10 September 2017 Phi Phi Islands, Krabi, Thailand

After my Krabi trip, it's time to blog about my Koh Phi Phi, Thailand travelogue. I always saw many beautiful crystal blue sea photos from Koh Phi Phi (also known as Phi Phi Islands). My colleague went there last year and told me the island is full of crystal clear water and beautiful landscape. Thus, how can we missed visit this island where Krabi just next to it? So, our 4D3N Krabi itinerary include visiting Phi Phi Islands as well.

Look at the sea! So beautiful right? I actually just adjust the brightness of these photos. I didn't apply any filter on it. The light blue colour of the sea just look so attractive to me. Well, no filter required does save me a lot of time.

The tour guide is so funny! She asked us to take some photos while we visiting different islands.

She keep on asked us to sit here and stand up there, using different angle to take these photos. She is so hilarious!

My boyfie and me just listen to her advice and follow what she told us to do. Frankly, the photo turn out not bad at all.

We stopped by a few beautiful islands and there are many boats with us. You can see some people are snookering or swimming from the photo shown above. 

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Our boat stopped and allow us to jump into the sea for swimming as well. For tourists who doesn't know how to swim, no worries, they have safe jacket for you. For me, I know I can swim very well since I took swimming class during my uni. Therefore, I didn't wear safe jacket and jump into the water.

Well, I regret for that. Why? Because after I jumped into the sea, the water flow into my ears and make me feel so headache. I even get temporally sore throat after this. Why I said temporally because after I drank a lot of water, my throat feel better. Lol. So guys, don't do that unless you're professional. You can see my jumping moment in the vlog below.

The Monkey Island
We saw a few monkey on the island but there are only a few of them. They are like so pity and look like want to request food from us. Unfortunately we have nothing to feed them. Tour guide just briefly showed us the island and then we had left.

Phi Phi Don
After visited a few island, finally it's lunch time! We had out buffet lunch at one of the resort in Phi Phi Don. The tom yam soup taste not bad but a little bit too spicy for me. Boyfie finished it all because he can be eat very spicy.

After finished our lunch, we decided to take a walk to digest our food before we head back to our boat.

You know, sometime eat too much will cause you feel want to vomit especially when you're on a boat which keep non-stop swinging.

Thanks for all the beautiful photos <3 For all your hard work especially you take photos of me under the sunlight, here you go for our couple photo.

Bamboo Island
This is my favourite island among all the islands in Koh Phi Phi. The reason is beautiful this beach is so big so you can go anywhere to take great photos without having anyone photo bombing in your photos. (Seriously, I really lazy to photoshop them one-by-one)

This island is all about explore the coral reef and the beach. Be careful of the coral on beach. Trust me, when you step in then you will feel your feet are feeling uncomfortable. Here is the tip, just step on the flat sand instead of the up and down area.

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It's all about photos again. Lol. We had a lot of fun on this island. We even record a few hilarious moment for example, dancing on the beach while everyone is looking at us. HAHAHA. Well, you need to a playful partner-in-crime when you decided to do this. That was my boyfie's idea, he is lucky to have do crazy thing with him.

Alright. That's all for today. I can't wait to share my Koh Phangan, Thailand travelogue with you guys which is the last post of my Thailand trip. Stay tuned on my blog and hope you guys enjoy reading them.


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