12 November 2014

[REVIEW] SYOSS Supernova Kit - Moisture Intensive Care

Hola We always try to be more gorgeous, so we pay more attention and ignore our hair care. But do you guys knew hair care was essential for us too? A healthy and silky hair might be the first impression in first time meeting. Let's say is a date, it will be quite awkward if your unhealthy hair ruin your great day. =X

Few days ago, I received a big box from SYOSS. It just like a present to me when I get it because it wrapping like a gift. Previously, I already heard about how good and effective of their products. For a new user like me, I feel awesome and excited to give it a try!  =)

The dream of having salon beautiful day every day is possible with SYOSS - professional Hair Care & styling brand at the comfort at your home. An artistic product innovation by Japanese professional hair stylist and beauty innovation, SYOSS is the expert for Asian woman hair.

With Pro-Cellium Keratin, a professional technology used by hairdressers.The high performance formula, specifically designed for the needs of Asian hair, leaves the hair salon-beautiful, every day. 

You know, sometime our hair was so dry and messy which makes us want to visit hair salon so bad. However, due to insufficient time and busy, sometime we might just skip it. Now, with SYOSS, you can just owning a beautiful healthy hair with affordable price. 

Ta-da!! The Syoss Supernova Kit that I received was Moisture Intensive Care series.

Basically the Moisture Intensive Care series was specifically moisture care for smooth hair. It was the premium hair care range moisturizes and cares your dry and brittle hair deep inside and strengthens the hair structure. 

My hair always dry, no matter day or night time. I think this series was the most suitable for my current hair condition. Due to long hours sitting in the office and hot weather, it makes my hair even more dry. Hopefully it can moisturizes my hair very well. LOL

So, let's give it a try shall we? *wink*

Let's start with the important shampoo and conditioner. 

[ SYOSS Moisture Intensive Care Shampoo ]
Gently cleanses dry and brittle hair
Moisturizes and strengthens 

Shampoo is always essential because it was the first step to cleanses the dirt on our hair and moisturizes. Sometime maybe there will an oily layer on our hair. If we don't clean it well, maybe the essence might doesn't totally absorb by our hair. 

You can notice the shampoo are slightly more diluted than other shampoos. It consider quite watery.
Oh ya~ The fragrance is not bad too. LOL

[ SYOSS Moisture Intensive Care Conditioner ]
 Moisturizes and smooths the hair structure
 Improve combability 

A person who own a super dry hair like me must apply conditioner during everytime I wash my hair. Or else, my hair will be messy and difficult to sort out. After wash your hair with shampoo, just apply conditioner on your hair tale, massage thoroughly and rinse. Remember don't apply on your hair roots, I guess you guys knew why right. It will damage our hair scalp.

Thick texture like other conditioner.

Now let's review their treatment mask and styling jelly.

[ SYOSS Intensive 1- Minute Jar Treatment ]
 Nurtures your hair with intensive moisture care
 Leave-in time only 1 minute

This was my favourite hair mask among all other brand!! I just try it once and I fall in love with it. It not just provides nourishing moisture care, it also makes my hair healthy and shine.

[ SYOSS Moisture Glossy Jelly ]
 Moisturizing jelly coats the hair and leads to glossy and sleek straight hair

This glossy jelly was another product that I like. Normally I use oil to style my hair. But the jelly does surprises me! I just apply appropriate amount on my hair and it become silky smooth. If you notice on the picture, it was quite watery and not the sticky jelly type. I prefer this texture than the sticky one. =)

You can spot the difference on the before & after pictures, quite effective huh?

Overall feel satisfied about this moisture intensive care hair range. For the first timer to try on this brand, I think I will continue to use this when I finished these products. My favourite items would be the treatment mask and glossy jelly because I found it was really effective. Some products might giving you instant result but it was actually just a short period, it might back to normal on the next day. But by using this hair range, I feel my hair getting smoother day-by-day. Therefore, I prefer hair products that provides my long-term result. 

You can purchase them at your nearest pharmacies.

Website : www.syoss.net
Instagram : @syossmalaysia


  1. Wow this is a great gift from Syoss ;-)
    Looks good your hair after...nice day

    1. Yup, thanks for the compliment. Take care =)

  2. we've never heard of this brand before but it looks really good!

    M + K


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