Konbawa Noticed it was Japanese? Yes! This post is all about Japan today. =) If you going to visit Japan soon, or you're fans Hello Kitty / Pink Fashion lover like me, then you shouldn't missed out this post. =D

Hola  Last 2 weeks, I was invited to experience new skin care range of Aupres. Aupres is launching a whole new revolutionary moisturizing line this season - Aupres Aqua Energy. The signs of dehydrated skin are usually easy to spot on skin's surface but in fact, the issue begins deep in the skin at a cellular level. Aupres discovered that the harsh internal and external stresses of the urban environment and lifestyle agitates skin's inner "sry and heated cells". Thus, reducing its moisture retention ability.

The Aupres Aqua Energy is specially formulated with unique Green Tea Complex to soothe agitated cells(dry, heated cells), and its exclusive Smart Moisture Complex(SMC) that replenishes skin with the right amount of moisture while conditioning its moisture-retaining environment. This exclusive technology allows each cell to trap in moisture abundantly, allowing the skin to brim with purified moisture even when exposed to severe dryness.

Zhou Dongyu as the Face of Aupres Aqua Energy

Zhou Dongyu, an up-and-coming Chinese actress, has been appointed as the ambassador for Aupres Aqua Energy. She is also currently an undergraduate student of the School of Performing Arts at Beijing Film Academy. 

Me at the launching. =)

They are so many makeup items for us to try. Their mascara was fabulous! 

With this new range, skin is able to radiate luster created from moisture purified deep inside. The Aupres Aqua Energy features both basic skincare and special care products. Its basic skincare consist of Cleansing Foam, Moisture Lotion and Moisture Emulsion while their special care product includes its signature Moisture Capturing Essence, Cream and Eye Cream.

 Aqua Energy Foam 
This Cleansing Foam swiftly forms fine and rich bubbles, and effectively cleans dirt in pores and fine lines while removing aged substances from stratum corneum. It gently cleanses the skin while retaining necessary moisture. 

[ Volume ]

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 Aqua Energy Moisture Lotion 
There are total 3 types of the lotion - Moisture Lotion, Rich Moisture Lotion and Deep Moisture Lotion. A thorough moiturizing lotion that has high penetration, strong moisturization and long-lasting effect. This moisture lotion can form a clean and purified cell environment which produces a self-moisturizing effect, solving the problem of recurrent dryness from its root cause.

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 Aqua Energy Moisture Emulsion 
This Moisture Emulsion has excellent penetrating capacity, adding moisture and luster continuously to the interior of skin, creating and maintaining fully hydrated, healthy and beautiful skin. There are total 3 types of the emulsion - Moisture Emulsion, Rich Moisture Emulsion and Deep Moisture Emulsion.

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 Aqua Energy Moisture Capturing Essence STAR PRODUCT
It is a highly-functional moisturizing essence that not only exerts execellent moisturizing power and moisture-retaining ability but also promotes the strength of the skin to create its own moisture.

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 Aqua Energy Cream 
This cream reduces fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness. With its moisture-locking effect, it helps the skin retain moisture for long hours, creating fully hydrated, translucent skin.

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 Aqua Energy Eye Cream 
An eye cream that improves fine wrinkles, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes by replenishing the skin abundantly with succulent moisture and effective constituents.

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They also having travel kits as well.

Some dessert for us.

They staff also explained details to us how to utilise the skin care in a correct direction.

I just tried on their moisture lotion here and it makes my skin feel fresh and moisture!

Ta-da!! This would be the star product of the day and also their signature product. 

It's An Essence like an Oasis in the Desert!

✿ As its constituents have excellent moisturizing effect, it is ablr to enhance skin's moisture-retaining ability and keep skin hydrated for hours!
✿ Resolve the skin concern from the root by supporting and cultivating skin's ability to self-moisturize.
✿ Conditioning skin cells to encourage a moisture-retaining environment.

Since it was so moisture, so two pearl-sized amount would be enough.

