23 July 2017


It's been quite sometime since I attend a beauty event. Swanicoco, a brand that began making naturally fermented soaps which now is South Korea's leading cosmetics company made its debut today in an official media launch event at The Glass House, Seputeh in Kuala Lumpur. Swanicoco's philosophy stems from using its trademarked anti-aging fermentation process which produces natural bio ingredients replacing artificial chemical ingredients.

There are so many Korean skin care brand, how can we know which product are safe to use? Dermatologically safe, having no skin side effects and earth-friendly are some of the many advantages of using natural ingredients in skin care products.

Therefore, Swanicoco provides the assurance of providing excellent benefits to the skin, including regenerating and controlling skin elasticity using organic herbal and botanicals sourced from all over the world.

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By the way, do you like my outfits of that day? This is my first time wearing leather pants and I'm afraid I will look fat with it. Fortunately I received some of the good feedback. Guess I should wear it more then.

Swanicoco's Products
( Swanicoco's Products )
For your info, Swanicoco's beginnings were from creating naturally fermented soaps. Now the brand has positioned itself as the top natural cosmetics company in the Republic of Korea. Its philosophy is to obtain from nature, and not artificial chemical products.

In addition, Swanicoco's main priority is obtaining high-quality ingredients, engaging in ceaseless bio development research to create a natural bio system, and relentlessly accepting challenges. 

Swanicoco's Products
You must be wondering why there are some fruits around the product display. Well, Swanicoco uses grains, fruits, vegetables, and Korean medicinal herbs as ingredients for fermentation, and integrates biotechnology into eco-friendly natural components to help improve the skin. Natural ingredients always good for our skin.

Swanicoco's Products
Swanicoco's Products

A special ballet swan lake dance performance opened the event, complementing Swanicoco's brand name, meaning pursuing the elegance of a "swan" (feminine), and "coco" meaning "coconut" (offering botanical natural cosmetics) as well as "cuteness" in French.

Members of the media and bloggers also got a chance to understand the brand in fun games and activities during the event, such as "Get to Know Swanicoco", "Swanicoco Memory Game" and posting of photos and hash tagging the event. I'm lucky that I won something from the memory game. Yeah!

Demo session conducted by Miss Adia Song
( Demo session conducted by Miss Adia Song )
Some of Swanicoco's product range including the Bitamin E extra matt emulsion, Pore Clearance, A.C control care skin toner, best-seller Gold plant stem pure ampoule, RH-EGF Pure ampoule and the Extra hydrating swan cream were showcased with a "live" skin routine care demonstration session conducted by Swanicoco's skin expert flown in from Korea, Miss Adia Song.

Caryn Loh, General Manager (Country Head) of Watsons Malaysia said, with the growing consumer interest in using natural and organic beauty ingredients, it was befitting to introduce Swanicoco to Watsons Malaysia, known for its unique bio-based formulation. At Watsons, we continually listen to our valued customers and strive to provide the latest skin care brands from around the world. The product range complements the innovative approach by Watsons Malaysia in constantly catering to the needs of their customers.

Jazel Lim, Charles Kim, Kevin Hyun, Caryn Loh, Danny Hoh, Foo Hwei Jiek
( Jazel Lim, Charles Kim, Kevin Hyun, Caryn Loh, Danny Hoh, Foo Hwei Jiek )
According to Kevin Hyun, General Manager of Swanicoco Korea, Swanicoco caters to all skin types and challenges and is it the only brand trademarked with a special anti-aging fermentation process which gives a differential product offering to Watsons Malaysia, a leading health and beauty retailer in the country. He also proudly mentions that one of Swanicoco's 'star' product, the RH-EGF Pure ampoule promotes epidermal cell renewal with the Noble-Prize formulation of the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF).

Swanicoco provides variety of skin care which includes skin toner, emulsion, ampoule, cream, mist, pore care, mask pack and face oil.

Gold Plant Stem Pure Ampoule (40ml / RM253.90)
One of my favourite product. This ampoule is suitable for all types of skin. It cultivated wild ginseng stem cell root. It also consist of gold extracts which help controlling the elasticity and damaged skin as it contains the gold powder. Definitely moisture keeping for our skin. It help skin tone improving and nourishing as well.

How to use
After washing face, gently wipe your face with toner and apply suitable amount thoroughly onto your face. Put moisturizer or nourishing cream on your face.

Recommend for those
  • Intensive skincare
  • Dry and rough skin
  • For damaged skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Luxury treatment
  • Firm and bright skin

Extra Hydrating Swan Cream
( Extra Hydrating Swan Cream )
Extra Hydrating Swan Cream (50ml / RM126.90)
Suitable for dry skin as it is oil certified for organic faming. It contains fermented extracts which produce high moisture content natural cream for dry and severely dry skin.

How to use
After cleansing your face, use a skin lotion, essence or ampoule that is suitable for your skin type. Evenly spread a sufficient amount of the product on your face. Help it to absorb by gently tapping your face.
*Tips : Before sleep apply thick like sleeping night pack*

Recommend for those
  • For external or internal dry skin or extremely dry skin
  • Easily skin becomes rough
  • Need to moisturising for night care

A.C Control Clear Swan Patch
( A.C Control Clear Swan Patch )
A.C Control Clear Swan Patch (24 patches / RM25.90)
Acne patch for protect from sun light and care for renewed skin. For acne and sensitive skin type person, you may use this product.

How to use
After washing your face, cleanse the wound and apply the patch after drying the area. Continue with your skincare routine.

Recommend for those
  • Adolescent or adult skin problems
  • Frequently have small wounds on the skin
  • Who have a skin wound, but still want to go outside and meet people
  • Need a skin protection patch that can be perfectly hidden under makeup

RH-EGF Pure Ampoule
( RH-EGF Pure Ampoule )
RH-EGF Pure Ampoule (40ml / RM253.90)
Love its packaging. It is suitable for all types of skin. Consist of EGF (1ppm) 99% which help skin regeneration and elasticity. It also containing more than 99% of EGF. Excellent regeneration power with addition of peptide, skin improving and preventing external stimulation.

How to use
After cleansing your face, prepare your skin using a toner. Spread a sufficient amount of the product on your skin, then finish with lotion or cream

Recommend for those
  • For dry skin that feels tight
  • Need moisture without oil
  • Dull or troublesome skin
  • Delicate skin that is sensitive to chemical ingredients
  • Need to re-new skin recovery

There are still many other products of Swanicoco that I want to share with you guys. If you're interested to know more, you may visit your nearest Watsons store to find out more. Swanicoco is available exclusively at selected Watsons stores & Watsons online store. For more info, kindly visit their Facebook page : Watsons Malaysia

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