7 January 2016


Annyeongheseyo  It's time to continue about my #Plastic Surgery Journey. Last time I blogged about consultation @ Banobagi Clinic earlier [you may read the post HERE]. I thought I may receive many negative feedback as there are still many closed minded Malaysian can't accept plastic surgery. However, surprisingly I received a lot of good feedback from the readers. They are saying how brave I am when I decided to go for plastic surgery. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. It does really makes me feel better.

First thing first, if you can't accept plastic surgery, you may not necessary to read this post and you can read other blog posts. Just because you can't accept it doesn't means we can't do it. That's our face not yours. Haters gonna hate. Anything you had done, no matter good or bad, haters still hate it. Nia~ I just ignored and be myself. Happiness is what I'm looking for.  =)

On the other hand, I'm happy that many sweeties inbox me asking how was the procedures and level of pain because they plan to do it soon. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy because they told me a lot of Malaysian girls done plastic surgery but they never admit it and not willing to share the experience either. They glad that I admit it and blogged about my experience to share with them. Well, plastic surgery is not a crime. If you plan to do plastic surgery anytime soon. This blog post is essential for you because today I'm talk about the pre and post surgery.


Early in the morning - 10am, I already reached Banobagi and waited for my call for the surgery. I was so excited and nervous at the same time because I never do any huge operation in my whole life. This would be the very first time and a memorable experience in my milestone! Before I went to the operation room,  I found I looks different than previously because my nose filler have been melt.


For your info, I was in anesthesia for total 5-6 hours during the operation. Thus, I have no idea what's going on. However, I can briefly tell you guys what happened during the process. Obvious I need to change the clothes. Please noted that you need remove all your nail polish day before the surgery as well if not they can't detect your breathing. Firstly, they need to find my blood vein to for injection so I can still breathe even I'm in anesthesia. Then, the anesthesia doctor came in and let me smell the anesthesia gas. After about 2 sips, my sight already black out. Dr.Lee and Chloe brief me before, saying that Dr.Oh will come in first for Facial Contouring(Angle, Genioplasty and Zygomaplasty) and then Dr.Lee will came later for Rhinoplasty. 

After the surgery done, they transfer me to another room in order to wait for me to wake up from anesthesia. I opened my eyes for few times but due to the dizziness so I fall asleep again. After awhile, a nurse wake me up and said they need to transfer me to another room in order to let me rest well. I saw my translator Stella beside me and she said I'm so brave and the surgery done well. So, this would be my very time to sit on the wheel chair and transfer to another floor.

Because I'm so dizzy, it caused my legs has no energy too. At that moment I only realize I didn't eat for whole day. I need starve for total 8 hours before surgery because of anesthesia, I guess that's why I'm not energetic at all. I slept for 3 hours+, then the nurse wake me up and told me to take a walk so the dizziness will fade away. I tried but after a few walk I vomit and it was really disgusting as I saw those dark blood on the floor. You guys could understand that because I didn't take foods for whole day long and my translator Stella told me I bleed a lot during the surgery.  However, I feel better after vomit.  Oh ya! When I'm taking a nap, Dr.Oh came to see me and told me the surgery went well & give some encouragement to me.  He is truly a super friendly doctor because I never thought he will still visit me after the surgery. And when he left, I saw many patients following him behind. HAHAHA~ I guess he is the star of Banobagi, because he got so many fans(patient) keep surrounding him.After few hours, I discharge and Stella sent me back to the hostel for resting.


So sorry if my face make you shock! I guess this is the magic of plastic surgery and in day 9 I can started to hang out with friends already! I still felt a little awkward at that moment because my face still swollen so my face looks even chubby than before. However, scars are started to fade away and my friend doesn't really ask me whether I had done plastic surgery during our meeting.

This is my new nose in Day 5 and Day 8. My nose is still swollen but finally I can say I got nose bridge now! Although it's not so high because Doctor Lee told me my nose is originally very short and I got not enough skin to make it longer. 

After removed the stitches and bandage, I need to wear this in order to have sharper jaw line and prevent my skin become saggy. Although Dr Oh already help me to reshape my jaw line but still I need to diet in order to reduce the meat on my face or else the result won't be so obvious.  

Do you know that because of the facial contouring, I can't eat any foods in 1 week? Yes! I drink the pumpkin juice as shown above for 1 week! My breakfast, lunch, dinner or even supper also is pumpkin juice. The reason is because I'm still in recover period and I can't move my mouth. The pumpkin juice is good for reduce the swollen so I drink a lot. You can see they gave me 1 huge box of it. LOL

Meanwhile, the nurse also gave me some of the soya beverages. It tastes quite differently with the one that I drink in Malaysia. The soya smell so strong and I quite like it because I'm a fans of soya bean.

I need to take the medicine daily and clean my mouth with the mouthwash provided at least 3 times daily. Probably every 2 hours I need to clean my mouth in order to prevent the inflection.

Because they covered my nose for few days so I got quite a lot of blackheads on the tips. They also provided me some mask pack to removed those blackeads.

For the second week, I can only eat porridge that they provided to me. You might think just porridge? But for me I think I'm happy enough after drinking the pumpkin juice for the whole week. They have 3 categories - Vegetables, Pork and Beef. I don't consume beef so I just tried another 2 categories, it taste not bad actually.

On the day before they remove my nose bandage, Stella bring me to do the light treatment in order to reduce my swollen. You can tell the light was super strong so I closed my eyes very tightly. In addition, the lighting is in high temperature so I'm sweating during the process. However, I felt more comfort after the treatment.

After about 2 days, Stella bring me to another floor for the facial treatment. This floor is special for the patient to slim down and look prettier after the surgery so you can see they even have their own gym room for us.

The beautician are doing facial for me and the way they touch my face is totally different with the ordinary beautician. Because I just done my plastic surgery so she touch my face very gently and the whole process was super comfortable. They keep asking me if I feel pain must inform them but I didn't feel any pain at all.

I done total 2 facial in 2 weeks and 2 laser treatments as well. The laser treatment is to reduce the swollen and also improve my skin condition. No worries, it's not painful at all. You might heard some small noise but actually you won't feel pain.

Dr.Lee and me

Dr.Oh and me

Chloe and me

Special thanks to Dr.Lee, Dr.Oh, Chloe, Stella, Gyeong Mi and of course Banobagi for everything! I'm truly appreciated for all the things you had arrange for me and my new face. I can't wait to see the final result.

Photo taken at Incheon Aiport before I fly back to Malaysia. Face still swollen and I can open my mouth with one finger only. Hopefully my mouth can fully open as soon as possible.

If you're worry will you be stop by the customs during the immigration procedure, no worries, Banobagi Clinic do provide the letter for confirmation of operation. Fortunately, they didn't stop me during the procedure, I guess because my face still in swollen condition so they can't see any difference. 

Ta-da! This is the result for Day 45 and Day 55! I'm pretty sure you guys can spot the different easily right? It's actually quite obvious. My face is started to swollen and my nose tip is getting sharper day by day. Finally I got a nose after 24 years! HAHAHA~ However, this is still not the final outcome because Chloe and Stella told me you can only see the final outcome after 6 months. Thus, I'm still exciting and can't wait to see it after that period. Hopefully you guys enjoy this post as I spend a long time to write it. If you have more question about my plastic surgery, please don't hesitate to drop me an email or comment below. I will compile all the question and record a Q&A video to answer all of your question. Loves 


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