5 April 2014

My Mirror Mirror Hair Salon Experience ❤

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Bonjour❤  I'm SUPER DUPER EXCITED now because today I'm gonna blog about hair salon review  If you're one of my loyal readers then you should know I never blog or introduce a hair salon before until today! So now you realize how exciting am I right?  LOL~

I get sponsored for clothes, accessories, shoes, beauty care, cosmetic, health care products etc. But this would be my very first time sponsored of hair services. =)  Special thanks to @Milkadeal and @Mirror Mirror Hair Salon for selected me as the beauty ambassador and giving me the opportunity to experience

Before we go to the main point, let me show you my #ootd as usual. =D
Top to bottom from @Taiwan

So a week before I was been informed that me as a Beauty Ambassadors of them can choose from getting a beach wave, protein colour or highlights, and director cut + treatment + wash + blow dry. The value of this package is RM599.  So after I make appointment with the owner and I'm way too excited for it because I already saw some photos of their decoration on the Milkadeal site and I love it ! Therefore, are you gys ready to check it out ?  *wink*

Since the Solaris Mont Kiara outdoor car park is always pack,so I park at another building but no worries,the parking fees that I pay is only RM1 and it's only 1 block away! The walking distance is like 5 minutes. ^^

See see see!! Even from the staircase already such vintage feel. ^^
By the way, the shop basically is like Paris Vintage theme.

After I enter the shop, the owner welcomed and I have a seat on the red sofa.
They even have a TV there.

The environment

Yours truly

Wow!  I'm totally in love with the golden hanging ornaments nearby the hair washing area.
So elegant and classy ^^

They also have some kind like VIP room in case you want to be private.

Thank you for making me pretty

While I step in another area I was SHOCK!  So beautiful

Yippee !!

Can you see they are so beautiful? I love the combination of floral and vintage
This is just my type!   It like a photoshoot studio.

The other area.

The owner help me touched up the colour of my root. As you can see my hair is so dry and damage. ><

Then, I went to hair washing area for treatment. I just love the decoration there 
(do I mentioned again? LOL)

So this is the friendly owner - @Jaja.  At first when I heard the way she talking I know for sure she was studied abroad because she got some slang! BINGO~ She was telling me she actually studied make-up and hair at @Paris, France.  She is NOT type of some hairstylist that doesn't care about the your hair condition. She would be straight forward to discuss with you about the do's and don't on your hair. =)

Last but not least, of course I want to snap my favourite area before I leave ^^

❥ Damage
❥ Dry
❥ Can't perm, colour within 6 months after this
❥ Cannot handle for any heat anymore
❥ Need to trim those damage area especially bottom of the hair

❥ Within this 6 months I can't permanent perm / colour my hairs
❥ Need to do treatment everyday
❥ If capable, try not to wash hair eveyday
❥ Need to apply the hair conditioner every time I wash my hair
❥ Must apply serum after wash
❥ Cannot use hair dryer to blow my hair

So here's the result.

"Before & After"
Alright. Maybe you will think there's no different at all because I just touched up my root and cut some of my fringe. I just cut my hair on last 2 week that's why I don't want to cut it anymore because I think this is short enough for my face. I also don't want to highlight or beached wave my hair because my hair is damage enough so I just leave it like this and done with the treatment.

If you want to pay a visit, just code to get extra discount.  ;)

Mirror Mirror Hair Salon & Makeup Studio (Studio Five Three) - (SA0130237-T)
15-1, Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara
Kuala Lumpur 50480


  1. wheee cannot wait to go ^_^ My appointment is on Saturday.

    1. gogogo!! The hair salon is really nice ^^

  2. looks so good lah babe! still, why am i living so far frm kl ? haha

    1. Yup <3 Faster come kl so we can meet babe ! ^^


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