Annyeonghaseyo  Finally I blogged about my Seoul, Korea Trip that I went with my girl friends on Jan 2015. I know right~ The long wait is no more. =) The reason why I need to delay this post until now is because after I back from Korea, I got tons of sponsored reviews and events need to be attend. There are so many sweeties emailed to ask me blog about it as soon as possible because they are planning to visit Korea anytime and they hope they can take my blog post as reference.

Hola  Sorry for being inactive for the passed few days because I was so busy with the works and meeting. =X  Hopefully you guys still check out my blog in this period. Since passed few months, a lot of sweeties keep asking me the same question again and again. "Did you just done your eyebrow embroidery?" "Why your eyebrow tone still very dark even you didn't apply any makeup?"

Yuppiee~ No eyebrow makeup for me anymore because I done my eyebrow embroidery @ E Image!

Okie dokie. This is me right before I visit E Image. Scary huh? My eyebrow hair volume was so limited and the tone was so light. That's why everytime I hang out with friends, I need to apply eyebrow pencil to darken up my eyebrow. Sometime it was time consuming though. =(

All thanks to E Image for solved my eyebrow problem! Last few months, I decided to pay a visit to E Image and consultation with them about my eyebrow condition. Fyi, E Image provide clients with the most aesthetically perfect permanent cosmetic procedures within the most thorough, professional and clean environment in the permanent cosmetics field.

How to stay beautiful everyday? Today more and more women are opting for the convenience of a 'wash a wear off. Permanent makeup is the perfect solution for women with allergies, sensitivities to conventional makeup, certain health problems, a busy lifestyle, athletic women or those with trouble applying their make up.

Interior :

Besides of Eyebrow Embroidery, they also provides other treatments.

Services Provided
✿ IPM floating eyebrow 六度空间飘眉 
✿ IPM floating eyeliner 浮彩隐形眼线 
✿ Vogue eyeliner embroidery 时尚绣眼线
✿ Crystal lip embroidery 旋染水晶彩唇
✿ Eyelash Perming 魔力烫睫毛
✿ Eyelash extension 嫁接睫毛
✿ Floating Eyebrow Embroidery course 飘眉课程
✿ Lip and eyeliner embroidery course 眼线及彩唇课程
✿ 3D Eyelash Extension Course 3D嫁接睫毛课程
✿ 6D Wawa/ 9D Flutter Eyelash Extension Course 6D/ 9D专业级嫁接睫毛课程

This was the room where they will draft the eyebrow shape for the customers to review first. The person who served me was Christy, she was so friendly and explained to me every single detail.

So, what's exactly about the floating eyebrow? Is it permanent? Is it the same with the eyebrow tattoo? Basically it was a new technique to create a pair of natural eyebrow. For what I had known, you need to shave your original eyebrow before you start doing the eyebrow tattoo. On the other hand, shaving your eyebrow is not necessary for the floating eyebrow embroidery. Floating eyebrow comes with a new technique to makes your eyebrow more natural looking compare to the outdated eyebrow tattoo. 

So this is the draft of my eyebrow which is done by Christy. I told her I want my eyebrow to be thicker and darker tone.

Let's begin~

As you can see my right eyebrow was already done and I'm still waiting my left eyebrow to be done.

Tada!! The eyebrow was done. Christy told me my skin was sensitive that's why you can spot some redness around my eyebrow area.

The progress... [Click on the picture for zoom in]

This is how it look after 1 month and the half. I know right~ The tone getting lighter, that's why I visit them again for touch up.

The second drafting. I wish my eyebrow to be thicker this time so Christy help me to make it even thicker.

And this is the result after touch up for the second time. The tone was finally darker.

They also provided gel to apply on my eyebrow in order to makes the colour more long lasting.

How do my eyebrow look?  =P

Overall I feel satisfied with the result and their professional services. Now I no need to draw my eyebrow for every single outing anymore. My eyebrow was just perfect right after I woke up from my bed. LOL~ It can helps me to save more time to skip my eyebrow makeup so I can have extra time to prepare myself before hang out with friends or events. Another good thing is, floating eyebrow embroidery was not permanent. It can last about 1-2 years depends on how maintain it well. Why I mentioned it was a good thing? Because you can modify your eyebrow shape after 1 or 2 years. Maybe that time the trend was changed so you can change your eyebrow shape into the latest trend version. =)

✿ How was the level of pain?
I didn't feel any pain for the 1st and 2nd time. However, I feel slightly pain for the 3rd time(2nd touch up). But no worries, just a little bit of pain.

✿ How to maintain?
Don't let your eyebrow get in touch with water for the first 3 days. If there are some white dead skin appear on your eyebrow area, don't tear or scratch it, just ignore.

