Wizards at Tribe @ Jalan Imbi


Hello, May~ I knew MCO might gonna end soon (might not) so everyone gonna back to cafe/food hunting again. Today, I would like to introduce one of my favourite restaurants called Wizards at Tribeca which located at Jalan Imbi. I had visited a couple of times but finally, I got to share with my readers here during MCO. Hahaha...Sorry for the delay. Too many things to settle lately.

WIZARDS is a gastronomical treat in the heart of KL with a contemporary dining concept which includes delicious, beautifully presented meals using quality ingredients. Located on the lobby level of Tribeca Bukit Bintang, the dining experience is complemented with plenty of natural light, leafy green décor and a stylish, sophisticated vibe.

It was founded in 2017 but it already has been popular during 2018. My first visit was during that year too. The restaurant is manned by the experienced team who founded the famed Yellow Brick Road and The Red Beanbag. I had visited the other two restaurants and I think their food is not bad as well.

Their interior was definitely a plus point because it is instaworthy. It looks minimalist but I like it. If I gonna open a cafe, it will definitely something like this.

Me and my BFF Samuel was waiting for 15 minutes before we got a table for us. The queue was quite long when we just arrived. Fortunately, 15 minutes waiting time is still acceptable for both of us. One of their waitlist policy was tables will only be seated when all party members are present. I actually quite agree with this policy because it doesn't feel good when you spot a person who takes a large table and none of his/her friends has arrived. It's better to pass the table who are queuing and all the members have arrived.

The main reason why we only queue for 15 minutes is that we don't mind to take outside table. Although you may feel a little bit hot compare to inside, but trust me, the sunlight is better and it shows on your photos.

We also love this corner so we decided to take a few shots before our food has been served.

Truffle Fries.
Truffle Fries.

Savour the aroma of truffles in their signature Truffle Fries (RM22) with grated cheese and herbs. Great as an all day-snack or an accompaniment for a meal. I always a big fan of truffle fries so if I saw it on the menu, I'll definitely order it right away. It tastes great and I like it comes with a big portion so we can share. You know, some of the restaurants do serve it in tiny bowl thou.

Cheesy Chilli Scrambled Eggs.

Their magical Cheesy Chilli Scrambled Eggs (RM26) comes with three times the cheesy goodness, served with toasted sweet corn and beef bacon or turkey ham on brioche toast.

When it has been served, it looks so tempting especially the smooth scrambled eggs! I was a little bit regret that I didn't order this because it looks so delicious. Samuel tried it and said it is tasty. Love how it matches with the bacon to brings out the texture.

Cheesy Chilli Scrambled Eggs.

Eggs Royale.

For me, I had ordered an Eggs Royale (RM30). A delicious take on this lovely classic features their own in-house lightly smoked salmon with two lovely poached eggs‚ with whites set to perfection and yolks rich, runny, golden and good.

Balancing the dish is crispy kale, avocado and brioche with just the right amount of hollandaise sauce to bring out the flavours of each wonderful ingredient.

I love how they served with the crispy kale. Since the egg is soft and so does the salmon and muffin, the crispiness really a bonus for this dish.

Eggs Royale.

Earl Grey Tea.
We had ordered an Earl Grey Tea (RM12). Since every earl grey tea tastes the same, so I won't further explain. They also served coffee, fresh juices, cold-pressed juices, hot beverages, quenchers and so on. Well, I'm not a coffee person but if you are, you should definitely try their coffee because they were the winner of Home of the Malaysia Barista Champion 2013, 2015 & 2017 and Home of the Malaysia Brewers Cup Champion 2017 & 2019.


Overall, I think the food is great, the waiter and waitress are friendly, the environment is good. Just maybe it's a little bit of traffic jam since it located in the city centre.

I would suggest coming early if you decided to pay a visit to avoid the long queue.

Location : Ground Floor, Residensi Tribeca, 215, Jalan Imbi, Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours : Daily (10.00am - 10.00pm)