Super moisture and makes my skin feel *doink doink*

They also demonstrate how to create bubble with the right way by using their cleansing foam.

I really love Aupres Aqua Energy range especially this moisture capturing essence! My skin is hydrated and repaired from the inside out. People who like me always work in the air-con environment makes my really dry. Now, all I just need to do is apply this essence in the morning and my face stay moisture until evening!  =)

With just 3 simple steps, you'll be able to stand a chance of winning a FREE AUPRES product.
*Contest runs from 18th January - 31st January*

2)  Take a picture of yourself with any Aupres Aqua Energy product.
3)  Upload the photo on Instagram, hashtag #Aupres #AquaEnergy #MusebyWatsons
4)  Complete the following sentence in no more than 50 words.
"I love AUPRES Aqua Energy because..."

For more info, kindly visit :

Muse by Watson 

Hola  Since Chinese New Year will be coming soon, of course I need to makes my skin glowing and beautiful! So last week, I was invited by Face Factors Clinic to try on their Skill Peel DermallInfusion Treatment. 

For your information, it was located at Publika Block D.

Comfortable atmosphere. 

SilkPeel Dermalinfusion is similar to microdermabrasion in that a diamond head is used to buff away the top layers of skin in order to remove the dead skin cells. Using controlled vacuum pressure, it pulls skin up into a chamber within the hand piece where skin is then abraded softly or aggressively depending on the intensity set by your doctor.
This allows the diamond tip to consistently exfoliate dead skin cells, but also simultaneously drive a topical solution into the skin at the dermal junction where new skin cells are being formed. It is a step ahead of traditional microdermabrasion as it also stimulates the production of fresh collagen which is needed for the skin to begin repairing itself.
The topical solution gives your skin very real benefits and you will see noticeable improvements which effectively transforms your skin. You should see results after the first session, and these will gradually improve with each subsequent session. Treatments are generally scheduled 2 weeks apart for the first cycle, and you may opt to continue these treatments at larger intervals after the cycle is complete. Your doctor will advise you on the optimum interval and number of sessions for the best results.
This is the SilkPeel machine which is the first patented treatment to combine non-invasive exfoliation with deep delivery of skin-specific topical solutions to improve and revitalize your skin. No worries, it is safe and painless. It also allowing you to reap the benefits on an accelerated basis without the complications and discomfort usually associated with microdemabrasion, chemical peels, lasers and other invasive treatment because they do not use crystals or other abrasive particles that can irritate your skin. The staff also claims that if you done 4-6 treatments spaced about a week apart, you will be able to notice significant , visible results such as hydrate dry, improve acne, flaky skin, ,wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation.

Left - Serum/ Liquid Solution according to your skin needs.
Middle - Solution used to clean the machine after a treatment to keep hygiene at top notch.
Right - Empty bottle to collect all the dirty stuff from your skin.

As you can see, the white layers at the bottom was the dirts on my face.
I asked the staff whether it's consider a lot, she said it still consider average because she usually saw more than that. =X

There are 4 liquid solution available :

✿ Skin Hydrating Solution - Uses hyluronic Acid to re-hydrate chronically dehydrated skin. It moisturizes, increases epidermal thickness and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle. 

✿ Vitamin C Solution - An antioxidant solution for dull and tired skin. It's a remedy for the effects of environmental damage. 

✿ Clarifying Solution - delivers salicylic acid safely and effectively to improve the appearance of cystic and pustile acne along with aloe helps soothe inflamed and irritated skin. 

 Lumixyl Pro-Infusion - Brightening solution to improve uneven pigmentation, dark spots and an overall glowing complexion. 