✿ How to apply the gel?
Apply it with the cotton bud. Twice daily.

[ E Image Aesthetic ]
46-1, Jalan Puteri 1/2,
Bandar Puteri, 46100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : + 603 8063 5669

Hola  Today post would be different as the ordinary posts because today is all about accessories. I'm a person who love to wear accessories because I think it's like a fashion piece. Sometime when I like casual wear or whole black outfits, accessories always can pop out my style or even able to make it more interesting. =)

Hola  I was super duper tired these few days because of party, catch up with friends, meeting sponsors and attending event etc. It makes me want to go for the body massage again, just like what i did at Ozmosis Healthy & Day Spa.  =)

So last month, I was invited by by Ozmosis Spa to experience their exclusive services. I have been heard some of the good feedback from my sister and friends before I pay a visit. Thus, I'm looking forward to their treatment of course. 

Ta-da! I'm here~

Located in the heart of Bangsar, Ozmosis Health & Day Spa is an oasis of serenity for those seeking to replenish their body, mind and soul while indulge in a bit of pampering. I can tell you that, the environment is really cozy and I felt so relax even I haven't started my massage. 

Guests are guided to choose from an array of services ranging from natural treatments made with precious plant extracts, heavenly massages, luxurious pedicure and manicure, waxing and results-oriented PEVONIA skincare line.

When I get up there, I was shocked. Because I thought Bangsar's shoplot was really small and tight and I can't believe it was that huge when I enter Ozmosis Healthy & Day Spa. 

Extra : It was located nearby the popular Antipodean Cafe, so maybe you have some idea where it is exactly. =)

You can have some magazine to check out when you're waiting your friends or family to finished their treatment. 

This would be their waiting area. Look so comfortable right? Cozy sofa and pillow. You may have some privacy as well too. 

They also having manicure and pedicure area for customers too.

These would be those ingredients which used to scrub your body. They have several types and I had chosen the powder type because I never try it before. Yes, you didn't get me wrong, it's powder types. Normally we may experience that salt, sugar or seed types right? I had tried all of them and this would be my very first time to try the powder type. =)

These are their essential oil which used for massage. It differentiate with different functions such as Stress Buster, Relaxation, Energiser, Respiration, Sensuality and Body Shaper. They also can mix it up according to your body condition. =)

For my case, I told the staff I want relaxation and body shaping functionality. So yes, they mix it up for me.

A hot tea and warm towel for you.

You also need to fill up some info especially it was essential to let them know whether you have allergic to certain essential or ingredients. 

This is my room.

I had chosen one of their signature Ozmosis Full Body Massage. It was a head to toe body massage targeting on the deeper layers of muscle. Treatment is effective in decreasing muscle toxins and ease tension. 

They have a bowl for you to put your accessories. I found it was so attentive because most of the spa center they just allow you either keep it into the locker or on the chair something.

Their mirror design was creative.

You can hang your clothing and put your bag right beside you.

After the scrubbing, I took a shower. Then, I enjoy a super cozy full body massage .

They have room for 2 person as well. So you may choose this room if you're planning to comes with couples.

You may select other types of massage as well :

✿ Ultimate Aromatherapy Massage [60 mins RM180 | 90 mins RM230]
✿ Ozmosis Full Body Massage [60 mins RM150 | 90 mins RM200]
✿ Heavenly Hot Stone Massage [60 mins RM190 | 90 mins RM240
✿ Pre Natal Massage [60 mins RM180]
✿ Post Natal Massage [60 mins RM180 | 90 mins RM230]
✿ Scalp, Neck & Shoulder Stress Reliever [30 mins RM90]

If you're not interested on massage, you may check out other services they provided :

Body Massages
✿ Body Treatments
✿ Facials
✿ Hands and Feet Care
✿ Spa Retreats
✿ Body Beauty

They also having promotion for the customers for time to time. Please visit them now for more info.

Thank you for the invitation. =)

I had a relax and comfortable experience at Ozmosis Healthy & Day Spa. You know, a person like me who always facing computer for more than 12 hours per day is really tiring. Especially my backbone, it was really hard and tired everytime I lay on my bed. =(  After the full body massage, I can feel my backbone doesn't that hard anymore and it does released my stress too! I can see that spa treatment and body massage doesn't only fix your physically part, it also balanced your mentality part too. In short, it pamper you inside out. LOL. If you're a first time and you have no idea or concern about certain issues, you may check out the Spa FAQ here.

[ Ozmosis Healthy & Day Spa ]
Level 1, 14 - 16, Jalan Telawi 2 Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur 

Opening Hours :
Daily from 10.00am – 8.00pm

Website : 

Phone / Fax : 
603 2287 0380 or  03-2201 2213 

Mobile :  
016-212 6122 

Email :

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