14 April 2014

[ADV + REVIEW] La Belle Marine Scrub ❤

[ Advertorial ]

Hola to all the sweeties❤  Another EXCITED post because today I'm gonna blog about @La Belle again. The reason why I'm exciting about is because the owner are SUPER DUPER FRIENDLY and she really pay a lot of efforts on packaging, lovely letter note and so on. Even on the previous giveaway that hosting by my blog which collaborated with her company, she also design all the things for those lucky winner In case you want to missied the previous la belle post, here you go : http://www.shinilola.com/2013/12/adv-la-belle-new-year-giveaway.html

The sweet owner sending me another lovely beauty care products again. She always give me surprise because I always have no idea about what kind of packaging she will send me. And yes, she did it again

Ta-da!!  What a lovely sweet gift from them
It doesn't like the normal sponsored item, it just like a PRESENT !!
Who doesn't love present right? Special thank to La Belle

Awww  Another lovely note from the owner again.

Teddy bear !!

This time the one I received would be #La Belle Marine Scrub

La Belle Marine Scrub is an exhilarating scrub containing natural marine protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements found within Fucus Extract. Since it's combined with collagen, marine enriched scrub thoroughly cleanses and removes dead cells off the skin's surface through catalysis, leaving the complexion rejuvenated and glowing.

Do you really think cleanser is enough to make your face clean? Are you sure? There's still many small little dirty things remain on our face. Therefore, cleanser is not enough, we should use scrub for extra clean.

[ Directions to use ]

Apply evenly on clean and dry face, wait about 2-3 minutes, massage and scrub until the small beads appeared, mild massage with fingertips then rinse off.

When I pour on my face, those small beads are with bigger size, but after I massage it with my face, it turns into smaller size.

I don't usually use scrub because I'm worry about my pores will turn bigger. But, this marine scrub surprise me! My poles doesn't turn bigger and at the same time, it clean my pore as well. I feel my face is clean and fresh. When I touch my face, I can feel the "doint doint" and smooth skin. Of course, since it removes those dead cells, my face become fairer too !  One bottle cost only RM55.

Extra Info : La Belle also welcome enquiry on bulk order from retailer, wholesaler, make-up artist, freelance beautician. If you're one of them and feel interested on their products, you can just contact La Belle.  =)

❥ Instagram : @sweetampoules
❥ Email : ch3ryl19@gmail.com


  1. I've been looking for good scrub,
    THANKS Shini for the review... Maybe buying this >.<


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