Takayama, Japan Travelogue

Finally I blog about my Takayama, Japan trip. Super duper sorry for the delay. This post has been drafted since 2 years ago. I just realise two days back and decided to continue finish the draft. So, if you saw me as a different person in these photos, don't feel shock. (Because I haven't done my plastic surgery last tim, so I might look different) Lol. Takayama is a wonderful place to visit. If you love historic and cultural places, then you must visit Takayama!

Early in the morning, having out breakfast at the hotel. I always love Japanese hotel because they have Japanese and Western kind of buffet for you to choose. Their scramble eggs is ichiban (great) and I love how they decorate their foods for Japanese breakfast!

( Takayama )
Takayama (高山) is a city in the mountainous Hida region of Gifu Prefecture. To differentiate it from other places named Takayama, the city is also commonly referred to as Hida-Takayama. Takayama retains a traditional touch like few other Japanese cities, especially in its beautiful preserved old town. It now rank as one of the prime candidates among travellers wishing to add a rural element into their itineraries.

( Sanmachi Street )
The narrow streets of its Sanmachi Suji historic district are lined with wooden merchants' houses dating to the Edo Period, along with many small museums. The city is famed for its biannual Takayama Festival, going back to at least the mid-1600s, celebrating spring and fall with parades featuring ornate, gilded floats and puppet shows.

Takayama gained importance as a source of high quality timber and highly skilled carpenters during the feudal ages. The city was consequently put under direct control of the shogun and enjoyed quite a bit of prosperity considering its remote mountain location. The Takayama Festival, held in spring and autumn, is considered one of Japan's best festivals.

I really adore Japan gorgeous landscape, delicious foods, creative packaging, friendly services and of course their hygiene! You can see the water in this drain is so crystal clear!

I love all the shop design here! They are so retro and historic! Make me want to enter every single shop! Actually I took a lot of photo all over the street but I guess it will be really heavy load if I uploaded all the photos here. So at the end I cut down most of them.

Takayama morning market is one of the biggest morning markets in Japan. It takes place at two locations: One is held in front of the Takayama Jinya, and the other at the Miyagawa River side.

( Jinya-mae Morning Market )
The Jinya-mae market started more than 300 years ago. The origin of the market started with silk raising farmers who sold leaves of mulberry trees and even today only farmers are allowed to open stalls. Many stalls sell fresh green vegetables, dried foods, and homemade pickles, and they are happy to tell you how to eat and to preserve their foods.

Unusual ingredients including stems of potato, carrot leaves and wild vegetables can be found. Both markets are open until almost noon; however I recommend you arrived about 6:00am when the markets start if you stay in Takayama. You will see energetic local people set up the stalls wearing traditional work clothes and Japanese cooking aprons with sleeves.

( Dango )
We bought some Dango (traditional sweet mochi in the stick) at a random shop. It is cost about 90 Japanese yen per stick. I love the texture but not really for the taste. It is sweet on the outside but quite tasteless when you taste inside.

Yeah! Bought some Stawberry Cheese Cake and Matcha KitKat as souvenirs for my friends. Didn't bought the Hello Kitty one because none of my friends are Hello Kitty fans.

( Anyone want soju? )
Hmm... I don't what it is and what is represent for. It is all over the place and it don't eyes, nose and mouth. Maybe you guys can tell me that if you knew.

I love their signboard! Why? Because they have Chinese, English, Korean language! In addition, they also show you the toilet sign which is convenient for the tourist who always search for the toilet. What I impress the most is the distance so you can estimate the time of your walking distance.

Oh ya! Have you spot something yet? Yes, it is FREE WI-FI at Takayama! That is important for the tourist to use the Internet for travel tips or maps if they are lost.

We went to a random shop and saw all the handmade toys, magnet and decoration. It is truly beautiful! Really impress with their talent and skills. It will took my years if I do this. Daddy bought some of the chopsticks holder (photo shown above) because he said it is too beautiful not to bring back to Malaysia.

Tried this cheese snack from Meiji when we are traveling to Shirakawa-go on the bus. It is so yummy! Cheesy but not too salty.

Daddy bought some of these thing which will reduce the pain for shoulder, waist and feet. I tried this for myself and it is really working! Something like yoko yoko.

Younger sister having her favourite Hokkaido milk as snack on the bus. She said it taste good. For milk lover, you may try this when you travel to Japan.

For me, I choose milk cocoa because I don't really like that taste of milk so cocoa can cover everything. Lol. That's all for my Takayama, Japan trip. Feel free to watch the travel vlog below. The video is actually a combination of Takayama and Shirakawa-go. I will blog about my trip to Shirakawa-go soon kay? XOXO.