Since my skin's major problem was pigmentation, so she used Clarifying and Pro-Infusion Solution on me to reduce the pigmentation and improve brightening

First up, they removed my makeup through cleansing. Then, they use a tool which is sort of vacuum type where it operates on closed-loop vacuum system with media grade diamonds exfoliating the outer layer of the skin while delivering topical dermaceutical(liquid solution) to the skin at a controlled intensity and stimulating new cell growth. The treatment takes about 20 minutes and viola~ My pigmentation been reduced a lot!  =)

 I know right~ Some of you sweeties must be so concern whether it's painful or not. Let me tell you, it's NOT painful at all! With the SilkPeel, the staff able to adjust the suction level in order to suck out all the blackheads and whiteheads. In case you don't know yet, my skin is consider fair. So whenever any pigmentation or acne scars appear, it would be so obvious. =X  Thank god now the appearance been reduced and it makes me gain back some confidence.

Besides of the Silk Peel, they also provided other services such as Manicure & Pedicure etc.

And facial treatments. =)

So what do I think about the Silk Peel treatment? Well well, frankly I would say I love it! Because compare to the old fashion facials where they need to poke and squeeze my pores in order to getall the dirt out, of course I would prefer this way. In addition, no downtime is needed for this swift treatment, which can be completed in about 20 minutes but this may vary depending on individuals.  Last time we feel worry when other people looking at us after the facial done because our face for sure will be cover by the redness! But now, I can just directly go out with friends after the treatment done. =) Some discomfort or a tingling sensation may be experienced if you have sensitive skin, but this is temporary and should subside after a few hours. Your doctor will also be on hand to discuss and advise you on post-treatment maintenance. Please noted that the solution being picked will be according to your skin problem and what you needed. For instance, my skin's major problem was acne scars and pigmentation so therefore I's chosen clarifying solution. If your skin are different condition as mine then they will pick another solution that suit you. =)

[ Face Factors Clinic ]
D3-G4-2, No.1, Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas, Sri Hartamas, KL.
Tel : 03-62053508

Bonjour  It's time to back to #haircare post. Since Chinese New Year is coming soon, have you already figure out what colour do you want for this year? Brown? Ash green? Blonde? 2 tone or highlight? I had try all of them before. And no, I won't try those crazy colour because I knew I'm not suitable. Instead of looking ugly and awkward with the crazy hair colour, I guess I will choose to remain safe with those natural colour. =)  And yes! This time I give it a try on "gradient tone"

Let me introduce the hair salon that I visited recently - The Salon Hair Workshop. for your information, The Salon Hair Workshop's complimentary consultation will prove helpful, informative and inspiring, no matter you are wanting to achieve a simple, easy and commercial style or totally new image. The hair artists can be totally creative, but of course they always put their customers on the first place. They are committed to giving client the ultimate in style service and advice.

I love how there have some "privacy" here which they will actually close the curtain when they're washing your hair. I feel extremely not comfortable when some customers will looking at me while my hair being wash. =(

They displayed some hair colour catalogue on the counter. So if you plan to colour your hair but you're not sure which colour is suitable for you or available, you can always check it out. 

Most of their hair products are from this brand which is under L'Oreal Paris

Right beside me was one of the owner - Randy.

  • Unisex Haircut
  • Wash & Blow
  • Hair Color
  • Highlights / Lowlights
  • Rebonding / Relaxing
  • Hair Treatments
  • Extensions
  • Perm
  • Scalp Treatments

  • First up, they washed my hair and bleach my hair tips until blonde. Then, they helped me to add on ash brown colour on the tips. And voila~ The hair colour was done!

    Ta-da!! Here's the outcome

    As you can see, the colour is gradient tone. The range is from darker hair tone to lighter ash tone.

    It's nice to try different colour tone. Maybe this colour is quite normal but as I said I don't want to go crazy colour at the first place. The services was good and the parking rate was affordable. The staff there serving you nicely and the hairstylist will provide you their advice and opinions to improve your hair condition as well.

    [ The Salon Hair Workshop ]
    UG-05, DPulze Shopping Centre, 
    Lingkaran Cyber Point Timur, 
    Cyber 12, 63000, Cyberjaya, Selangor.
    Tel : 03-8322 6015
    Email : thesalonhairworkshop@yahoo.com

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