Hola  Finally after few food posts and we come back with #beauty review. When I ask what your major concern about your face? You might said dry, oily, acne and pigmentation etc. However, I'm pretty sure most of the girl facing the same problem as mine - the dark eye circle

It was so frustrated to get rid of dark eye circles. Even I ask the beautician, they are saying the same thing. The only method to get rid of it would be, try to release the stress, sleep early etc. Since I'm doing full time and part time job at the same time, I can't even sleep early or else I won't have the sufficient time to completed the job. Therefore, the only thing that will reduce my dark eye circle would be the eye mask. 2 weeks ago, when I'm searching effective eye mask at Hermo.my and I saw many good review on the Gold EGF Eye & Spot Patch. Since it have a lot of good feedback from the customers, so I decided to give it a try. =)  Please noted that this is not a *Sponsored Post* so I'm giving opinion with all my heart. 

So I purchase total 3 units because another 1 was for my mum. I also purchased the Black Pearl & Gold hydrogel eye patch. I will blog about it on the next post soon. =)

It is basically under-eye and spot gel patches housed with a tub that is sealed to ensure freshness of the product. Like every other face masking item, you can refrigerate it for a cooler sensation.

It also comes with a little spatula to aid you in picking up the gel patches.

So golden and jelly, feel want to eat it! LOL 

 Mostly they cover the description with Korean because it was a Korean brand.

So let's give it a try shall we? =)

As you can see you can use the spatula to take the eye mask out and remember be gentle, because it was made in jelly so it might easily to tear apart.

 It also comes with a extra round gel patches for you to apply on any area you like. You can apply it on your acne or just forehead. LOL

Instructions : After wash your face and apply basic skin care products, picking up the patch with spatula and place it on your under eye area. After 30 minutes take it off and soft massage with your finger.

Like what I did was I just apply it on my nose bridge. =)
After 30 minutes, you will notice the gel patches will become thinner layer because the essence already been absorbed into your skin.

This is the "before" and "after". Can you spot the difference?

It offer your parched skin an intensely hydrating infusion of moisture plus vital nutrients and experience the dramatic firming and cooling results you thought only a professional spa treatment could deliver.

The product itself does not come soaking wet with product but the gel does have a moist an hydrated feel to it. It's very supple and bouncy and the product itself has a soft pleasant peachy scent to it.

[ Petitfee - Gold EGF Eye & Spot Patch ]

Functions :
Brightening, soothing, skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles  

Ingredients :
Gold, aloe vera, ginseng, caviar, green tea

Size :
1.1g x 60pcs

Price :
RM49.00 RM70.00

I'm fall in love with this eye patch! I use it 3 times per week. The reason is because I always sleep late and I will be like a zombie on the next day. I also fans of a jelly / gel mask because I found it really effective. In addition, the price is reasonable and affordable. It comes with 60pcs so you can use quite long period unlike some other eye mask only comes with 2 / 6pcs. 

I do really seen it reduced my dark eye circle but I can't guarantee it works with all the readers because it always depends on your skin type. =)  Please beware if your skin type is sensitive and you feel uncomfortable, stop using it. It heard some customers saying they feel a bit uncomfortable at first but after few time they feel better. I didn't feel even for the first time, probably they're sensitive skin type, so please beware. =) Remember to stay tuned at my blog as I will introduce another mask for you guys.

Bonjour  Yippee~  Another #food review again!! I know right~ You guys must thought why I keep blog about foods because I'm craving for them ever since! I'm a girl who always afraid to gain weight but actually I'm a girl who loves to eat delicious foods. I means, who doesn't right? LOL

Today the bistro that I'm introducing to you guys would be - The Pressroom Bistro. Fyi, the Press Room Bistro is a modern interpretation of a European bistro. The emphasis is on simple Modern European food using the finest ingredients, served in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Smaller, and more intimate than it’s big sister in Bangsar Shopping Centre, The Press Room Bistro is defined by it’s menu, serving wholesome, comfort food in a simple setting. Illy coffee, tea, wine and a good range of draught beers are served too. The wine list has an unashamedly French bias offering a wide choice of wines by the glass. Conveniently located on the Connection annexe on Level 3 of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, sitting just metres away from the new pedestrian bridge to KLCC and the Petronas Twin Towers, The Press Room Bistro aims to be home away from home for avid shoppers, tourists and working professionals in the area.

My cousin just came back from Melbourne, Australia and my parents decided to bring them to KL for shopping. =) It would be great feeling by meeting them. I'm an Ipoh mali and I rarely go back to my hometown because I already based in KL since 5 years+ ago. Moreover, my aunt and uncle only come back to Malaysia once in 5 years so of course I cherish the moment when I'm with them.

Uncle Lenny and me. He always asking when will I visit them at Aussie again after last visit. Well, guess I need to start saving money for the next oversea trip. It's been awhile I didn't visit Aussie and I MISS IT!!

My limeade was AWESOME!

