1 December 2015

Hola  I know you guys been waiting this for so long and here you go! I'm gonna talk about my #plasticsurgeryjourney so if you're interested to know more, remember don't missed any post about it because you might missed something important.  =)

" Why you done Plastic Surgery? Do you feel UGLY? "
First of all, some of you might curious about why I decided to do plastic surgery on my face. Well, some of you might thinking do I lack of self-esteem? My answer would be not at all. I means I used to but not anymore. Frankly, I know some of you even thinking "You are already good looking, why you bother about this?" I admit at the beginning I edited my photo most of the time. Thus, whenever you looking at my photo, that's not real me. My NOSE was super flat. I wear contact lens all of the time instead of wearing spectacle and you know why? Because I don't have any nose bridge at all so the spectacle keep dropping! What even worse was I been bullied by those mean girls during my secondary life. They asked me to look at the sky and said my nose is exactly like pig's nose. They also laughing at me saying I can see anything wide and clear, my eye sight is super good because I don't have a nose bridge so nothing was blocking my eye sight...

Another thing is...my FACE. My face was super chubby and baby fat since I was a kid. When I was younger, I thought chubby was cute and elders always like to pinch my face. Some of my friends even created a few nickname for me, round cat, round bread, round ball etc. But then, I remember when I was 15, a fat bully from other class came to pinch my face. He was so strong until I can feel the pain. I started to cry and telling him it was painful so please stop. You know what he do next? He keep laughing at me and saying my face was way too many meats, he thought I won't feel anything. At the end, my face was swollen like hell and I don't want to let my parents know about this because I don't want them to worry. End up I went to canteen and bought a big pack of ice and apply it on my face to reduce the swollen. 

Yup, that was my story. No one is perfect and I know I'm getting better every single day. You guys too! I decided to go for plastic surgery because I want to improve my face structure, to become prettier. There's nothing wrong to look prettier with your own face. No one can judge you except yourself. I'm not encourage you guys to go for plastic surgery, but if you really desire, WHY NOT? Choose the path by your own choice and feel no regret instead of living with people bad words.  =)

" BANOBAGI Plastic & Aesthetic Clinic "
I always wanted to do plastic surgery but I'm afraid of the risk so I need to search for the professional clinic. I feel I'm really a lucky person because most of the time whenever I need or want something, it will appear infront of me! One day, I received an invitation email by Banobagi Clinic and they saying they would like to invite me for the plastic surgery collaboration with my blog and fully sponsored on my plastic surgery, accommodation, meals and take good care of me. I feel so blessed because I heard of Banobagi Clinic before on Facebook like few years back and I know they are one of the popular clinic in Korea. They even have the beauty show about how they transform a lady with not attractive into a pretty lady. If you wish to watch the video, please read the blog post to the end. I will attached the video here. After I received the email, I done some research about them and I read so many good reviews about Banobagi including famous Singapore bloggers as well. All saying they impressed with their hospitality and professional services. So, I'm in! I decided to go for Rhinoplasty(nose job) and Facial Contouring. Can you guys guess that I'm the first Malaysian blogger that invited by them? I feel blessed! I'm just a small potato and I'm glad that I been invited.

Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic was established at first with its old name "Ye Plastic surgery Clinic" on March in 2000 by 4 plastic surgery specialists of Seoul National Univeristy Hospital, Department of Plastic Surgery, in order to make the clinic as "the one being loved by patients" and a good clinic being recognized for its practice in spirit of perfection surgery and heart-warming care service" based on the spirit of mastership with full commitment to aesthetics.

Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic was reborn as the highest class medical care space worthy to its reputation in Korea by renovating its entire Banobagi building completed with its cutting edge facility environment for the best medical service on October 7th of 2008. Banobagi's renovation was not a just simple interior makeover for its looks, but a total transformation of even its invisible corner to corner, establishing the best environment for medical care service with facilities for medical examination as well as surgical operation at the level of University Hospital to be the first one worthy of its reputation in Korea. Banobagi Clinic never forgets the truth "The best hospital does not depend on its outlook, but on the competence of each one of the doctors who enters into the operating room." Bannobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic is a leading brand of Korea's Famous Plastic Surgery Clniics as the most trustworthy one.

