3 July 2017 Ko Tao, Ko Pha-ngan District, Surat Thani, Thailand


Feel bored to always travel around at Bangkok or Hatyai? Next time you may consider pay a visit to Koh Tao, Thailand (or Ko Tao). Remember my previous Thailand working trip with boyfie? Koh Tao is the next destination after we we left Bangkok. This post don't really like the tourist post that I did normally. It is more into free and easy backpacker trip. If you're a backpacker and you wish to know more about Koh Tao, then you should continue reading.


( Lomprayah )
Early in the morning (5am), we already arrived at Lomprayah office which located at Khao San Road, Bangkok. Lomprayah is the best and famous transport in Thailand. Whenever you are going to which island, Lomprayah is always your best choice. You can google and search for the good review on Internet, there are everywhere. When we are arrived, we already saw many backpackers are waiting at their office. Yes, we are the only Asian here. Interesting about Koh Tao and Koh Phangan (next post) is most of the tourists are from Western Countries, you rarely can spot Asian on the island. So I guess we are special.

Their office open at 5am sharp. We are queuing to enter the office and get the tickets. Seat selection was during check-in, therefore early check-in passengers have the advantage in choosing preferred seats. You can book the tickets at www.busonlineticket.co.th in advanced like what we did and get the actual tickets at Lomprayah office. If you're going to other islands such as Koh Phi Phi, Krabi, Chiang Mai etc and depart from Bangkok, you can depart from here as well.

( Seat Number Sticker | Luggage Tag Sticker | Bus & Ferry Tickets )
Remember to double check before you get into the bus. You will have seat number sticker on your body (left); luggage tag sticker for your baggage (middle); bus and ferry tickets from Bangkok to Koh Tao (right).

When we were get on the bus, the bus is so comfy. It is essential for us because we need to take about 7 hours to reach Koh Tao. We took a good rest in the bus, by the time we reach Chumphon Pier, the sun is already rising.


( Chumphon Pier )
After the 7 hours trip, we stopped at Chumphon Pier to make a transfer. Coincidentally, once we reach the Lomprayah Catamaran High Speed Ferry is already there. Thus, we were called to board the Catamaran High Speed Ferry. They will pass you another sticker for you to recognise your baggages so don't forget to take care your belongings.

In the ferry, there is a counter where you can order some snacks and beverages if you're hungry lik what we did. Lol

The ferry was comfortable with air conditioning and spacious seat. Since it is free seating, make sure to board early to choose the seat that you desire. The high speed ferry comes with 3 tiers so if you feel bored at the lowest tier, you can choose to sit at the highest tier to enjoy the beautiful sea view. No worries for the hygiene of toilet, it is clean though.

The top tier is fun and relax! We were basically just chill at the top tier and then go back to lowest tier for air condition and have some snacks.


( Mae Haad Pier @ Koh Tao )
After 2 hours in high speed ferry, finally we arrive at Mae Haad Pier in Koh Tao. There are several taxi and tuk tuk for the passengers who booked earlier. For people like us who wish to take tricycle on the spot, we just follow the "exit" sign and walk to the main entrance.


( Coral View Maehaad Serviced Apartment )
Our accommodation at Koh Tao was Coral View Maehaad Serviced Apartment which is only 12 minutes walk from the beach. Located along the beachfront in Koh Tao and only a 5 minutes walk southwards from the Pier. We purposely choose this apartment because it is so near to the pier so we no need to walk so far. It cost us about RM200+ per night. It received 8.1 rating on booking.com so I guess not bad.

The guest house provide guests with a flat-screen cable TV, air conditioning and safety deposit box. There is a kitchenette with a microwave and refrigerator. The private bathroom includes a hot shower. Guests can enjoy a sea view from their room. It also offer free WiFi access. We actually quite surprise that the room is spacious than we expected.

( Beach View from our room )
Once we open the window from our room then we can directly walk to the beach because it is facing the sea view. After we unpack everything, we decided to take a walk at the beach for awhile before we take the early dinner.

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But first, I need to apply the sunscreen to prevent getting darker tone. Thanks to Natta Cosme for the powerful sunblock!

See, told you our accommodation is super near to the Mae Haad Pier.

We was thinking to have our dinner at Coconut Monkey because I saw many good reviews during my research before this trip. Unfortunately, it is closed due to Thai King passed away. So we didn't got the opportunity to give it a try. A photo as a memory will do.


We then head to another restaurant which located just nearby our apartment called LEO. The foods are delicious, price are reasonable and services are friendly. Drop by when you pay a visit here.

( Lemon Fruit-shake )
( Banana Fruit-shake )
I ordered a Lemon Fruit-shake while boyfie ordered his favourite Banana Fruit-shake (50 baht). Drinking an ice cold fruit shake in hot weather like this is a MUST! 

( Beef Fried Rice )
( Seafood Fried Rice )
( Chicken Tom Yam )
We ordered a Beef Fried Rice, Chicken Fried Rice and of course, Chicken Tom Yam. Feel so energetic and happy after the meals because they are so yummy! The waitress there are so friendly too.

After finished our early dinner, we decided to take a walk to digest our foods and at the same time, hunt for more foods. Lol


When we spot "THE BEST PANCAKE IN KOH TAO", of course we must give it a try. There are many varieties of flavour on the menu. At the end, we choose peanut butter + nutella. It was so YUMMY! Strongly recommended for you guys! At first we thought it is just like roti canai in Malaysia but it wasn't. The owner keep on showing off his skill when he know we are recording him haha. (Watch the video at bottom of this post)

You can find those clothing with affordable price range here. 

The majority of the tourist here will rent a bike for convenient purpose. Since we only stay here for half day so we didn't rent any bike. But if you plan to stay here for few days, then I suggest you to rent a bike so you no need to walk so much.


The street is so quiet due to Thai King passed away. Since any alcohol drinks are prohibited for 21 days, we search for some soda drink and have some snack at Cafe Del Sol.

We ordered a bottle of Sprite and a dish of fried calamari as supper. Love how they served the calamari with lemon slide and tartar sauce.

Since the serviced apartment don't include breakfast, so we bought some sandwich and milk for breakfast on the next day. Of course, bought the seaweed as supper while we enjoy watching the Taiwanese TV show at our room. That's all for today. Stay tuned for my Koh Phangan travelogue soon.


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