Daddy and uncle Lenny ordered Hoegaarden

Mammy's favourite Cappuccino

Aunt's coffee

My Smoke Salmon baguette

Hello hello~

Salad with poach egg


Big breakfast

Overall the foods was very nice and the services are supreme. It definitely worth to visit. In addition, it was located inside Pavilion(I always went there) so it jump into my list when I'm thinking what to eat in Pavilion. It open from early in the morning until late night so you can visit them at anytime. Probably go there for chill and have a drink with friends would be great as well. =)

-----------------------------  DETAILS  -----------------------------

[ The Pressroom Bistro ]

Address :
Lot C3.10.02, Level 3 Connection, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Tel :
03-2148 3889

Opening Hours :
Mon - Sun (8:00am - 2:00am)

Food Styles :
Breakfast, Brunch, British, French, Italian, Burgers, Sandwiches, Seafood etc

Email :

Facebook : 

Hola  Today I'm gonna talk about another #food review again. I posted a photo of me in this cafe on my Facebook Page and some sweeties already start asking where is this place. Well, sorry for the delay and finally answer revealed on this post. =)

Today featured care would be Potpourri House Cafe. The name is so cute right? For your information, potpourri  is a mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant material, used to provide a gentle natural scent inside buildings, most commonly in residential settings. Potpourri is used inside the home to give the air a pleasant smell. The word "potpourri" comes into English from the French word "pot-pourri." Potpourri House Cafe is a combination of cafe, dessert restaurant and fine dining as well.

The cafe was located @ Ipoh. So sorry for the KL friends for asking me where is it, but you can always visit them if you will visit Ipoh soon. =)

Their interior was nice. Inspired vintage victoria theme. 

That day when my friend and I visiting this cafe, they just finished with a wedding ceremony. Oh yeah~ You can even organize your birthday party or wedding ceremony here. They always welcomed. =)

Spicy Spaghetti 

Iced Peach Tea 

 Pasta with Fish

Iced Lemon Tea

Tiramisu cup

Overall I think the foods was ordinary. It was not too bad nor the best. For my opinion, I would definitely giving high rating for the interior design and the friendly services. For the foods, I think they don't really have much choices but the taste foods I will give 3 stars. =) Maybe it might not the best place for the course, but might be a great place for us to chill and chit chating with friends here. =)

[ Potpourri House Cafe ]

Address : 
No 2, Jalan Woodard, 30350 Ipoh, Perak. 
(Just right behind Heritage Hotel, Inside Adonis Bridal)

Tel : 
05-2546886 / 016-5344303

Opening Hours :
Mon - Sun (11:00 am - 10:30 pm)

Facebook : 

Bonjour Some male readers complain my blog post might be always related to feminine stuffs. Well, guess you guys can check out this post as it suitable for guys and ladies as well. =) I'm sure everyone love discount, sale, offers etc right? Come on, who doesn't? If I need to purchase something or go somewhere and that particular items / air ticket are in promotion, of course it will fits me perfectly. Therefore, let me introduce to you guys - Urban Catalogue.

Urban Catalogue is an online daily deals magazine - a unique platform for people to discover interesting daily deals across Malaysia in various categories. UC is tailored to suit both desktop and mobile devices.

For your information, they are a new start up based in Malaysia with the goal to provide interesting daily deals to anyone by consolidating, categorizing and selecting appealing deals to be featured on our service. Ultimately, they want people to find something interesting every time they browse Urban Catalogue. And as such, they feature deals from various deal sites including Groupon, LivingSocial, MyDeal, DealMates, StreetDeal and MyiMart.

They has various of categories, such as :

 Restaurants & Dining
 Travel & Hotels
 Health, Beauty & Spa
 Fun Activities, Learning Courses & Kids Play
 Cosmetics & Make Up (L’OCITANE, etc)
 Automobile Services
 Designer Brands (Gucci, Chanel, Coach, etc.)
 Electronics (TV, Phones, Computers, Power banks)
 Various other products & Services

P/S : UC doesn't sell their own product. All products featured on their website are consolidated from many different popular deal sites. They provide a one stop place to browse all these attractive deals.

So, what makes UC different? Unlike competitors, UC features rich description for all deals accompanied by a quick summary that highlights important information such as redemption period and location

Interesting features 
 Rich Description : All deals on the site feature rich description, fine print and photos. 
 Deal Summary : The site provides a summary of important details like redemption period and location for all deals. 
✿ Social Sharing : Visitors can share any deals with their friends via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
 Favorites List : Deals can be saved to a favorite list for future references.
 Purchases Tracking : Because we sometimes forget what we buy, the site will automatically track purchases for logged in users.

Here are some screenshot of the site :
[ Home page ]

 [ Health & Beauty ]

[ Travel ]

Previously, I'm not a person who will have a look on those coupon sites because I thought its not necessary. However, after I visit Urban Catalogue, I realize actually I can save a lot of money if the items that I want was in promotion. For a person who love to online shopping like me, the main reason I shop online because of the choices, convenient and foremost the price. With UC, I can save even more! Morever, it feature deals from various deal sites so basically I no need to visit the deal site one-by-one. Instead, UC is all in one. Now, I can just visit UC everyday to check out any exclusive deal that I'm interested so I can grab it fast. =)

Remember to stay tuned at Urban Catalogue as they are launching their iOS app soon so people can browse the entire UC catalogue from their iPhone/iPad. If you're Andriod user, no worries as Andriod app will come later. They are also planning to open up their platform to Singapore sometime next year (2015).

For more info, please visit

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