5 March 2015

[REVIEW] Natural Makeup with CandyDoll

Konnichiwa Today post is gonna be about #makeup. Do you girls prefer heavy or light makeup? I personally prefer light makeup because I knew heavy makeup only makes my looks ugly. =(  Apparently I looks much better with light makeup. =)  Nowadays guys also prefer seeing girls with light makeup instead of heavy because they said it would be scary when they saw girls after removed their makeup. LOL  =D

During CNY for this year, some cousin and friends saying my makeup was really light until some of them thought I didn't apply any makeup at all! Well, here's the secret. I does apply the 'super natural' makeup with CandyDoll

Ta-da!! Here they are~

Love the packaging. The design was so dreamy and sweet. Not to say the size was cute and easy for carry. All thanks to HiShop for sending me these lovely items.

So let's the makeup session begin! Here's my pale face without any makeup.

First up would be the makeup base. 

Candydoll Makeup Base (Aurora White)

This base helps cover flaws & imperfections, and allows your make-up to last longer. 

Price : RM78.00

When I tried it on my hands,  my hands is full of the sparkle. You may zoom in to see the glitter more clearly. 

Directions : Just apply a small amount on your face and use your hand/brush to make it evenly.

We all knew makeup base is essential for us. If you didn't apply your makeup base well, your makeup will end up unevenly. I also like the fact of this makeup base is not too oily or dry(some makeup base does), so it will not cause the makeup crack(if too dry) or too shiny(if too oily). Not to mentioned the size was cute because it was pretty small.

Candydoll Powder Foundation (Light Beige)

Face powder with shiny crystal. Perfect to be applied on top of your foundation to give you an even matte look. Perfect for touch-ups too!

Price : RM98.00

As you can see there 2 layers for the powder pact.
One layer is for the sponge and another is for the powder. I always prefer this ways because I found it's more hygiene compare to the sponge directly on the powder.

After apply the powder, my skin become flawless instantly! I think maybe because it cover my imperfection very well. LOL~ However, remember to removed the makeup clean or else it will block your pores. =) Love the design muchie because it's so me and it's so easy to carry! I can touch up the makeup anytime, anywhere. *wink*

Candydoll Cheek Colour Duo (Aurora White & Candy Pink)

Price : RM59.00

Lip Gloss Features : 

✿ Produced by "Dakota Rose" for a REAL barbie doll look.
✿ New release color which most suitable and fit into Asian lips color and style.
✿ Color model is nowadays made from magazine supervised by renowned makeup artists working in popularity.
✿ Smoothen out lip lines, plumping and give you an instant fresh color!
✿ Giving you juicy dolly like – illuminating glossy finishing.
✿ Providing you sweet, sexy, full & kissable lips.
✿ Not sticky feel. The jelly texture goes on smooth and keeps lip moisturized.
✿ Tasteless and long lasting wear.
✿ Soft brush provided for easy application.

The cutie pinky brush makes my cheeks looks so cute! =D  It's natural pink colour so it won't be too over. Of course, you always can adjust the colour level by your own. If you think you want the natural way then remember don't apply too much. =)

So here's my natural makeup with CandyDoll.
How about you?  =)

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