21 January 2016


Bonjour  Remember last time I blogged about Top 10 Cafes in Klang Valley? I should include this cafe as well because I personally think Beary Potter Studio Cafe is worth to visit especially for those pancakes lovers! I rarely go Cheras beside of meeting clients and when I found out this cafe is located at Cheras, I purposely tag my boyfie along to pay for a visit. Wish to know how was it? Continue reading to find out more. =)

For your info, the owner of Beary Potter Studio Cafe got the idea of the ambiance and interior when he was travel in Kyoto. He visit an unique cafe which surrounded by plants in a ceramic pots. Their mission is to let customers feel cozy with the environment, at the same time enjoying their homemade plates. Basically Beary Potter is all about Japanese pancakes, coffee, pottery class and gallery. 

Beary Potter Studio Cafe's logo
This is their super kawaii logo. Isn't it so cute? I like the way they decorate and hang it on the wall so everyone will have a look on it. Plus, yellow colour object is always caught people attention.

Some of you might don't know but I did mentioned at the beginning, Beary Potter providing pottery class as well. It did caught my attention when I enter the cafe because you can't found this at the ordinary cafes. My boyfie has graphic design background so he was interested on this kind of DIY objects. He even purposely get closer for a better looking. If you're interested to join their pottery class, please CLICK HERE for the class schedule.

The kitchen
The kitchen is tidy and hygiene. The staff are really friendly as well. I guess they purposely choose green colour cushion chair to match their plant theme. The polka dot was cute.

Please noted that after you check out the menu, you need to go to the cashier for ordering and pay as well. We have no idea when we enter and had the seat. The friendly waiter came and inform us then only we knew.

Board menu
Ta-da! This is their board menu. Isn't it cute? I really like the bear illustration because it's not the ordinary bear. I'm not sure it's drawn by the owner of his designer but it's cute though.

Table menu
If you thought they just have board menu then you're wrong, more menu is in the table menu. Yes, we seeing the cute bear logo again.

Pancakes selection
Check out how many variety of pancakes they have! They having different flavours of pancakes such as plain, savory and the sweet taste. The price range would be between RM9 to RM18.50.

If you think pancakes or waffles is served with the traditional sweetness then you might be wrong. Beary Potter provides All Day Breakfast Waffle as well. We didn't order this because this is our first visit and we wish to try other dishes. If we order this sure we will feel very full and unable to try another dish.

Table number | My lucky 7

Plain water to be served

[ Honey Lemon Passion | RM7 ]

Feel not bad about this drink and the portion is quite huge. It might be a little bit sweet for people who doesn't like sweet stuff but it's okay for me. 

Ta-da! Our foods is here!

[ Bacon & Cheddar | RM18.50 ]

Pancakes served with sunny side up, garden salad and the choice of beef bacon or chicken ham.

Close Up | Sunny egg

Close Up | Soft pancake
Comments | As a fans of egg, I LOVE IT! If you're loyal reader then you should know I always prefer the half-cooked egg yolk instead of fully-cooked egg yolk. The pancake is soft and yummy. Since I don't consume beef so I choose chicken ham instead of beef bacon. Love how it match up well with the cheddar too. 

[ Caramel Banana | RM15 ]

Pancakes tower topped with banana slices, vanilla ice-cream, almond flakes & caramel sauce.

Check out the caramel syrup!

Vanilla ice-cream melting~
Comments | It taste good for the first bite, but after a few bites I thought its taste a little bit sweet. I guess maybe because I don't consume banana and caramel so that's why I felt that way. You might find it weird why I don't consume both of them and yet I still order this. Well well, actually I want to order the Pancake Mango but too bad my boyfie hate mango thus at the end we order this. Not so bad if you're fans of banana or caramel. =)


A-1-9, Connaught Avenue,
No.38, Jalan 9, Taman Bukit Cheras,
Cheras, 56000, Kuala Lumpur.

03-9107 6054

Opening Hours
Mon - Tue  & Thu & Sun | 12:00pm - 8:00pm
Fri - Sat | 12:00pm - 10:00pm


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