Shiseido Ibuki Multi Solution Gel | Bounce Back Challenge

Konbawa Today post is about Fit Ball exercise @ CHI Fitness, PJ Trade Center in conjunction of the launching of Shiseido Ibuki Multi Solution Gel.

Ibuki is all about bringing your skin back to life so you look and feel your best around the clock. Our exclusive Shape Memorizing Cell TechnologyTM restores moisture to help remove dead cells for strong, healthy skin. Helping skin memorize their ideal, most powerful shape boosts skin’s resistance to breakouts, visible pores and roughness. The result? Smooth, soft, problem-free skin that’s ready for anything.

Air conditioning, travel plans, the forecast and stress can leave your skin looking dull and feeling dry. Revitalize your skin with the moisture that it needs to boost skin's resistance to moisture-depleting elements. The Ibuki regimen for dry to normal skin is formulated to hydrate and refresh the skin evil it works to resist those problematic elements of everyday life.

Oily and combination skin is sensitive to the consequences of long days, air pollution, stress, as well as poor eating, drinking, and sleeping habits. Refresh, strengthen, and restore balance to your skin with Ibuki's targeted regimen for oily skin.


A high impact gel solution for skincare emergencies, to help rescue you from the multiple skin concerns that can appear due to stress and lifestyle habits. Its unique skin-conforming texture adheres well to problem areas, even over makeup, to deliver effective ingredients. Skin looks beautiful and incredibly smooth all day, every day.

Formulated with PhytoTarget Complex, which supplements Natural Moisturizing Factor and intracellular lipids that are key to an optimal barrier function.
 Formulated with botanical extract Glycyrrhizin and Glycylglycine. It also contains a Salicylic Acid for breakouts.
The dewy, concentrated gel serum feels comfortable for various skin conditions, from breakout-prone skin to dry problem areas.

We are having a Bounce Back Challenge on that day which is the Fit Ball session. We all are exhausted after the 45 minutes session! What a great day to sweating and have fun with the girls.

 My girl Janice and I choose the same silver colour ball.

 My tired face. LOL

 Introducing the Ibuki series to us.

Ta-da! Look what I get from Shiseido. Arigato <3 b="">

 In this Ibuki range, it consists : 

 Multi Solution Gel - RM160.60 | 30ml
 Softening Concentrate - RM180.20 | 75ml
 Protective Moisturizer - RM185.50 ~ 75ml
 Gentle Cleanser - RM127.20 | 125ml

Instant, reliable care for any time when your skin is in trouble. You can even apply this gel serum over your makeup. I means seriously? Even I already make up? That's awesome!

THREE keys for intensive problem area care :
 Protect your skin's stratum corneum
 Hydrate with moisturizing ingredients
 Improve your skin with beautifying ingredients

So the gel is in crystal blue colour. Or should I say it's like Tiffany Blue colour? LOL

Tested it on my hand and it turns out super moisture!

Directions :
 Tap your finger on the gel surface, or take an appropriate amount and spread it over the problem area.
 For use over makeup, dab a small amount lightly onto the skin.
 As part of your skincare regimen, use it as the last step.

After applied it for weeks, I think it's effective. I notice it's not only make my skin more moisture, it also make my makeup even more long lasting. For instance, I applied it on last night and even on the next day, my skin still very hydrated. Moreover, the BEST thing was it can apply even after you applied your makeup. Yes, I tried and that's why I told you it does make my makeup even more long lasting. It also make my powder or BB cream won't so easily to breakout. The texture was gel type and not oily or sticky. Since it was a gel type so I also like the fact that it got little bit of cooling effect.

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