31 December 2015


Hola  If you guys notice I change most of the labels to #SHINIx something and yes! I create a new label called #SHINIxMAKRUP now so you can select the label to check out more posts about makeup. Makeup is essential for the lady because it can makes you look gorgeous and prettier. Most important it helps us gain confidence as well.

Love my makeup!
I admit that I still need to improve my makeup skills because I'm not good enough. However, all thanks to the cosmetic items from Za, I guess I can easily to create the look that I want with ease. Love the makeup look in the photo above? Continue reading to know how I did it.  =)

So just before Christmas, I received an earlier gift box from Za. I was surprised when I received it because it look like a book but actually is a box with full of skin care and cosmetics.

It does look like a magazine right? I'm glad that they send me makeup and skin care items at the same time because last time after I used their sunscreen, I fall in love with their products. Because of the length matter and I don't wish you guys to keep scrolling for reading the long post, so I decided to separate into 2 parts. This time I'm talk about makeup and next post would be about skin care.

What I received :
1) Airy Flawless Powder Foundation - Liquid x Powder Formula
2) Killer Volume Curk Mascara - Ideal 110 long lasting curl

The latest Za powder foundation that leaves your look with a smooth, naturally radiant finish and grease-free. Za Airy Flawless Powder Foundation is formulated with "Liquid x Powder Formula", an advanced Japanese technology that combines two different formula of foundation; liquid and powder, to produce an all-new refined texture (airy powder) that glides on evenly and blends in seamlessly with the skin.

Despite its lightweight texture, Za Airy Flawless Powder Foundation is able to cover your skin's flaws and imperfections with no trouble at all. The liquid technology of this powder foundation will coat over the skin's surface to minimize the appearance of pores and uneven skin tone, while the powder creates a beautiful nude finish to your look. On top of that, it also contains anti-shine powder to absorb any excess sebum on your skin to give you a long-lasting natural and fresh look.

To keep your skin moist throughout the day, Za Airy Flawless Powder Foundation contains essential moisturizing ingredients such as Vitamin E, Rose-hip Essence and Hyaluronic Acid. What's more? It also protects you from UV Rays with its SPF20 PA++ suncare properties. Available in 9 different shades, Za Airy Flawless Powder Foundation is the secret to long-lasting radiance with no greasy-shine!

They provide me 2 shades according to my skin, 1 is Light Ivory another is Light Beige.

[ Shades available ]
✦ BO10 Light Beige
✦ OC00 Very Light Ivory
✦ OC10 Light Ivory
✦ OC20 Medium Ivory
✦ OC30 Healthy Ivory
✦ OC40 Golden Beige
✦ OC0W Very Light Rose
✦ PO10 Light Rose
✦ PO20 Medium Rose

If you wonder, the refill pack consists of 1 sponge and it got 2 different texture on both side. Soft and hard respectively.

Directions : Take foundation on 1/2 of the sponge surface and spread in the direction from inner to outer.

Comments : I tried and tested on it and it does surprised me! Wondering why? When I know it's about liquid x powder formula, I thought it would be slightly wet texture but absolutely not! It's just like the normal powder and its texture was super smooth! I was excited and fall in love with it because I'm not a person who usually apply foundation but now I'm addicted on this!

[ Product Details ]
Case 1 type; refill 9 shades SPF20 PA++
Price : RM39.90
Available now in all major pharmacies and supermarkets.


You know, we Asian eyelashes are notoriously straight, downward-pointing, stubby and short. But now with Za Killer Volume Curl, it solved my problem! This mascara will create ideal 110 curl and last for 8 hours!

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Za Killer Volume curl, this all-new Killer Volume Curl Mascara is going to be the next big hit! With its uniquely-designed Ultra Curve Brush and Curl Lock Formula, it's time to bid adieu to seriously straight and downward-pointing lashes, and say hello to long-lasting, 110 curled lashes. In addition, this mascara is also designed to catch all your eyelashes - even at trouble (inner & outer) corners, while delivering amazing volume. Talk about every girl's favourite and must-have mascara!

Besides that, the Za Killer Volume Curl Mascara is waterproof mascara that prevents smudging caused by perspiration, water and oil. This multi-functional mascara also contains hair nourishing ingredients, such as the amino-acid derivative ingredient that will prevent your eyelashes from cuticles abrasion.

Check out the "before" and "after photo above, my lashes was originally long but after I applied the mascara it even giving me longer lashes effect. I'm impress because it not only makes my lashes curl, it also make it thicker than previously.

Comments : Perfectly upturned and curled, dense and voluminous, the Za Killer Volume curl Mascara is the ideal mascara for your everyday wear. Yes, it is almost my everyday mascara now. LOL

[ Product Details ]
Price : RM39.90
Available now in all major pharmacies and supermarkets.

Basically I like the both items from Za. I don't usually apply foundation but now I do because the foundation is so light and smooth but at the same time good coverage. Not to mentioned its packaging is my favourite pink colour and the shiny border caught my attention. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure you guys know the result of the mascara regarding to my photos above. If you're a newbie for applying makeup, then this mascara would be your best choice. The price is affordable and it works amazingly! There's not necessary to curl your lashes so hard with curler and all you need to do just apply the mascara. The shinning pink packaging does attracted me as well. I'm sure many girls will do too.

 [ Za Malaysia ] 


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