25 February 2016 Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan


Konbawa  Finally I'm blogging about my Japan and Korea trip with Princess Cruises! It was actually a family trip on June last year but until now only I have free time to blog about it. This would be my very first time to take cruises and I'm so excited!

I always think about the happening on the cruises that you can imagine! Imagine you eat, sleep, walk, play or even swim in the center of the sea. That would be so cool right? LOL~ Thus, let start our journey then!

Me with my pinky luggage! I was so touch when Daddy passed this luggage to me before the trip because he knew I want to buy a pink colour luggage previously. However, because that moment I was saving money for another purpose so he secretly bought this for me. Thank you Daddy!

We took Malaysia Airlines (MAS) from KL to Osaka, Japan and have a bad experience for it because the flight was delayed about total 4 hours due to the very bad weather! We were so bored in the lounge. Me and my sister keep chit-chating until we yawned for tremendous times.

Me in the Malaysia Airlines First Class
Finally we are in the flight! We were so tired after 4 hours delay and luckily our flight was First Class so we able to sleep more comfortable.

Awww....This photo makes me miss my dark maroon red hair so much! Thank god my mom always take beautiful photo of me.

They serving juice for us one we have a seat. One of the air hostess even set the comfort seat cover for me. Not forget to mentioned the thick and comfy blanket as well.

They served 1 appetizer and 2 meals for us. Since I was a kid, I always heard my daddy used to said MAS have their best satay and I was doubt about it. Until after I tasted it, I have no doubt. It was freaking delicious! For a person like me who love peanut a lot, when they served the satay to me, I can totally smell the peanut flavour even before I taste it! 

McDonald in Japan Airport
Due to the delay of the flight, we need to rush for a quick breakfast and eat in the bus in order to catch our cruises. Therefore, McDonald always the best for us. LOL

My younger sister ordered a milk and corn. For me, I ordered a Filet-O-Fish combo(comes with tea). I'm impressed with the material of the tea cup. You can noticed the material that they use for tea cup, unlike Malaysia version, so easy to turn soft. Oh ya! they also provide me the lemon flavour to add into the tea. It provides freshness of lemon tea.

Me posing with Princess Cruises

Yippiee! Finally we reach the landing station of Princess Cruises. You can see I'm posing with a happy smile. However, I feel nervous at the same time because some of my friends who take cruises before told me that WiFi is not available on the cruise because it is on middle of the sea. So, I keep texting with friends that I might gone for few days, remember to miss me. LOL

One of the best-known names in cruising, Princess Cruises first set sail in 1965 with a single ship cruising to Mexico. Today, the line has grown to become the third largest cruise line in the world, renowned for innovative ships, an array of onboard options, and an environment of exceptional customer service. A recognized leader in worldwide cruising, Princess carries 1.7 million guests each year to destinations around the globe ranging in length from three to 114 days, allowing them to see the world and come back new.

Princess' more than 150 different itineraries offer travelers the opportunity to literally cover the globe, with sailings to six continents that call at more than 300 ports and destinations around the world.  Destinations include the Caribbean, Alaska, Panama Canal, Europe, Mexico, South America, Australia/New Zealand, South Pacific, Hawaii, Tahiti/French Polynesia, Asia, India, Africa, Canada/New England and world cruises.  Princess passengers can enhance their cruise experience with a wide array of in-port excursions worldwide, and the company's cruisetour offerings enable passengers to combine their cruise with a full land tour. 

I think you can see how big of this ship! If you can't, you might check out my vlog at below to see the "live" version. I was worry will it crash like Titanic!? LOL~ Forgive me. for the first timer here, I guess I'm just too nervous.

Each of us received card like this. It is just like an access card. Without this card, you can't on board. So it's better to keep this card with you all the time. 

Ta-da! Is it so beautiful? You must be wonder why there's a "50" logo on the banner. Well, coincidentally, 2015 is their 50 years anniversary. There have a celebration with this milestone!

There have lots of facilities such as Japanese restaurant, fine dining, buffet, bar, lounge. club, luxury shop and many more.

Yes, our room is in Emerald Deck 8. They use letters to represent floors. For instance, Aloha Deck 1 means 4th floor. 1st till 3rd floor are for the restaurants and entertainment I guess. 

This is our room. Although the room space is not so big but it's tidy. When we open the curtain we can directly see the sea view. So I guess this is a sea view room. Toiletry is provided.

Once we put down our luggage, we thought we can have a short break. Suddenly, they make an announcement saying they will provide us a lifesaving lesson. It's super essential and everyone must attend. They also saving bring our life jacket along too (It's in the wardrobe).

Basically they demonstrate to you how to wear the life jacket properly and fully utilize some technique and tools. Well, you might found it boring but it is really useful if the ship crashed. Sometime accidents happened without your notice.

In order to celebrate their 50 years anniversary, they produces variety of products which got the 50 logo sign. It consist of chocolate, ship models, mug, pen and so on. It having 10% for all the items too. At the end, we grab some chocolate and 2 beautiful mug(the gold colour that my sister holding).

Oh ya! Cash payment is not available on the cruise. Remember the blue colour card that I'm holding earlier? That one is like our credit card here. We pay all the items by using this card and the day before we leave the cruise, we need to pay it back. since it's a United State cruise so all the items are using USD currency.

We sit down and have a high tea section at the lounge area before our dinner started. Me, sister and mom ordered coffee while my daddy is enjoying his Sapporo beer. Check out the bottom right photo and you will see a pair of colour cup. If you purchase the cup then you can enjoy free flows of soft drinks. We bought 2 of them so yeah, drink until you crazy. LOL

The music performance is almost like everyday and we have the Latin dance performance right before we go take our dinner,

There have several restaurants to choose and the one we had chose are fine dining. Lovely photo with my family. 

Basically one waiter will be only served with 1 area. Bread and butter will be served before we make our order. Love the flower shape of the butter. So cute! Pink guava juice and mushroom are included in the menu.

The meals that we had are the one that you looking at. LOL~ Unfortunately the souffle was a little bit dry for me. I guess I watch too mich of Masterchef USA. Gordon Ramsey always said it's hard to make a perfect souffle. LOL 

Went to shopping in the convenient and souvenir shop on the cruise. Saw the wild berry flavour of Skittles and found it's interesting because I guess this flavour is not available in Malaysia.

Also, I bought a Hello Kitty sunscreen lotion which cost me USD10. Love the design and fragrance simply because summer berry smell so sweet!

There is a Princess Theater which provide funny and magic show. We only able catch the tail because we were late.

What we like the most is the outdoor Movie Theater! It was so cold due to the huge wind at the outside. You can imagine you can watch movie at outside in this kind of cold weather with blanket provided. It was an amazing experience.

Last but not least, there are total 4 swimming pool in this ship and 1 Jacuzzi pool. Most of them are outdoor, only 1 swimming pool are located indoor and beside of the buffet restaurant. 

That's all for today. I will be talk more about the cruise at another post so remember to STAY TUNED. Don't forget to check out the vlog below as well. Loves




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