10 September 2013

[ADV] Hello Kitty Cream Case from Glittermedotcom ❤

[Sponsored Post]

Bello  As some readers knew I’m actually a HUGE fans of #Hello Kitty and other pinky girlish thingy. So today post is all about a dreamy girlish Hello Kitty case sponsored by Glittermedotcom Hello Kitty is not the main character for this case, it’s just part of it. So few weeks ago, the owner of the shop requested me to choose one of their case and what  I chosen would the one that I’m gonna show you guys later on. If you can’t find what you like / want, you can actually just request the owner to design with your concept and idea so that the owner can help you to customise the case according to your requirement.

Glittermedotcom is an online shop which currently selling variety of phone case and majority the phone case is decorate by the owner herself. 

#1  Ta-da!!  This is it~ This is my very first cream case but I never own any case like this before. 

#2  As usual, for the colour I will definitely choose pink

#3  Actually I'm still loving my Melody Silicon 3D case, but somehow, it's too huge and inconvenient sometime.

#4  You can see the current cream case I can just put inside a mini bad with ease, but meanwhile for melody 3D case, it can't.  T______T

#5  Now let me explain why I'm so in love with this cream case

#6  YES!!  The Hello Kitty❤  Love it and its bow is actually 2 strawberry. Kawaii neh

#7  The big strawberry,the blink blink stone and the pinky biscuit.

#8  I like the big pinky bow, ice-cream with ribbon, and pinky macaroon.

#9  Pinky donut, chocolate ice-cream(make me think of Magnum)

#10  And do you guys know the what's different cream case and other case is the cream case is actually quite soft and elastic, and it smell like a marshmallow. XD

#11  After show you my phone's backside, of course need to show you the front as well. You can tell I'm really a fans of Hello Kitty with the sticker and home button.  ^_^'''

#12  Oh yeah~ I love the home button even boyfie also said the home button suit for my phone's themes.  XD

#13  For me, it fun to doll up my little phone❤  I always change her style every month. *Teehee*

If you’re interested to have unique design of your case, you can visit :

Instagram :  @glittermedotcom 

Any adv / sponsorship please email me - shini_harumi_kun@hotmail.com  

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