24 May 2015

Sorella Private Workshop with Taiwan Sorella Lingerie Guru - Ms.Chen

Hola  Sorry that I have been disappear for almost a week! Super duper busy lately. Thank god when I check the blog statistics daily, it only drop down a little bit. I love you guys and you all are AWESOME! =)  Recently I found out getting more and more male readers to read my blog. I feel so happy because I always welcome anyone to read my blog. Unfortunately, today post would be all about #lingerie so you may wanna skip this. Or, if you wish to know more about this for your wife / girlfriend's knowledge, you may read this. LOL

So last week, I was invited to attend #Sorella Private Workshop. "Cherish yourself with Sorella and unveil your true feminine allure." Sorella believes that every woman's innate femininity should be treasured and celebrated. They provide unparalleled support, superior shaping, desired toning and overall flawlessness through our high quality lingerie, with the purpose of highlighting and enhancing your natural beauty and sexy curves.

This time, they also invited the Sorella Lingerie Guru - Ms Chen Ting Chen from Taiwan for a great sharing session. =)

 They also served us some refreshment.

 #SHINIOOTD - Red lady for the theme. =D

Ms.Chen told us Top 5 Important Way(s) to make our body hotter and they are :

✿ The Importance Of Body Measurement
✿ Ensure you are in a RIGHT size
✿ 7 Steps to cross check after wear your inner wear
✿ Cleaning Maintenance
✿ When to change a NEW piece?

Why that's so important for us to get the right measurement ? Here's the benefits in case you don't know : 
✿ To built reliable impression
✿ Minimize bust size error for an individual
✿ Able to fit in right piece(bra) to enhance your body curve line
✿ To save your time and avoid trouble for goods exchange

[ Special Product Enhancer : Dreamy Crystal ]
 Unique Massage Padding which generation well blood circulation
 13cm High side panel to provide better coverage
 Inner wiring with seamless design
 2cm lower elastic band to enhance cleavage
 “U back” design to provide a better outlook no matter what you wear

- Colour Available in Green and Black  
Price : RM169.90

Seriously we need this! Malaysia's weather was so hot all the time and the high temperature always caused us sweat a lot! This will eventually wet our bra. Now if we are wearing this bra, no worries anymore.  =

[ Dazzling Night ]

 Breathable padding for better breathability in such a hot weather
 High panel to provide well support
✿ Bra Cup in 3D design to giving more uplift
✿ Inner wiring with seamless design
✿ 2cm lower elastic band to enhance sexiest cleavage

- Colour available in Black and Purple 
Price : RM169.90

[ Romantic Whisper ]

 2cm lower elastic band to enhance sexiest cleavage
✿ 2.5cm AQUA padding
✿ Refreshing while wearing in summer hot weather
✿ Cleavage enhance
✿ Pus up from a to c cup instantly

- Colour available in Blue & Pink
Price : RM169.90

 Selection of the bra.

 While Ms.Chen helping me to get the measurement. I'm so shy OMG. LOL

Measure lower bust to ensure bra size as in 32(70),34(75),36(80) & etc

How to get a right cup size?

First, measure upper bust, and minus the number of lower bust, there goes to get your right CUP size

**Upper bust size - Lower Bust size = Cup Size**

[ Referrer for Cup Size Measurement ]

       Lower Bust Measurement in Centimetre (CM)           
                                                    70size : 68-72cm                                                      
75size : 73-77cm  
80size : 78-82cm 
   85 size : 83 – 87cm
   90 size : 88 – 92cm
                                                                   95 size : 93cm & above                                                         
                                                                     Cup size measurement in Centimetre (CM)
                                                                                             A cup : 10 – 12cm 
                                                                                             B cup : 13 – 14cm   
                                                                                             C cup : 15 – 17cm
                                                                                             D cup : 18 – 19cm 
                                                                                             E cup : 20 – 22cm
                                                                                             F cup : 23 – 25cm
                                                                                             G cup : 26cm & above

 When Ms.Chen said my cup size was E cup and I'm super shy! 
By the way, my cup size was actually just 32C. LOL

 In the fitting room, you may find the correct method to wear a bra. In case you're not sure whether the way that you're using is accurate or not.  It was essential because if you're not applying the correct way, it will affect the shape of your breast. 

 Thanks for Ms.Chen for the great sharing and Sorella for the lovely piece!

 Don't forget to visit their retail stores HERE

So this is what I've received from them. I'm totally loving it!

Love the material. So soft and comfortable. 

Normally the center part was cotton material but this is not.

[ TIPS ]

Cleaning Instruction

would preferably in hand wash, soak the bra in water with detergent up to 30min,  cleaning bra cup with using side band. Example, cleaning right cup with using left band and cleaning left cup with using right band. Slightly press on cup size with using “fist” way to dry the water from each cup.
 preferable dry naturally, avoid dryer. Hanging upside down of the bra while drying to avoid out of shape.

How long is your time frame to getting a bra change? 

Bra do stand an important role for every ladies. Do you aware that there is an expired date for a bra? FYI, the longest time frame for a bra life sustainable up to 6months (approximately 90 wash). A bra which expired after 6months, it could generate some bad effect towards our boost shape such as out of shape. If you realizes the bra is not longer fit and so happen that were your favourable piece, be aware, it could cause your breast out of shape and even the most worst situation as in bad illness might affect your daily lifestyle.

Tried it and it fit me well! Thanks Sorella.


For more info, kindly visit :



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