20 March 2019


It's a misconception that neutral colours are always boring. In reality, they are extremely versatile and immune to passing trends, proving themselves to be an acceptable choice for a number of occasions, whether professional or casual.

With neutral colours, you can achieve a played-down look. Warmer hues and cooler tones are never as subtle and aren't so consistently pleasing to the eye. Neutral colours can easily be mixed and matched and can be layered with other neutrals or statement colours, like electric blues and bright reds.

Let us give you a masterclass on five easy ways to dress up a neutral outfit. You’ll be an expert at layering monochrome tones, sandy beige, soft grey and chalky cream in no time at all.

1. Add an eye-catching accessory
When you wear a neutral-toned ensemble, you can add a splash of colour and playfulness with a more cheerful accessory. You can find some bright and breezy designs among these Moschino handbags, offering you a great solution to jazz up your neutral outfit effortlessly.

2. Pair browns and beiges
There is no rule against pairing neutral tones together – in fact, it can create a highly sophisticated and confident look, perfect for formal or professional situations. There are many different ways you can combine these colours, perhaps even adding in some other shades to the mix. And why not throw a sophisticated trench coat over your outfit? It’s an easy way to dress up your look and it takes minimal effort.

3. Bring in some denim
Your denim doesn’t have to be blue. Beige, cream, and other soft neutral tones offer a more dressed up alternative, while black goes with just about any colour. Neutral denim adds a chic element to a simple look, perfect for a day spent out and about.

4. Make a statement
Combine pale shades like soft grey and cream with darker shades like navy or black to create a striking look. There’s something inescapably professional about this, so it’s ideal for big meetings or presentations at the office.

Alternatively, you can pair your neutrals with very bright colours. Rainbow hues will always make a statement, but the neutrals stop them from being too overwhelming. It’s eye-catching and stylish.

5. Learn how to layer
A great way to add interest to a classic outfit is to include different neutral colours in your layers. A smart grey blazer and black cashmere scarf look chic worn over a white T-shirt and blue jeans, for example, but there are so many combinations to try. It’s worth experimenting until you find a combination that feels comfortable and looks effortless.

So there you have it – neutral colours are easily dressed up. It only takes some simple ideas and a little creativity to bring them into their own and those ideas are well within your reach.

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