Chances are that you’ve seen pictures of the 2D cafe circulating around the web, or even read about it. 2D Bubble Tea Cafe @ Sunway Geo Avenue is the latest eatery to achieve viral status in Kuala Lumpur and undoubtedly, the cafe is unique. And the way the concept came along is a pretty interesting one too.

At 2D Bubble Tea, every single furniture is hand painted and the team imported pure white furniture as their base to paint on. It is not something new though. The hand painter interior has been seen in Japan and South Korea as well. However, it is something new and interesting for the youth in Malaysia.

I still remember I saw the same concept on Instagram before this cafe was opened. The cafe that I saw is located in Seoul. Then about one month later, I saw a similar concept cafe opened in KL. So of course, I need to have a date with my BFF to pay a visit.

Finally, I got to try the popular 2D bubble tea! The bubble tea actually tastes not bad but remember to shake well before you drink it. 

Besides bubble tea, they also serve bento, croissants, sandwiches, chips and other light food. Basically, food which pairs well with bubble tea.

On top of that, 2D Bubble Tea has a Japanese-Western theme, with tatami seatings.

I love the tatami design. Even my bedroom (at my hometown) was in tatami style.

There are so many places for you to take photos and every spot is so instaworthy.

They even designed a classroom in it. You can actually dine here and seat with your friends especially schoolmates. Well, just like the old days.

There is an “onsen” which is really a bathtub ball pit filled with white balls to simulate “foam”.

It is easy to get in but hard to get out, especially when you're wearing heels. Lol. When I tried to get out, some of the customers keep looking at me because I'm quite losing my balance.

Overall, it is really a good place to hand out with friends and an amazing for photo purpose. I will recommend you guys to come here after taking your lunch because currently, they are only serving light foods. 

Address : F-03-10, Sunway Geo Avenue, Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Subang Jaya.
Business hours : Daily (11am - 10pm) ; Closed on Wednesday