fabric(stretchable) bottom that will rock both the professional workplace with a blazer and in the club. This dress is one of their own design piece.

I love this dress so much! Love the quality especially the suede fabric. It's unique. My butt is a little bit big so I had chosen M size and it fit me well. Thus, if your bottom is similar like mine, I strongly suggest you take M size. The dress is cost about RM159.00.

Mint Green Dress | MC'B
I guess if you guys saw this colour you will instantly love it right? Well, at least I do! Love the colour and design of it. Although it is a little bit loose for my size but the bottom design makes my butt looks even smaller.

Love this shot by boyfie!

It is a simple dress which is easily to match with any accessories. It's not just suitable for outing, it also can be wear to the workplace as well. Now I can wear this work! Yeah~ Don't forget to mention my code during checkout to entitle RM20 rebateLoves


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