Hola  If you guys notice I change most of the labels to #SHINIx something and yes! I create a new label called #SHINIxMAKRUP now so you can select the label to check out more posts about makeup. Makeup is essential for the lady because it can makes you look gorgeous and prettier. Most important it helps us gain confidence as well.

Hola  Thanks for all the support from my readers about my previous post. Remember to stay tuned at my blog as I will blog more about it very soon. =)  Meanwhile, we should pamper our skin in order to look pretty and energetic. Let me introduce you the star of the day - Returnlegacy.

Here's the products which includes Redoxy | H+ | 2 Activator Hydro | Medigold 

[ H+ ]

H+ basically is a spray which has 3 main functions : Moisturizing, Oil Control and Skin Repairing. It's good for the dry skin user like me.

✦ No matter you have heavy makeup, light makeup or use of sunscreen, it can be your daily skin care basis to moisturizing your skin.
✦ In addition, I will spray it into my makeup remover and cleanser, it will dissolve the residue makeup quickly.
✦ Rinse the face and spray H+ on your face. Use your hands to gently dab your face and follows by your current skin care. 
** When apply mask, add in H+ into it, it can enhance the effectiveness of the facial mask.**

Comment : I love this because who doesn't love spray right? Even my boyfie loves it because he said he felt so good when he sprays it on his face. It gives people a fresh feeling. You can feel your skin become hydrating and oily face is gone instantly.


We all knew the sun, harsh weather, and our bad habits will caused to bad skin conditions. Our skin ages also depend on a variety of factors: lifestyle, diet, heredity, and other personal habits. Eventually we might get wrinkles, dark spots, acne etc. However, by using Redoxy might will improve your current skin condition.

Benefits :
Anti-aging Reduces wrinkles & fine lines, protect skin from the sun.
Hydrating | Locks in skin cells moisture for long hours, shrink skin pores
Repairing | Helps scars and marks to heal.
✦ Rejuvenating |Make skin firmer, smoother and younger.

Comment : Love love love! I'm gonna say that this would be my favourite item among all skin care here! It smells good and I like the sensation. It is milky essence type but it doesn't feel oily or sticky at all. When I applied it on my face, I can feel it quickly adsorb into my skin which is a good thing as to what the beautician says if the skin care doesn't absorb into your skin instantly means your pore has been blocked. I can see my pores became tighten after applied. My makeup's not breaking out anymore after this.

[ 2° – ACTIVATOR Hydro ]

2 Activator Hydro generally a moisturizer which can be adsorb instantly by our skin. 2° Activator Hydro enhances the rate of moisture absorption to achieve a deep moisturizing effect.

Benefits :
✦ Protection from senescence
✦ Soothing and Anti-oxidant
✦ Skin repairing
✦ Skin firming
✦ Whitening
✦ Hydrating and Moisturizing

  1. Rinse your face with cleanser.
  2. Apply toner and then you may apply Redoxy or H+ for day and night.
  3. Apply Hydro Activator day and night.
**Suitable for all skin types**

Comment : My skin already turns a lot of better after I applied Redoxy. I add on with the Hydro Activator and it makes my skin even more radiant and fair! I'm so happy with the result. Though the texture was quite sticky for me. I don't really prefer those thick texture skin care. But other than that is fine.

Medigold helps you to protect, maintain and improve our health and vitality. If you do not consume much vegetables and fruits but want to be healthy, then it is what you're looking for.

Benefits of MediGold:
✦ Antioxidant
✦ Immune booster
✦ Liver detoxifier
✦ Help in cardiovascular health
✦ Maintain a healthy blood lipid profile
✦ Good for blood sugar control
✦ Regulate bowel movements
✦ Brain-protecting ability
✦ For skin healthy and supple

Comment : I love the scent! Fight sight saw the packaging was violet colour and I was thought would it be grape or blueberry flavour? Yes, it smells and taste like grape so i love it. Frankly, previously I don't really like this kind of healthy food especially powder type because I  thought it will be taste weird, but not at all. Although I tried it but nothing happened. Maybe because I just tried a few packet so the results were not obvious? I will try a few more packet sto see whether need good result or not.  =)

Overall I love the Redoxy and H+ because this skin care will be the one that I normally use. The Redoxy does bring out result on my skin instantly. But of course, it's always depends on own skin type. As I always said, sometime the skin care works on my skin doesn't exactly means it's suitable for your skin too. Anyway, if you're using this brand now, share with me about your thoughts. Loves

Konnichiwa  I feel SUPER DUPER EXCITED now! Wondering why? Yuppie, because today I'm gonna talk about my favourite cartoon in the world - HELLO KITTY. I'm pretty sure if you're a huge fans of Hello Kitty then you already knew they are having HELLO KITTY GO AROUND MALAYSIA expo @ Viva Expo Hall right? For some of the fans who don't know yet, no worries, by reading this post you will find out some guidelines and info as well.  =)