" My Plastic Surgery Journey "
Hi Seoul, here we meet again~

After I reached Incheon Airport, the driver from Banobagi Clinic came to pick me up to Banobagi. Since it's a Monday, that's why the distance took about almost 2 hours to reach Banobagi. I felt really thankful because Banobagi arrange the driver to pick me up or else I might need to spend about nearly RM400+ in order to go Banobagi from Incheon Airport. Thus, if you plan to visit Banobagi, remember to consult them about the pick up services and they will arrange it for you.

Ta-da! Here is the Banobagi Clinic.

Once I arrived and I feel surprised because there are so crowded with people. I realize half of them are local and half of them are foreigner like me. Banobagi is so professional because they have staff who can speak English, Chinese, Vietnamese and so on. So if you from oversea, no worries, there's always a staff who can speak the language that you could understand to serve you. I met my beauty consultant Chloe, my translator Stella and the staff who served me Gyeong Mi. All of them are so kind and super friendly. I need to fill up my details so the staff can proceed to the next step and meanwhile, I'm waiting my name to be call up.

If you are doubt on their doctor's professionalism, you can always check out their education background and history. There are so many doctors in Banobagi Clinic and each of them expert in certain area of surgery for example, eyes, nose, face, liposuction etc.

My first consultation is with Dr.Lee Hyun Taek who is expert in Rhinoplasty. He told me my nose is consider turn-up nose type and my nose bridge was very flat. Thus, in order to have a better nose, he will apply silicon inside my nose bridge and use my right ear cartilage as the nose tips. Since my nose is originally super short and my skin is not enough to use stretch the nose tips so Dr.Lee said it's impossible to own a super long nose like the artist - Fan Bing Bing or Angelababy. However, he told me not to worry because he promised will make a better nose.  =) 

During the process, I need to take some different angle photos and some scanning in order to see my current health situation is suitable for surgery.

This is the show that I mentioned earlier - Let美人. 

I went to another floor to visit my facial contouring Dr.Oh because Banobagi separate their floor with different expertise. Dr.Oh Chang Hyun is consider a popular doctor here. From what I heard, a lot of people came here for consultation because of him. He is super friendly and hilarious at the same time. You can see how I smile happily in photo on the left. Once he touch my face he instantly saying my cheek was unbalance and I was shock. How can he so fast can discover it while I don't know it at all until today. He state that my face was chubby and the jawline is quite wide. Thus, he will make my cheek become smaller and flatter. On the other hand, he will make my jawline become sharper and turn my chin become sharper as well(because I have a short chin). Even after the surgery the meat on my face will still remain, so doctor told me to slim down so the meat can be reduce too.

Because I injected filler on my nose bridge earlier so in order to do rhinoplasty they need to melt it first. They also do blood test and heartbeat measurement on me to ensure everything is fine.

If you are the patient from foreign country like me and you worry about receiving outpatient treatment, no worries, Banobagi Plastic Surgery surgery has a guest house for patients abroad who do not have any accommodations. Patients can received treatment in the clinic and then can be monitored for progress. You can make a reservation during the consultation.

This guest house will be only allowed for female patient and you may bring a guest to stay with you as well. No male guest are allowed and they can't stay here. Their securities are very safe here and the token comes with your key is the one which allow you to enter the main door.  

Banobagi's guest house have plenty of facilities for us. They provides 2 refrigerators, clean & tidy bathroom with hair and body shampoos, hair dryers, tea, tea cups, coold & hot water etc.

They have many rooms for the patients and mine was room 207 which is located opposite the laundry room, Yes, you may ask the aunties if you need to do laundry. They are the one who take care of us and clean for the guest house.

My room.

There's a convenient store GS 25 which is located just right behind our guest house, so I bought something from there.

The auntie will send us the bento meals as lunch everyday. They always comes with fresh fruits, healthy foods and soup. The bed is actually the same like patient's bed in the hospital. So you can rise it up and make it like a table.

That's all for today. I will blog about my pre and post surgery blog post very soon. If you have any question regarding about plastic surgery you may leave a comment below. I will compile all the Q & A session into a video. Loves

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