19 January 2016


Hola  Since Chinese New Year is coming soon, have you girls bought any hair curler in order to set your hair nicely done? If you haven't, then you should check out this post because today I'm talking about Junma Professional Hair Brush Curler.

I always prefer the temporary curl instead of permanent curl. The reason is because I can curl my hair whenever I want and when I don't, my hair will remain straight. Meanwhile, if you having permanent curl, you can't make your hair become straight unless you perm it. Therefore, a hair curler is a MUST! I'm having a few curler for my own and every single of them create different size of curl. Oops! Do I forgot to mention that Junma Professional Hair Brush Curler that I received from Zenzen Dream is in bright pink colour? Continue reading to find out more. =)

Junma Professional Hair Brush Curler
Ta-da! This is it~ The bright really looks attractive right? I had another dark pink straightener but this would be my very first bright pink hair curler! Yeah~ If you not a fans of pink, you may choose black colour instead. 

✦ Gives you natural curls without damaging the hair
✦ Refined by a special ceramic glazes, the nano-technology surface treatment does not hurt the hair and creates shiny curls.
✦ Creates salon curls at home!
✦ Heats quickly and evenly for a quick hair-do
✦ 360 -degree rotating power cord ( international standard line core )

You can adjust the temperature by your own, press on the left to decrease the temperature while press on the right for increase. I set the temperature for 180°C and it will increase by its own. I'm quite impress because the temperature rise up very fast.

Photo shown above was the "before" photo. As you can see my straight hair was not attractive at all and plus, very dry.  =X

For the curling process, you may choose to create inward curl or outward curl. For my personal option, I prefer outward curl because it will looks more natural. However, if you looking for more long lasting curl, I would suggest you to try the inward curl instead. The inward curl's final outcome will makes you looks more mature if compare to outward curl.

For beginner, this hair curler would be the best choice for you! Wondering why? You can noticed in the photo shown above my hands is holding the head transfer comb and I can't feel any high temperature on my palm! Last time when I first try on the hair curler, I made a careless mistake thus it caused my hand burned. =(  Now with this head transfer comb function, you got no worries about it anymore.  =)

The final outcome!

Yuhoo~ This is the "before and "after" outcome. Do you guys love it like I do?  you may noticed my hair became shorter after curl my hair, it's normal because of the wave of my hair.

Product Specification :
✦ Colour | Black / Pink
✦ Curl Size | 32mm
✦ Voltage | 110V - 220V
✦ Frequency | 50Hz
✦ Power | 45W
✦ Temperature | 180 - 210°C
✦ Certification | Through the European CE Certification

Price :
RM95.00 RM139.00

I would say if you looking for hair curler which create natural curl, then this is the one that you looking for. Totally love the pinky colour of the packaging because it is so lovely! If you plan to send a gift to your girl friends, this is a good present I guess! If you're not sure about the process of using it, you may refer to the tutorial video that I attached as follow. My final outcome is not exactly like the one in the video all because of my dry hair and first time trying. I think my second attempt will be better than this one.  =)




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