We also watched STAR WARS on the same day! Me and boyfie are so happy on that day because in the morning we went to Nu Sentral for watching Star Wars then we head to HKGAM. Lovely boyfie bought me the latest version of GoPro as a early Christmas gift and I love it! Thanks bii ♥  We record some video during the outing and I already uploaded it on my YouTube channel. Okie dokie. I guess I should let you guys check out those photos before I continue, Hope you guys enjoy~

#SHINIOOTD | I was wearing Star Wars shirt before that and I changed to my Hello Kitty dress which I bought in Taiwan previously to match the theme. I'm a truly die hard fans. LOL

Special thank to my baby boy for bought the ticket one month before and become my videographer + photographer for all day long. He was so excited to tried and tested the GoPro so he walk around with it and record our activities as memory.

Ta-da! This is the e-ticket if you purchase on their website

We are finally arrived the destination. and we saw no one are queuing so I thought we are the early bird so I'm happy. However, after I enter I saw quite a lot of people already inside. Oops! But luckily not too crowded so I still can manage to take photo and play some games.

If you're purchasing e-ticket via online like I do, you need to go to the ticket counter to change to physical ticket before you enter the entrance. Meanwhile, you can purchase your ticket directly at the ticket counter as well.

Please ignore the GoPro, Pity boyfie helps me carry a lot of things so he don't know he also include GoPo in this photo. 

My baby boy win a Hello Kitty toys for me by playing this game. I will share on my vlog later.

They are several types of tickets and my tickets can be redeem badges and Touch n Go(included in the package or else extra pay). I'm loving it! From now on I can use my Hello Kitty touch n go. Yuhoo~

Let me introduce you - Daniel, who is already boyfriend of Hello Kitty. I decided to drop by at this booth because you can customized your own tote bag! Yes, I customized one and I bring it home. The whole process was recorded by my boyfie, I will included on my vlog as well. Each tote bag cost RM28.

I decided not to visit this shop because you really need to spend a lot of time to DIY those glitters and I don't found necessary for the final object because I'm not sure where to put it. However, I guess those kids will be enjoy to the max while they're doing this.

The candyland! If you're a candy or sticky person then you would love to visit this shop. They having different kinds of flavour and design of the sticky candy. All the packaging was so nice! Too bad boyfie and me are not a fans of candy so we din grab anything here.

The Lucky Ribbon game booth. A lot of people gathering here because I heard some of the parents saying it's quite easy to win some prizes for kids. You guys might want to check it out. Boyfie and me decided go for other game booth because I prefer that prizes(toys) than this.

They having dance performance while I'm customizing my tote bag. I watched the best HK dance performance during my trip to Japan or even the similar performance in Hello Kitty Town so I decided to skip it. However, I saw many kids are so exciting and dancing around when they're watching the performance so I guess if you're a parent then your kids might like it.

We didn't drop by this game booth because we have no idea how to play and most of the time no visitors. LOL. The Hello Kitty in a pop corn packaging quite cute.

This Hello Kitty Post Office allow you to purchase several design of post cards that you desire and stamp chop it by your own. I grab a few post cards during my Korea Trip so I guess I skipped it.

Me and all the Hello Kitty!

Besides of Hello Kitty, I also fall in love with Melody as well.

Me in the toy machine. I'm a big toy here! It reminds me of the movie scene in Toy Story part 1.

For your info, one ticket consists of 2 game vouchers. We got 2 tickets = total 4 game vouchers. Each game voucher use for 1 game. We finished 4 of them and purchase 1 more. The extra ticket cost about RM12+.

We decided to high tea at the Go Around Cafe which is located inside the expo. Frankly, I felt quite disappointing on this because I thought they will focus on the details of decoration but in fact they didn't.

I ordered a cup of Rose Sip Tea and Waffle(RM14). You can see the waffle is default waffle shape served with the sticker. On the other hand, the tea is the same as well. Waffle taste so so and the tea taste too sour to me. I'm a person who like sour a lot but the taste is way too sour! Oh ya! You guys might noticed the packet of sugar beside the tea and you might wondering why I din add sugar since I thought it was sour. I don't consume sugar while I'm drinking tea so that's why.

Since now is the Winter Solstice season and my boyfie love to eat tangyuan so he ordered this. The taste so so as well. Innocent me thought the tangyuan was Hello Kitty shape or even some other decoration but I guess I expected too much. *Sobz*

That's all for today! Hope you guys enjoy reading and find the info that you're looking for. Loves



 Viva Expo Hall,
Viva Home Shopping Mall, 
 85 Jalan Loke Yew, KL, 55200, Malaysia.

Ticket Counter 
  10.00am – 9.00pm | 19th Dec 2015 – 19th Jan 2016  


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