15 November 2014

[FOOD] Magnum Cafe @ Midvalley

Hola  I know I know~ You guys feel so excited about the new Magnum Cafe in town right? If you have been visited there, please share with me about your personal opinion. However, if you haven't been there, don't be disappointed. Maybe you can check out this post to more info about the dishes and prices before pay for a visit. =)

So few days ago, me and my friend Yuh Jiun decided to pay for a visit at Magnum Cafe which just opened on yesterday. Magnum Cafe give out 500 ice-cream for FREE for the customers on the grand opening. Yuh Jiun and me was so excited because both of us like ice-cream and chocolate, we can't wait to taste it!! If you talk about chocolate ice-cream stick, I always go for Magnum especially the almond flavour! I don't like to eat other chocolate flavour ice-cream except for Magnum, Haagen Dazs and Godiva because I found other brand's ice-cream was too sweet for me. But now, finally I got the chance to taste Magnum with different topping!

#Lookoftheday - Lazy to make-up. Eyebrows and eyeliner shall be enough for me.

#SHINIOOTD - Fall in love with my pinky boots! In case some sweeties might asking me again where do I got the  knitwear cardigan, I bought at Taiwan. =)

Yes! Finally Magnum Cafe has come in town!

Some of readers asking is it 2 shops located just beside, it was actually combined as 2 floors instead.

There was a station called Dipping Station where you can customized with any topping you want, such as oreo cookies, marshmallow, chocolate chip etc. You need to pay first if you plan to just purchase the ice-cream at the dipping station. On the other hand, if you plan to dining like us, you may pay after the bill is up for you because we still gonna order something else. =)

Ta-da!! This was picked by Yuh Jiun.

 Closer look. The golden ball chocolate cookies was so delicious. Crunchy and yummy!

[ Price : RM9.33 ]

 Since I haven't take my breakfast, so I order spaghetti for myself. Yes, the portion was small but it was sufficient for me. If you're a big eater, try to order something more because you might not full.

- Chicken & Salted Egg Spaghetti -
Pasta served with salted egg sauce crisp chicken, Asian pesto and chickarones. A Malaysian inspired pasta.

[ Price : RM22 ] 

Frankly, I think I quite like this maybe because I like to eat salted egg. However, it a little bit spicy for me because I don't eat spicy. No worries if you don't eat spicy because the spicy level was low. 

- Magnum Trifle -
Cashew meringue, mascarpone cream, honey balsamic cream served with white chocolate dipped vanilla magnum topped with freeze dried raspberries and fresh strawberries. 

[ Price : RM25 ]

The reason why we order this because I like trifle and strawberry.

Remember to stir it before you eat.  And in fact, I like it very much because it doesn't taste very sweet. You can taste sour yogurt instead of sweet chocolate.  

Other dishes :
[ Price : RM69 ]

Interior :

 Actually we want to take picture with the 3 big Magnum ice-cream at the 2nd floor, but we are too shy!! LOL

When we enter there we don't even need to queue because less people, but after we finished and came out, a lot of people queuing outside. 

My sor poh Yuh Jiun and me! Gonna miss you~  =(

[ Magnum Kuala Lumpur @ Midvalley ]
Third Floor, South Court
same floor with GSC cinema


  1. wow, great review, haha~ must go liao~

  2. i love how pretty the fake magnum ice cream displays are, hahaha! i wanna get the trifle ^_^

    1. Yup, me too. Which one is your favourite? ^^ Gogogo~


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